I'm looking for recovery disc for a Satellite A60 - 302

Hi, I'm new to this forum so please be patient.
I am looking for a set of recovery disks (all 2 in.) for this laptop no are T #-R-02163001 # 02163000 R and T
PMR40170EN1 PMR400170EN1 2/1 2/2


Welcome to our small community ;)

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You can search for each theme. I think you will find many interesting comments.

Yes, but know back to your question, you can control all devices of the ASP (provider) in your country.
Also the recovery Cd s

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  • Satellite A60-302: CD Player read DVDs and CDs but not burned discs

    I have a Toshiba laptop: Satellite A60-302 and I have a problem with the cd player. It can read DVDs and records I buy but it will not read burned discs (even the ones I burned with the portable computers own burner). Only from time to time, he will read a burned disc.
    I tried to clean the eye of laser of cd players, but it did not help.

    Anyone know what could be the problem?


    This sounds like the CD burner doesn't burn CD correctly.
    You suggested that you used different types of CD.
    In the user manual, you will find a list of compatible media.
    These media has been tested and it works correctly.

    But if this happens with all CD, so possibly the drive cannot work properly and only a replacement would solve that problem.

  • Need to file for "TOHSIBA Recovery Disc Creator" on Satellite A205-s5825


    I've got Satellite A205-s5825
    Well, I'm 4,000 km of distance from my Toshiba Recovery DVD, comes with the box.
    No problem - I can use the recovery disk creator... so I thought.

    The laptop is less than a week in use, no partitions are changed, etc.
    Well, page 59 of my guide tells me to 0 (zero) button while turning on the machine to start in the partition recovery... No, this won't work. I tried many different variations.

    And 60 page told me to use the 'Office' for the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator icon.
    No, there is no icon. It is the same graph icon here, but it is for "Toshiba Software Updates" and not "Recovery Disc Creator"

    Toshiba Assist (executable program)... No, not help for this.
    I looked in every path of C: trying to find out what executable mystery... and also any exploration of menu start... nothing.

    I need Windows executable for "Recovery Disc Creator". (need name of file as trdc.exe or something else)
    Anyone know it?

    Thank you

    (P.S. Shell repair when pressing F8 and asking "repair my computer" also does not provide the option to create recovery discs.
    It assumes that you have already created those when in the shell.)


    It seems that it is not a European model possibly the American TV series so I put t know exactly how it works in the portable American TV series but by pressing the F8 key, and then choosing the option fix my computer would start the HDD recovery procedure.
    It would be the same as restoring from Recovery CD or DVD.

    The Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator must be also installed somewhere on the HARD drive.
    I think you should check the folder programs and Toshiba.

    Best regards

  • Looking for Toshiba Satellite A305-6829 recovery disk creator

    I bought the laptop Toshiba A305-6829 * without a recovery disk * in the United States. Due to the decrease in the speed of the laptop I want to reinstall Vista and factory setttings. But I realized that its impossibe unless I have a recovery disk ' right?

    Then I also realized that my laptop * recovery software is not installed *. I looked for it on the internet. But I found nothing.
    + * What should I do? * + is there any creator of spare recovrery for Vista and also fits my situation?

    I also want to ask there is 20 GB missing from my hard drive (it must be 320, but seems like a 300 GB). It is a recovery partition? If this is the case; Why can not I saw him on 'my computer '?

    Hello Aokank

    On this forum you can find many useful sons on new models of laptops (like your) and recovery. I can write the whole strory about and explain how it works, but there is a problem: I am originally from Europe and you have a portable US model.

    I'm afraid that the principle can be a little different as here in Europe.

    So I recommend you to visit us Toshiba forum under http://community.compuserve.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?webtag=ws-laptop&redirCnt=1 and I hope that someone can give you a precise answer to all your questions.

    Good luck!

  • Driver cd-rw/DVD-ROM looking for a satellite Pro 2100


    I'm looking for the driver for the cd-rw/DVD-ROM
    I installed XP Professional
    I'm enregistred the Toshiba site and download all the drivers I
    can to my laptop
    but I don't have the driver for the cd-rw/DVD-ROM

    Default xp installed this driver
    Toshiba DVD - ROM SD-C2502 V1313
    but just do dvdrom and I can't use the CD - RW
    Could you please help to have the driver
    I downloaded all the drivers for the toshiba support site
    But no nothing no driver for cd-rw/DVD-ROM

    HI Ab,

    There is no special driver for the optical drive of your computer laptop just the drivers Microsoft standard supplied with the XP operating system.

