I just had the MG5422 and need help. This model is not listed here or anywhere else!

I did the best I could with the incredibly bad English all install and operate. It connects to my router with no problems. My laptop is connected to my router. After that, there are no instructions. Nor the other sees. Now what? I get only stuck in a loop that says to connect it to the USB cable. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE A USB CABLE! If it is necessary to operate the machine, why it's not listed?

Hi StormKatt!

PIXMA MG5422 does not come with a USB cable and I checked, but we have these available to send you or I would do it.  What you need is a USB B cable standard has this implemented via a wireless connection.  If you have a WPS enabled router, then you can use one of them to put in place.  What this means is supported on the the router WPS button.  If you do not have one of them, should be a USB cable.  They are available at your local office supply store.

Canon took the decision not to include the latter with their printers.  What I will do is pass your message along to my superiors so that they can read them on your dissatisfaction with this.

They are also available through our sales department.  Our sales department can be reached by calling 800-828-4040.  They are open from Monday to Sunday from 08:00 to 12 a.m. EST (except holidays).  Be sure to choose the option to order accessories to make sure you get to the appropriate Department.

If you want to that specific instructions on how to put up with WPS and USB, just reply with the operating system installed on your computer.

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