I just installed firefox and it does not load any page

I just installed firefox on my mac, and it does not load any page at all!

Hi robertoberlin,

Could you give me some additional information, and I'll try to help.

  • Do the pages in safari/workload?
  • What is the error you get?
  • What type of connection are you on? WiFi? At home? In a school / University?

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  • does not load any page as a commom user, works well as an administrator

    I've been running Firefox for centuries now, no problems previously.
    All of a sudden it does not load any page when I launch FF as a normal user. If I run FF as admin, everything works as it should.

    Hello Tyler.
    Thank you for your quick response.

    Unfortunally suggestions do not solve the problem.
    I discovered that it is in the antivirus (AVG). Once I turned off AVG, FF works as it should.
    One way or another AVG don't like FF.

    In retrospect, the problem started with the AVG Free upgrade to the paid version.
    I'll send moy.
    If the issue is resolved, I'll send another answer.

  • Install Microsoft updates yesterday & today I click on Firefox and it does not load. If I go to download a new Firefox, it tells me to close Firefox before downloading. I can't see Firefox open anywhere.

    Firefox does not load and I can not download a new Firefox because it says that I have to close the existing one. I can't find an existing open anywhere. When I went to download, I got a warning that the new Firefox can damage my computer.

    The procedures described in article Firefox does not start - solutions can help, in particular, that resembles this error, error message "Firefox is already running but is not responding" - how to fix

  • just tried to install FireFox and it does not work because my (mac) OS is compatible. now I don't have firefox. can you point me to a link to 3.6.24 version please

    my work computer has an old OS and does not support the new version of Firefox. Unaware of this trying ti install the latest version to see, it did not work and I lost the use of firefox.

    I'd like a link to the version 3.6.24

    3.6.24 is supported


    Thank you

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  • Firefox and SeaMonkey do not fund any page Web show and active buttons have borders and windows of entry like the one I'm typing in doesn't have borders. The only reason why I can type here, it is that I saw a slider in this large area empty.

    3.6.16 Firefox and SeaMonkey 2.0.13 yesterday stopped displaying the Web page background color. Everything is white. This text box has such a pale gray line around it that I did not know that it is there.
    Each Web page, I watch the same question.
    Bing works correctly.
    IE has been corrupted a month ago and I have stopped using it.
    My Windows 7 programs, Outlook, Word, Excel changed their color settings and a few icons, Print / stick on toolbars are more important as the quality of 1995.

    You can check these possibilities:

    Clear the cache and cookies from sites that cause problems.

    • "Clear the Cache": Tools > Options > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline: 'clear now '.
    • 'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems: Tools > Options > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions of the origin of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > appearance/themes).

  • I try to open a Web page that previously opened well and it does not load, load it in Solution Explorer, but

    I'm trying to open a Web page that previously opened well and it does not load, load it in Solution Explorer, however. I deleted the cache and cookies, had a peak in the proxy settings does not work, it is not a https / /... Any ideas?

    By chance have you tried Mode without failure of Firefox? It is a standard diagnostic tool in order to avoid interference by extensions (and some custom settings). More info: questions to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode.

    You can restart Firefox in Mode safe help

    Help > restart with disabled modules

    In the dialog box, click on 'Start mode safe' (not Reset)

    Any difference?

  • When I start my computer I saw a MSI logo and then the screen goes black and Windows does not load.

    original title: HELP ME PLEASE!

    (I am running windows xp) I need help! I tried installin linux ubuntu for netbook 10 on my msi u100, but everything was wrong when my little brother from my FlashDrive from the port, it has been installin linux from. so now when I turn on my computer it will not load windows, it will just have the msi logo and then the screen goes black and it does not load windows xp.

    Netbooks and also most computers these days, do not come with an installation CD. Instead, it has a recovery partition. Assuming that you have not deleted the recovery partition,

    Take a look at this:


    Hope this helps

    Post back if necessary


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  • Safari for Mac OS does not load certain pages

    After upgrading to Mac OS on my Mac Mini (end of 2011), everything seems to work properly. I rebooted the Mini just to be on the safe side. Everything went well. It was Tuesday night.

    Thursday morning, the first opportunity, I get to mess with it, I opened Safari, try to connect to my router Asus RT-N66U (with the latest firmware), but somehow Safari doesn't seem to like https, nor does it like .asp pages. Here is a screenshot of what's on my Mac Mini Safari:

    I then decided to download Google Chrome. I installed (never had on this Mac Mini), but the page works perfectly and quickly.

    I have reset everything I could on Safari, including clear them cache, clear history, tried the developer mode (no matter WHICH mode in there still gives the same results)... on the cable connections and wireless. Chrome works without a hitch, as Safari before Tuesday. Now, nothing...

