I just try to buy a 102 Kira in question on the forum here but AT

the Toshiba Service is as bad as the Webside is.

I tried to find a link to Contact for the Question because I just want to know where I could find a seller in AT
and because the thoshiba has online Shop is not related?


what it is?

But back to my original question is the rest of the service after buying it as it as not useful Webside?
and is buying a kira 102 possible or does a page of advertising for things doesn´t exist?

thnx br


I found various online dealers that offer the Toshiba portable computers Kira.

After the purchase of the laptop I recommend you visit the Toshiba page to register the warranty as well as register on the Toshiba product registration page:

Registration of your product or service will help Toshiba to provide you with faster service and some Toshiba laptops even come with an extended warranty free by registering.

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