    Make sure you have the "Enable CD writing on this drive" box checked for your optical drive. You can check this by selecting my computer then right click on the optical drive, select properties and then click the recording tab.

    Kind regards

  • Looking for old Satellite Pro 2100 does not not for spare parts


    I tried to replace my keyboard with a new (no problem, I could order it) on a Satellite Pro 2100.

    Unfortunately the keyboard "cable" must be plugged into the motherboard using a little white girl 'thing' to keep the cable attached to the motherboard.

    Unfortunately, I lost this small 'thing' white.

    So I'm looking for an old Satellite Pro computer where I can take it to does not.

    Or if somene has a better idea, please let me know at:

    [email protected]

    Thx a lot

    I think you mean the PJ11 connector.
    This PJ11 is placed on the motherboard and the flat keyboard cable must be connected to this connector.
    I m not 100% sure but I think the PJ11 is mounted on the Board and I wonder how someone can lose it.

    If you need a look of old Sat Pro in eBay. You should find something

  • Recovery Disc Creator Error - Satellite A300-1GN

    First of all, sorry for my English, but it is not my mother tongue. On my problrm, short and simple technique:
    I use Toshiba Satellite A300-1GN with Vista 32 bit. I tried to create a recovery using Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator disc.

    I inserted a new DVD disc in the DVD burner and program was working fine but suddenly that he will miss just give an error with something like that 'there was an error in the calibration of reinforcement sector. "Error code: 0E01B5-26-00037304"

    What's wrong?

    What should I do to create the disc of tha? I can only add, that I turned my system of any virus just as it was said in manual Toshiba, but it did not help.

    Pleas, help.


    I agree with the codes for the TDKs are not bad and I had a very good experience with these media.
    I tried to burn the recovery disk using another brand and I've damaged 3 DVD + R discs
    Then I went to the TDK DVD - R and it is ok

    I think that questions is related to the question of the compatibility between the discs and the STRANGE...
    So it of really worth to test different media!

    Good luck

  • Recovery Disc Creator Error - Satellite L300D


    First of all, sorry for my English, but it is not my mother tongue. About my technical problem is very simple: I use Toshiba Satellite L300D-13 b with Vista 32 bit. I tried to create a recovery using Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator disc, but when I start the program (Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator) gives me this error:
    "Cannot find the HDD Recovery folder on the second disc of the first hard drive. There is no valid disk HARD recovery environment on this computer.

    How can I create my recovery disk?

    Thank you.


    New Toshiba laptops are delivered without recovery CD/DVDs and using Toshiba Recovery creator tool, you must create one. Toshiba has delivered laptop with factory settings. that means recovery image is recorded on the second partition in the file called HDDRecovery.

    When you start the creator Toshiba Recovery tool it contains the data of this file and burn it to support empty. If this file is removed or deleted the application clearly says the file / data that is / are missing.
    I don't know what you've done in the past, but now, you will not be able to create this recovery DVDs.

    You can order the new copy under https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx
    Of course it is not for free and you pay for it.

    Good bye

  • How do I create using recovery disc installed Vista - Satellite L300-190

    Can u please help me.
    If I had the factory installed default windows vista, then how to create the recovery disk and can also create usb recovery drive, while I was able to boot my system with usb?

    And also if I m even have another model of machine, then I can use the recovery disk in the other machine with the same model and OS. ???
    as for now, I have two same machines toshiba Satellite L300-190 model.

    Waiting for your response.

    I think that this has been discussed much time here in the forum.

    You can create the recovery disk using the Toshiba recovery disc creator!
    This tool must be preinstalled on your laptop if the laptop was equipped with HARD drive recovery option.

    You can also try to restore the laptop using the recovery of HARD drive option.
    You must press the F8 key during switching on laptop and I then have to choose the option called fix my computer. Then new window should open, and you could choose the Toshiba recovery.

    If you cannot use the two procedures (disk recovery HARD and Toshibas recovery disk) then you can order the new CD from here:

    All that s

  • Need driver for my Satellite A60-122 WLAN


    I have format my computer so my drivers disappeared and I don't have the installation CD.
    I can't connect to the internet via Wi - Fi connection. I guess I need a driver for this. I searched the net and found nothing.

    Where can I find my driver?

    Thank you!

    I really wonder where you are looking for the driver because the driver is listed for Satellite A60 on Toshiba support under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com page > support & downloads.

    Check it out!