    ... However some pages such as Google.com or Apple.com loading properly. I haven't checked if there are applets missing in the back or a dark rendering problem.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem? (I'll use Chrome until it is.)

    Safari - no support for third-party modules can cause Safari to suddenly quit, or have performance problems

    Safari does not load a page or webpage elements are missing

    Safari / other browsers - Web site does not

  • iTunes app does not load movie page

    This behavior started recently.  Every day I open the iTunes on my iPad app 4th gen (running iOS 9.3.2) and tap the icon of movies down to check what movie is on sale (for the promotion of July).  Usually, it does not load.  It sits right there spinning and say "Loading"... ».  I waited 5 minutes and it does not load.

    All other updated pages at the point.  If I let the music before page load I loss of movies and then hit movies, it just displays the page of the music with a black background instead of a white one.

    My current 9.3.2 iPhone has the same problem.  Yes, I killed the iTunes apps and restarted the devices without a bit of luck.

    Any ideas?

    Best regards, Patrick

    On both devices, try settings > iTunes and App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out > sign.

  • You just bought Photoshop and it does not work

    I just bought photoshop today and it does not work. When I open it, it remains open for 30 seconds and then a window pops up that says: 'a problem caused blocking the program works correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. "and then it ends. I tried to uninstall and reinstall, as well as restart my computer. Nothing has worked. I'm currently waiting at customer service... but I've been waiting for half an hour. I am really frustrated because I just bought this... Lightroom works fine.

    1. Click Start.
    2. On the Start menu, click run.
    3. In the Open box, type "dxdiag" (without the quotation marks), and then click OK.
    4. The DirectX Diagnostic tool opens. Click the view tab.
    5. On the view tab, information about your graphics card are indicated in the Device section. You can see the name of your card, as well as the way in which a lot of video memory, there.

    Once you know the kind of graphics card you have, visit the manufacturer's Web site to download the latest version of the driver. Here are the links to download the drivers from the manufacturers of most common graphics cards:

    To move the trial to your purchased version, you will need to connect with the Adobe ID and the password on your CC account.

    Usually under help > Sign In part of Photoshop or in the creative Cloud Desktop application.

  • F2 and entry does not on certain pages of the site, except if the field selected

    F2 and entry does not not to go backward or forward on certain pages of the site unless field selected. It is on an intranet site after reload PC with Windows XP, other old Windows XP PC work.

    Including the Firefox Firefox 10.0, or 11.0 9.0 upgrade fixed this problem with the program code of the intranet for keys F2 and Enter to forward and back a page in the application of the intranet site.

  • Satellite A215 S6816 won't mode BIOS and Windows does not load


    I'm helping a friend to determine what the problem could be on his laptop satellite A215 - S6816 Windows does not load on start up and it says "press F2 for Setup, press F12 for the boot device selection menu" but niether one of these options works no matter what I do.

    I tried them on start up but nothing happens. It will be not just to enter mode BIOS or the menu. It will say please wait or entering the menue, but yet again, nothing happens.
    What else can I try to enter the menu, either to get the system to get windows to load? This could be a motherboard problem? Hard drive problem?

    Thanks in advance.


    If you are unable to access the BIOS, or to load the Windows operating system, and then a serious hardware problem is present.
    Eventually he s a motherboard related question that means it could be a faulty motherboard or just a small part of the motherboard as a ROM chip for example.
    I doubt this can be fixed without help the ASP.

    There is thus only one real solution. go to ASP. Guys must verify the simple parts to determine what part is affected.

    Good luck

  • BlackBerry smartphones does not load web pages

    Hi could someone help me comes whenever I go on the internet, it does not load the entire page, a part of the text is missing any pages but some bookmakers William Hills Sickipedia if I go on my O2 account, it is the same. But twitter loads ok even with Facebook suggested his because im running old software which does not update past the 6.1.0 is the problem someone has any ideas

    Hello davideastwood

    Please try this:

    On your home screen, open your browser > press the Menu key > Options > scroll down to clear browsing data (mark all fields) and then click clean now.

    Once it's done perform a battery pull reboot by removing the battery while your unit is powered on wait a minimum then reinsert back. After restarting your browser try again and if it loads web pages.

  • does not load Web pages on safari on ipad

    I loaded right up to the last mild wear Apple on my Ipad, now I can not load any web page.

    Please wait until a fix is available at Apple.


  • I installed the latest version of Firefox and it does not connect to any Web site. I had no problem with the previous version, I used.

    Can not connect to any Web site.

    texhusky Hello, normally these problems are caused by a security/firewall software which does not recognize and therefore blocks the new versions of firefox. If please delete all the rules of the program for firefox to your firewall and let it detect the new version of the browser again.

    Difficulty of problems connecting to websites after Firefox update

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