I'm having a problem trying to burn a DVD using Windows Movie Maker on Windows Vista...

I'm having a problem trying to burn a DVD using Windows Movie Maker on Windows Vista. I was able to burn the WMV to a DVD file but I'm not able to watch on my DVD player.  It plays ok on my computer.  How can I burn a file to a DVD and be able to continue to watch on my DVD player?


If you're running Vista Home Premium or Ultimate
You can try using Windows DVD Maker.

Windows Vista - disk to burn a DVD-video


Windows Vista - demo: disk make a DVD-video

If you don't have a DVD Maker, you will need DVD
Creation software. The following freeware peuvent
be worth a try:

(FWIW) It's always a good idea to create a system
Restore point before installing software or updates)

DVD Flick
(the download is: "dvdflick_setup_1.3.0.7.exe")
(Mirror download (direct link) is the fastest.

Save the file to your desktop or a folder on your
hard drive and install from there.

Be sure to read the Guide:


Tutorial DVD Flick

Burn any Format video DVD PC

AVI to DVD with DVD Flick Guide

To create a video DVD base that should play in a free
permanent drive DVD... try the following...

First... read the DVD Flick Guide to familiarize
with the program.

Open DVD Flick and insert a blank DVD in your drive.

If the window of Autorun from your computer... just close it.

Click the project settings button and check... Video /.
Target format... residents United States... Choose... NTSC /.

The title button left click Add and navigate to your
Video clips and select the ones you want on the DVD.

You can have by selecting one and then use
the up and down buttons.

Left click on the button create DVD / OK / Yes / Yes.

Please wait while the DVD is created.

When the text "Completed successfully" is displayed you
DVD Flick can close. Now you can eject your DVD
and play in your DVD player.

At some point you might want to buy more
Advanced Cyberlink, Nero, Roxio, software
Ulead, etc... but at least it is a start.

Good luck.

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    Hi Barbara,

    You can use the player to burn a mixture of songs from the library of the drive or your computer to an audio CD, after which you can play the CD in any standard CD player. Alternatively, you can burn files on CD and DVD data. It is not possible to burn the live streams, such as radio stations, on a CD or a DVD.

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    Let us try to uninstall codecs of programs and features that may help you resolve the issue.
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    See you soon.

    Im trying to burn a DVD and I've imported all the files I want to burn but when I click on burn says DVD burner not found - make sure your DVD burner is connected and installed and try again.

    I've only used the week last to burn a DVD!
    Anyone got any ideas?
    See you soon.

    Can be hardware problems, but maybe the following
    the article would be worth a visit:

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    or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
    John Inzer - MS - MVP - digital media experience

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    HI Maria,

    Thanks for posting this question in the Microsoft Community.

    If I understand correctly you are facing a problem with the DVD created in Windows DVD maker.

    I'll do my best to get the problem resolved.

    You can go through the steps in the article and check if it helps. Here is another article on changing some settings of the DVD creation. Go through it and tell us if it helps.

    You can also see the article for more information about video filters in Windows DVD Maker.

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    The identity of the manifests are identical, but their content is different

    In a Word, there is a problem with component maintenance (EC).

    The information stored on the content of the file does not match what is present in Windows\winsxs.

    Try another attempt to update. If/when it breaks down, thanks for posting the * last * 50 or if WindowsUpdate.log lines in your answer:

    How to read the Windowsupdate.log file


    In addition, please include the edition of Windows and the Service Pack level of operating system-

    For Vista \Win7, * right * click the computer on the desktop or the Start Menu, and then select Properties. The information is under "Windows edition".

    04/09 / 1107:46: 58 pm

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    It may be interesting to try to publish (save) the project of a
    folder on your drive hard in the. Film WMV format.

    If it works... then import it. File WMV in DVD Maker.

    The following articles explain how to save:

    Windows Vista - publish a movie in Windows Movie Maker

    Movie Maker Vista - Edition

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    To burn a movie to a DVD and be able to play on a normal DVD player, you need WindowsDVD Creation.
    Windows DVD creation is included in the system IF you have either
    Vista Home Premium, Ultimate
    Windows 7 Edition Home Premium or higher.

    If your version of Windows is not one of the above, you will need to google for a 3rd party DVD Maker.


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    You should report this issue in Windows Live Movie Maker Forums: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windowslive/forum/moviemaker?tab=all&tm=1366473651679

    Thank you.

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    Vista doesn't have an option for DVD RIP...

    Try a search on Google for ripping software. John Inzer - MS - MVP - digital media experience

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    • I am trying to burn a DVD with Windows DVD maker and the tiles are about 3 hours or so in total and I thought it's too big – is it possible to use SP, SLP or ED when burning to a DVD problem
    • I am trying to burn a DVD with Windows DVD maker and the tiles are about 3 hours or so in total and I thought it's too big – is it possible to use SP, SLP or ED when burning to a DVD problem

    The following article shows 150 minutes on a single DVD layer, but
    I'd be surprised if it always worked this way. In any case...
    Perhaps you could use a DVD double layer if your burner will handle it.

    Windows Vista - DVD - video burning - frequently asked questions

    Splitting the project between 2 or 3 DVD might be the best option.

    Volunteer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience J - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

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    Sometimes to replace the image of the menu with a version resized, smaller (height 480) solves this problem.


  • How can I fix C00D199F error code when trying to burn a CD with Windows Media player.

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    Error message when trying to burn a cd with Windows Media Player


    1. what version of Windows Media Player do you use?

    2. the specific issue of burning CD using WMP?

    3. What is the exact full error message?

    4. what you are trying to burn?

    5. is the specific question on the disk?

    Method 1: You can run the fixit available in the link below and

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media


    Method 2: Clean the disc

    Clean the CD or the DVD. To do this, use a disc cleaning kit. Or gently wipe the silver side of the disc with a soft and Lint cotton cloth. Do not use cloth of paper which can scratch the plastic and leave streaks. When you clean the disc, wipe from the center of the disc outward. Do not use a circular motion. If the problem persists, clean the disc with a damp cloth or a commercial CD or DVD cleaning solution. Dry the disc thoroughly until you insert the disc in the drive.

    Select a slower recording speed and check if that helps.

    1. in the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the devices tab.
    2. in devices, double-click the CD burner, and then click the recording tab.
    3. in the write speed list, select a slower speed.

    Method 3:

    Perform the clean boot and check:



    Follow the above article.

    If you have any third party installed a CD/DVD burning software, uninstall them temporarily for Add / Remove Programs. Subsequently, check if you are able to burn CDs in Windows Media Player.

    Reference: Burn your own custom CDs

    Hope the above information is helpful.

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