  • Need new HDD for my Satellite A60-723

    I have a laptop Satellite A60-723, the hard drive has crashed, so now the beach is empty. But I am now in the Canada, can I buy a hard drive for laptop normal 2.5 "and insert it? Where can I get instructions on how to do it? I can see the connections of the pins for the reader inside, but do not know if there is a power connector?

    Also can run from a USB key? How do in the Bios if I need to change the settings?

    Also I searched the Toshiba site and did not find the user manual

    Any help much appreciated

    I presume that you have removed the old drive HARD only. Am I right about that?

  • Looking for my Satellite A355D-S6921 recovery disk

    Hey there,

    I can't start win7 on my Satellite A355D-S6921, it automatically restarts before the login screen. I tried to press on the "0" (zero) key, but no recovery option, nothing happens. ". I also tried to restore the player to an earlier point using F8 options, but an error message appears before finalization. I tried a little of what I could find on the forums, but it restart distillers. I think that my solution is to use a recovery CD, but I didn't, and I can't run windows to create a.

    Please, I would be very happy if someone could create one of his Satellite A355D and Megaupload an IMG disc!

    Here are the steps to create a recovery disk:

    1. click on start, all programs, Toshiba, recovery, then
    Recovery Disk Creator.

    2. Select DVD (to create a recovery on DVD media).

    3 select the items you want to copy, click the checkbox
    next to the item recovery files, applications (original name s
    integrated drivers and applications), or the two recovery files
    and applications.

    4 click on create.

    5. Insert the first blank DVD into your optical drive writable
    When you are prompted.

    6 follow the prompts on the screen to complete the copy process.

    Hello, Stacy

    If you are the United States (I assume that your Satellite is WE model) a better chance to get the recovery disk is the same post on the Toshiba U.S. forum.

    Please visit http://laptopforums.toshiba.com/tshb/ and post the same there.

    Good luck.

  • Error recovery disc on the Satellite A200 - not enough of space

    After reformatting my laptop toshiba recovery disks will not reload windows because it says that I don't have enough space on my hard drive.

    The error message is the following:
    There is not enough space on S3A6134D502. You need extra 2.34 GB to copy these files.
    Free space: 1.42 GB
    Total size: 1.46 GB

    It seems that he has created a new partition which allows to load windows on the partition being too small.

    Problem is that you have modified the standard settings for the recovery procedure.
    First partition on the disk HARD is called WinRE partition and this partition has a capacity of 1.5 GB.
    When you start the recovery procedure and simply click OK or NEXT all went well.

    I guess you have chosen configuration option and click on the second option to install the operating system on an existing partition.

    What you probably want to do is to install the OS on the C partition only in the second hope or all other partitions will not be deleted or formatted. Right?
    I tested several times on P200 and A200.

    It won't work then only option is to erase the whole HARD drive and before recovery installation starts all existing data and partitions will be deleted and formatted.
    So before you begin installation OS Backup all important data and install OS without changing anything.

  • Recovery disc how can - Satellite L300D - 11 M


    I have a lot of things installed and configured, which took quite a long time.
    Now I wonder, is it possible to use the Toshiba Recovery to back up all of this, or he just treats system itself?

    My c: drive that contains all system data and progs has 17 GB of space used (not counting the file exchange and hiberfil) so it won't be too much DVDs.
    I would like to have a full recovery in the case of a destructive or most likely virus action minor hijackers - terrorists attack, so that in case of problems, I could easily have my system restored with all the programs installed, configured etc. without the need to repeat all that.

    Can Toshiba Recovery do this way?

    Using the recovery DVD Toshiba will define the laptop back to the factory settings.
    This means that you HARD drive will be formatted and everything is erased from the HARD drive.
    In addition the Windows operating system (in this case, Vista) and all of the Toshiba, utility tools and drivers will be installed also.

    Simply said, you will get all this back as on the first day of purchase.

  • Can I use Office of Equium A60 for my Satellite A60?


    I need help pleas! I have a Satellite A60-793, and I need a new Board of Directors. Can I buy a Board of an Equium A60. Works on my system? My system have a 3.0 Ghz P4.

    Best regards
    José Nunes


    Usually there are different sets of Satellite A60 Equium A60 different but the two laptops are very similar and you should be able to install the motherboard of a satellite A60 in the Equium A60.

    The dimensions of (width + length) motherboards are the same.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I was wondering if someone could help. Over the last week my computer started to break up, but it seems to happen only when im running a game. The machines worked fine for almost a year without any problems. I have attached a photo of the blue screen