I'm having a problem reinstalling Windows XP. After formatting the disk and create partitions, it will not complete the installation.

Problem reinstalling Windows XP

I'm having a problem reinstalling Windows XP.  After formatting the disk and create partitions, it will not complete the installation.  He goes back and reinstall Windows again.  I go through the installation of 39 minutes, the computer restarts to complete and it loops back and start the installation again. Why it does this and what I can do to move beyond this?


Go into the BIOS and make sure that you your hard drive is not set to off, and that is the first priority boot CD and your second HD.

Don't push when it restarts anything just to let him do what he does and report back if anything I'm sorry I have no idea.

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  • Reinstall Windows 7 after formatting the HARD drive

    I had a laptop Lenovo with a preactivated Windows and I have a product key at the bottom of my laptop computer that reads the Windows 7 Pro OA in India. Recently, my HARD drive crashed and I had to replace it. I want to reinstall my Windows genuine 7 with available with me product key. How can I tell what version of Windows 7 was? for example, home premium, professional etc... and how can I do to download the copy of windows 7?

    Hello Bogdan,

    Welcome to the Microsoft community forums. Let me help you with your concern.

    Since you are using computer OEM (Lenovo). I suggest you to contact Lenovo support to clean install Windows 7. OEM keys work with the OEM CD.  It works with a generic "unbranded" CD OEM and not a retail CD.


    OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which you can generally consider this term as meaning 'PC maker' or, specifically in this case, "System Integrator." And in light of this, you can assume that the Windows 7 OEM packaging is so inaccessible you as a person.

    Please see the categories below to get answers to frequently asked questions about licensing system builder OEM.

    See these links in support of Lenovo. The following instructions explain how to install Microsoft Windows 7 on a computer with a blank hard drive or a hard drive that is going to be wiped clean during the installation process. (All existing files will be deleted.)

    Clean install of Windows 7



    Hope this information helps. If you need help with Windows, let us know and will be happy to help you.

  • How can I reinstall windows 7 after replacing the hard drive?

    How can I reinstall windows 7 after replacing the hard drive? do I have to call microsoft or I can retrieve it somehow to the old hard drive?

    Well, that certainly puts a different point of view on this subject.

    There are data recovery services that can recover data from disks that have suffered from various types of failures. However, they are quite expensive. Unless the data is particularly useful, it is generally not useful.

    If your Windows 7 is an OEM version, installed on the computer when you bought it, the manufacturer could have a recovery disk on sale. If it was a retail copy and you always have the appropriate product/serial number, you can get a DVD of their team of parts replacement.


    Tom Ferguson

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    Hi kay3452,

    Microsoft Edge is not compatible with the Acrobat/Reader plugins. Please try other web browsers.

    Kind regards


  • error 0xC004C008 after reinstalling windows 7, after changing the mode ide to ahci/uefi

    I used the pack family windows 7 Home premium to install windows on three different machines.

    the copy of the play was purchased in New Zealand and used in the Philippines.

    1 copy:

    laptop Acer 4720, intel core 2 duo 5450 @1. 66 ghz, intel gma x 3100 Windows vista x 86

    Windows 7 Home Edition premium has been installed and activated without errors.

    2nd copy:

    Intel core [email protected], nvidia 9800gt 1 GB ddr3, 1 TB hitachi sata

    Windows 7 Home premium x 64 has been installed and activated without errors.

    3rd copy:

    Intel pentium dual core [email protected], nvidia 9500gt 1 GB ddr2, 500 GB sata hitachi

    Windows 7 Home premium x 64 has been installed and activated without errors

    chart changed to nvidia g210 512 MB ddr3 when nvidia 9500 gt failed with no windows update problem.

    current problem started when I changed my 2nd copy of windows editions Home premium.

    I changed the msahci value 0 registry key:


    downloaded/installed the latest intel ahci driver for intel...

    restarted the computer...

    from the bios changed the ide to ahci mode.

    During his connection, windows is now inactivated "due to material changes.

    automatic activation fails.

    phone (cell) activation fails because "windows is already activated too many times.

    thinking it was just a small problem, I reformatted my drive and reinstalled windows 7 Home premium x 64, but always with the same activation failure.

    How is microsoft activation server not acknowledge that it is always the same machine, the same card/memory/disk hard intel processor/graphics installation?

    License status: initial grace period
    Time remaining: 28920 minute (s) on (20 day (s))

    You must activate by phone:

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)

    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4

    (2) press the ENTER"" key.

    (3) select your "country" in the list.

    (4) choose the option "activate phone".

    5) stay on the phone (do not meet all the automatic guests) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.

    (6) explain your question clearly to the support person.

  • Tecra S11 - How to reinstall Windows 7 after upgrading the HARD drive?

    How to reinstall Windows 7 pro after an upgrade to 500 GB HARD drive? How to access password protected data after relocation? How can I get a professional installation of Windows 7 DVD?

    (I do not installed new HARD drive yet, but I intend)

    Hey Buddy,

    You have created the Toshiba Recovery disk? Perfect!
    After Exchange of HARD drive, you need this you to install Windows 7 disc. The Toshiba Recovery disk contains an image of the factory settings, which means that you will have the factory settings on the new HARD drive after the use of the disc. You must boot from it and follow the instructions on the screen.

    > How to access password protected data after relocation?
    It would be interesting to know what data you mean exactly.
    Before you reinstall Windows, you must back up all data on a disk for example external HARD.

  • Problems with windows vista update during the installation of service pack 3 for sql server 2005 express edition.

    I have problems installing Microsoft SQL server 2005 express edition service pack 3. When I use windows update Setup does not exceed 0% and crashes. I tried to download the service pack online. When I ran the installer, it crashes when you try to install SQL server database services.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Download SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Service Pack 3 from the link below:

    Restart the computer in safe mode.

