I'm used to receive messages when a cookie to be stored can I still do with v 6.0.1?

In previous versions of Firefox, the browser, I programmed to ask whenever a cookie to be stored on my PC. "I decided that I wanted to 'BLOCK', 'ALLOW' or ' ALLOW session. »
Now that I'm using 6.0.1 not only, I don't find a way to do it, but I also try to live without Google Bookmarks! Too much stress!
Thank you!




  • Tools > Options > privacy > Firefox will be: "Use the custom settings for history" > Cookies: "Keep until the": "ask me every time".

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    Follow the suggestions mentioned in the following articles:

    Check and tell if its working.

    May not be related to your problem, but some of your Firefox Plugins are out of date

    • Update all of your Firefox Plugins-> https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/
    • During the installation of the Plugins download files hotfix, remove the check mark to download any other software options with your Plugins (for example, toolbars, McAfee, Google Chrome, etc.)
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    Do you have plans to fix this bug, or do you have a work around?

    Don Wagner

    Better control your graphics drivers are updated!

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    I am interested in possibly edition. certainly the configuration, compile and test an implementation of the Dave Mill Protocol NTP (Network Time) on Windows XP Pro.  The tricky part so far implements strong, yet easy to use authentication.  We use version open source secure sockets layer.  I'm not a developer kernel or the Windows service, but I have experience of writing kernel drivers PCI for time servers dedicated which sync directly to a scale of coordinated universal time.  Whoever did this, or they could point me in the right direction?  (I am familiar with ntp.org, openssl.net, USENET newsgroups and the other usual suspects).  Help for network time, W32Time, stuff crypto or "timing" system on the line of Windows free software would be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards

    Dave Johns

    Hi Dave,.

    Your question is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited to the audience of developers on MSDN. Please post your question in the following forum:


    I hope this helps.

  • Cannot use AOL Mail using a user account of some on my computer, error: "Cannot send or receive messages for this account AOL."

    original title: error message 10 = 0x800cccD2


    My father is in the hospital and trying to help my mother to use the computer.

    There are 3 email accounts set up - hotmail, yahoo and aol.  AOL is the Internet service provider.

    The hotmail and Yahoo are working very well.

    In the AOL inbox sent, there is no messages - (note: the messages have been sent and not deleted).

    When sending emails to AOL, they will but do not appear in the field sent on their computer.

    It works on my computer when I log onto their account I have send a message and you can see the old messages and the ones I sent.

    The error message that appears: "unable to send or receive messages for this AOL.
    account. Header downloads for the sent items folder
    Don't be is not completed could not choose "sent items on the test of IMAP server
    update the folder and try again. Selection of server response failed
    Server error IMAP.aol.com Windows live mail 10 = Protocol = IMAP 0x800cccD2
    Not port 143 secure (SSL) no cannot send or receive messages for this AOL
    account "

    What can I do to stop what is happening?

    Thank you



    I'm not a fan of the AOL software. Personally I would not use AOL as my Internet service provider. I only had a close encounter with the AOL software in recent years. Finally, the problem has been solved and it was not caused by the AOL software but he could have easily.

    AOL has always provided a brand of software developed by others. Thus, they mark Outlook Express and all changed the menus etc then any that have a reasonable understanding of Outlook Express met with unnecessary difficulties trying to solve a problem. It was of course on a Windows XP platform.

    With AOL, another problem is that they are slow to update their versions software brands and users to register on AOL in the retail stores are supplied with CD/DVD with versions to software. What I suggest you do is confirm with AOL that you have the latest version of their software for a Vista computer. When you ask pointed questions you get better answers.

    The software for AOL email on a Vista platform is based on Windows Mail. Do not confuse Windows Mail with Windows Live Mail, which is part of the package available to you if you sign up for Windows Live Essentials. They are not the same.

    I don't know how Windows Live Mail would work with AOL as Internet Service provider, change to unknown software in a difficult period for your mother could create problems when his thoughts are elsewhere.

    My following link can provide a way to correct the problem. My hesitation is that you're dealing with a customized version. Before you try, it checks if there are messages in the Outbox.

    If the KB 941090 solution does not work, it may be that a solution that worked with Outlook Express might be interesting to try.

  • Cannot receive messages in Outlook Express

    Recently (for the first time) I consulted my ISP mail service. Since then, I have been unable to receive messages in Outlook Express, even if I can send them. When I check new messages, I get a connection, but no new messages. Some of my messages are confused on my e.mail of ISPs. I checked all my settings etc for OE account, and they look very good. It was working perfectly before. Any ideas, help would be appreciated.


    If all worked correctly before you enter you e-mail service so I guess that it s a virus or a malware application.
    I put t know if you use your Anti virus but you should! It is very important to have this application and also it is very important to update your anti virus everyday software.

    Incorrect settings in Outlook are another possibility.
    Check it!

  • Receive iMessage when no internet

    Will I be charged by mobile service provider if I get iMessage of others when not internet available? How the iphone only receive message when I have internet?

    It would depend on the sender. If a sender sends you an iMessage, you will only receive if connected to the internet, unless the sender has 'Send as SMS' active on their device. If it is their device COULD send the message as a text Message, which would be charged against your allocation of SMS, but if they are not, you won't. If someone has a non - iOS device and sends you a message, it would be an SMS and you will be charged.

Maybe you are looking for