I installed windows 7 from XP and reinstall Firefox. However, I have lost the list of favorites. Is there a way I can recover the previous the "Favorites".

Installed Windows 7 Professional custom in the required form XP. All the favorites were lost in Firefox and had to reinstall Firefox.
Explorers has maintained the Favorite list, I had to explore - quite different from Firefox.
Check the programs created separately by 7 to include the XP file. Favorites, registration is not relevant to the list lost on Firefox reinstall.
Question: Is it possible that I can get back the original Favorites listing lost when the 7 install, or is it 'gone with the wind "?

I have not read what is happening in an installation of XP to 7. You can find this file on your system:


If so, you can find one of these:

  • C:\Windows.old\Documents and Settings\your user name
  • C:\Windows.old\Users\your username

If so, your old given Firefox might be in there. To explore more, it would be useful to set windows to display the hidden files and folders. This article has the steps: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/show-hidden-files

Then search either:

  • \Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profilesyour usernameC:\Windows.old\Documents and Settings\
  • Your username\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles C:\Windows.old\Users\

Here you can find one or several folders named random semi. Who has most recently updated content is probably the one you want to restore from.

Bookmarks only

Go down the old bookmarkbackups folder and copy the last two backups in a location such as the desktop.

The restore feature will replace the bookmarks in Firefox by default (and what you added since the reset) with all like bookmarks. If you want preserve newly added bookmarks, use the first, export function before the restore, then the import function later. The following articles have details:


Complete restoration

This post has my suggested procedure to resurrect your old wide profile in your new installation of Firefox. Please note the use of the copy instead of move throughout the process. This allows you to try again if it fails somewhere along the way.


A little luck?

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