I lose mail during the change from my internet provider.

Original title: switching emails

I change my internet provider shortly and have been informed that I will no longer be able to use this address, at the moment all my emails are on my email from computers (windows 8) but I wonder I will lose all these when I pass the provider and if so what can I do to avoid this problem?

You can backup your emails using one of several options, but you must do this using a program of desktop messaging such as Microsoft Office Outlook or Windows Live Mail (free) ($ 99 / year).

If you already have Microsoft Office Outlook, my suggestion would be to use it, because it makes archiving and transfer of emails easier.  But you can still do in the free Windows Live Mail too.

Basically, download and install Windows Live Mail, then open it.  It will guide you through adding your e-mail provided by the Internet service provider account and start downloading your email life.  It might take some time.

When it's done, you can go to file > export and save a copy of all your emails.  Later you can import them into your new account so all your emails are always in the same place.


There is another option, depending on where you want to host your email in the future.  Own Microsoft Outlook.com resembles an online e-mail program.  Like an e-mail program on your desktop, Outlook.com can connect to pull e-mail from any Internet service provider e-mail account and hold onto them for you.  Then he can put at the disposal of all of your devices (phone, PC, Tablet) these emails and keep them in sync.  And the part of Paris is that you need not even use an email address @outlook.com for this if you do not want, it is completely agnostic as a desktop e-mail program.

To try this option, go to Outlook.com and login with your account (the one used to enter this site) and you can add an account and get started.

It is my recommendation, because it means that your emails are safe online, even if your computer were to crash and burn :)

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    Turn off the PC, remove the AC power cord, wait 5 minutes and remove the (2) 256 MB sticks and the sticks of 2GB (2), it should then leave you with only one pole and a total of 2 GB of memory installed.

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    Contact Support latest Tech Dell to see if they have an update of the BIOS.


    Note: Have your number of practical service.

    Also before you upgrade do a backup of Windows 7 Image just in case the issue of the "black screen" is not resolved. The Image will allow you to restore Windows 7.

    EaseUS Todo Backup Home V6.1 http://www.todo-backup.com/
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    (Note: Todo Install, then create a diskette "emergency" before you start creating your first image backup)
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    Acronis True Image 2014 - has a 30 day trial version available, trial key sent by email.
    Note: Initialization of cloning and the road (creating a MBR) are not supported in the trial version.
    For the trial version, only pick up is available when booting from a Bootable Acronis media.
    Install Acronis and then create a bootable media restoration/rescue CD before you start creating your first backup image
    30-day trial: http://www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/#tryorbuy
    True Image User Guides and documentation:
    2014 supports XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

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    Thanks in advance.

    You use a listener to change value of the duo down and detect the region according to the new value of the duo down.


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    We have the Internet restricted on some users in our society and users have problems when Adobe Reader lance and then freezes for 3 to 5 minutes, declaring not responding do not and then works.  If we unplug the Ethernet cable and launch Adobe Reader, it launches and works very well.  Can I get a list of URLS that Adobe is trying to hit so that we can give them access through the firewall, or tell me how to stop Adobe Reader to try to go to the Internet during the launch.  I already tried to disable the Protected Mode and updates revealing Adobe at no download.  I also tried to disable the enhanced security and trusted root certificates, but nothing seems to work except by giving users full Internet access, which we do not want to do.

    Opening of acrobat.com in our firewall resolved the problem for limited users.

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    Hi Annmac,

    Generally, you will see a bar at the top of the page asking you if you want to allow pop-up windows. This happens to you?

    If this isn't the case, you got nothing to worry about. You can add an exception for the blocker. Take a look at this article and it will show you how to allow popups for a particular site.

    Hope this helps!

  • during the transition from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail, is the address book data stored and also the info in files

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    If you install WLMail on your XP machine, it has to import messages and addresses automatically and nothing will be lost of OE.
    If you like WLMail better than OE, you are a person better than I am.
    For specific questions from WLMail, ask here.
    PS It has nothing to do with Hotmail. I don't know where Christophe that came out of your post.
  • Change of language during the conversion from pdf to word

    Trying to pdf to word conversion, but the document is in Russian, and I do not have that language in the menu, is it possible to add it?