    Install the update in safe mode and check.

    Cheers and enjoy!

  • Reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium because it was slow, now it will not activate and product key on the label is unreadable

    I'm reinstalling Windows 7 Home Premium on my Acer laptop as it was slow, now it will not activate. Done this before on another acer and worked perfectly, I did a clean install on both. Help

    You will need to buy an Acer restore disk and allows to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium:

    Please see: Acer Recovery Media purchase program


  • Need to reinstall Windows XP but have the installation media

    Windows XP Home Edition disk was somehow scratched & I need to get another copy of charge my son's computer.  I have a license key valid (deleted product key) for a Dell computer.  Just re install Windows XP home on the new hard drive the original crashed.  Y at - it somewhere that I can download the .iso image file

    * original title - Windows XP Home Edition disk was somehow scratched & I need to get another copy of charge my son's computer.  I have a valid license, fundamental necessity Just to re install Windows XP maison.*

    By displaying your product key, it is now in the wild and will be stolen and used, and your computer may eventually fail.

    You must contact Dell on the Windows CD. Since it is OEM, they are responsible for. IF they are even available.

  • Reinstalling windows xp After erasing the hard drive

    I want to sell my old Dell Dimension 3000.  I want to completely erase the computer before doing this for security reasons.  No Windows CD not supplied with the computer when buying in 2005.  I think it would be easier to sell the computer if Windows was installed, but do not know how to recover Windows on the computer after erasing.  So if I erase the HD what would be my best option to get Windows on it:

    What I have to buy Windows XP?

    Is it possible to download Windows from Dell on CDs for free because they CD did not come with the system?

    Or other suggestions to divest itself of all data without erasing the HD?

    Thank you.

    If you live in the United States, you can ask the Dell XP by completing this form. Dell peut charge you for the disk.


  • Can I install OEM windows 7 pro license on a preinstalled computer comes with windows vista after formatting the hard drive

    There is a HP machine purchased with preinstalled windows vista home premium and now I want to format the computer so that I can load a license OEM windows 7 on it. I just want to know after the formatting and the license of windows 7 OEM loading if my system will work and also if the windows are enabled.

    Please, your urgent response is needed here.


    You don't say where you got the OEM Windows 7 license of.

    If you got it from another computer, the answer is no.

    If you bought from Microsoft, you can.

    Go to your computer / computer laptop manufacturer Web site and see if Windows 7 drivers are available for your make and model computer / laptop.

    If this is not available, Windows 7 will not properly work for you.

    Run the "Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.


    Check if your specifications are compatible for Windows 7:

    "Windows 7 system requirements"


    "Windows 7 Compatibility Center" for software and hardware:


    Windows 7 upgrade paths:

    http://TechNet.Microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd772579 (v = ws.10) .aspx

    «Installation and reinstallation of Windows 7»


    See you soon.

  • How to re - install windows 7 after formatting the drive?

    If I format the C: drive and D: drive recovery, would I be able to re - install windows without the CD, because when I bought the HP computer they were planning not one?

    You can also contact HP and buy a recovery media for your system-


  • Reinstall windows xp but used the installation of 2nd hand disc

    How can I get a license my windows when I used a 2nd hand windows xp disk that I borrow? I thought I could use my key # my label to reinstall my windows when the computer crashed on me... i a presario v5000 compaq...

    have you used an OEM drive?

    is the disc of the same version of XP that had been initially installed on the pc?

    the disc was an installation cd or a recovery cd?

    You can use another cd, as long as it's the same as your pc and then use your product key.

  • Im trying to reinstall webroot and im grtting error 1638 and TI 1603 error will not completely installed?

    weboot was not work corectly webroot had me unistall thin when itried to reinstall webroot I got error massage 1638, now after trying several times I'm getting error 1603? I can down load in safe mode, but it is not wooking wright in normal startup upward? It's like it keep serching for the program

    It comes with Vista, upgrade install and activate Forum.


    They will help you with your question in Forum Vista programs at the above address.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • I reinstalled creative cloud and Dw after having a problem with Windows 10, but they do not work after restarting my computer. It's as if they are not installed

    I reinstalled creative cloud and Dw after having a problem with Windows 10 and I restored it to windows 7, but they do not work after restarting my computer. It's as if they are not installed.  I worked through all the steps without result troubleshooting.  Everyone experienced similar?

    Hi Trickstar777,

    Please follow the steps below:

    • Please check if you have installed browser security extensions, please disable them. (For example: AD BLOCK, Advisor to Mcafee website, toolbar of internet security etc.)
    • Disable the firewall on your machine.
    • Turn off the firewall of the security program installed on the computer Internet. (Norton 360 - disable the following in it: Surf safely, firewall, browser protection, download intelligence)

    These changes are temporary you can restore these changes back to normal once your creative cloud application is in place and functioning *.

    (1) uninstall Creative Cloud Desktop Manager:

    Using creative cloud | Uninstall the creative cloud desktop application

    (2) delete following folders: (if you do not see any folder skip this step)

    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\OOBE

    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Application Manager

    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Adobe\Creative Cloud files

    C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\ MAA UPDATER and two OOBE (App data & Program Data is folder hidden please see, Show files and folders hidden in Windows 7, 8.x, 10, or Vista)

    \Adobe\ DONNÉES C:\Program rename SL-STORE like SL-STORE_OLD

    3 - Click on the link below and download Creative Cloud Installer file and use them to install the creative Cloud Desktop application.

    Download Adobe Creative cloud apps | Free trial of Adobe CC

    Let us know if that helps.

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