I just installed a new drive faster. How can I get windows live mail from the old drive to the new drive

Where are the files stored WindowsLiveMail?  Under what article directory.  I have "tons" of e-mail messages stored on the old disk and need to move them to the new drive faster.  How can I do?


The location of the store folder, which contains all the messages, calendars and the account settings, is configurable by the user. The default location is
C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

If the installer of WLMail is a record storage in the default location, it normally acknowledge and take into use if. The only user that would be required should reinstate saved passwords. If this is to succeed, the old and new installations of WLMail normally must be exactly the same construction. The storage location must be in place in the default location on the new drive before installing WLMail. Also, the current user must be the owner of the record store to its new location.

If the old drive is installed on the same computer as the new facility in WLMail, you can point the Import Wizard to import messages to the old folder of the store. They will find under storage folders into imported folders.

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