    Hi keirs32567513,

    Described below help page languages supported for OCR in Adobe export in PDF format (in the context of online Document PDF of cloud services).

    With the help of OCR in Adobe Reader PDF Document Cloud, export

    The desktop version of Acrobat Pro DC provides the OCR function, called "recognize text."

    (Tap/click on the picture above to enlarge)

    Unfortunately, none of them are Vietnamese.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I recommend searching the Internet with keywords such as 'Rock' and 'Vietnamese' of alternative solutions.

  • How do delete the e-mail and the password from memory when I want to connect to facebook on a shared computer?

    E-mail address and password for my son remain in the box to connect even with the box unchecked to remember this info. Is it possible to erase it?

    Follow these steps to delete the recorded data (form) in a drop-down list:

    1. Click on the (empty) input field on the web page to open the drop-down list
    2. Select an entry in the drop-down list
    3. Press the DELETE key (on a Mac: shift + delete) to remove it.

    You can remove passwords that are stored here:

    • Tools > Options > Security: passwords: "saved passwords" > "show passwords".

    Websites to remember you and automatically log you on are stored in a cookie.

    You can delete cookies from this site to make Firefox is no longer remember you.

    You can control and manage permissions for all areas on the Subject: authorizations page.

  • Portege R500 - the fan runs at full speed during the recovery from sleep mode


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    Is there a solution to this problem?

    Hello Allan

    I really wonder that you define this as a problem. From my point of view the problem is something else. You have a problem when you cannot boot up your laptop. You have a problem if you are unable to use certain features or if you can not open the DVD player. It is a problem.

    Back to your problem: have you tried to change the power settings, to change the method of cooling in the Toshiba power settings? Play a little with it. I optimized the use of my wholesale Satellite P200 and the fan operates at low speed. OK it is not the best example to compare the two models of laptops, but try it.

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    Hi Inge,

    Update that you installed before the problem?

    To view installed updates, you can follow these steps.

    a. Click Start, click all programs and then click Windows Update or Microsoft Update.

    b. on the Windows Update Web site or on the Microsoft Update Web site, click on view update history. A window opens that displays all installed updates

    You can try to change the display in Danish language. Later, check to see if the problem persists.

    Regional and Language Options overview

    HOW to: Change the Date, time, number, and currency value displays in Windows XP?

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

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    Original title:

    Attempt to upgrade Windows Vista to Windows 7

    I try to update my Windows Vista to Windows 7. I bought to download the rom update the Microsoft store and downloaded, but when I try to start the upgrade I have a stateing message that it is impossible to create or save new files in the folder where it was downloaded. I checked the security permissions in the file and made sure that no programs are 'read only', but it won't always go beyond this point!


    What is the edition of Windows Vista installed on the computer?
    Make sure that you upgrade to the correct version, some versions of Windows cannot be upgraded with the installation disc you are trying to use. For example, you cannot upgrade a 32-bit version of Windows to a 64-bit version, or upgrade a higher edition of Windows like Windows Vista Ultimate Edition, to a lower edition, such as Windows 7 Edition Home Premium. If this is the case, you will need to use the custom during installation option.
    Before you attempt to upgrade, please run the Windows 7 upgrade Advisor:
    Also, check if your computer is compatible for Windows 7, using the Compatibility Center:
    To learn more about the upgrade process, please visit the link below:
    I hope that helps!
  • Apex 5.0 "session state protection violation" during the change of display only value point in dynamic action.

    The following feature gives us a message "session state protection violation", after we migrated our application from Apex 4.02 to 5.0.

    For example, in apex.oracle.com: https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=50676:1:

    Whenever the value of the input field changes, the URL to test changes. This is done in a dynamic action of 'change' on the version field. The action of the set value changes the value of URL to test.

    When the page is sent to the error message is displayed.

    1. Why do we get this message in Apex 5.0 and not in 4.0.2?

    2. What is the way to do this in the Apex 5.0?

    Thank you


    Just try save session state - no.

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