I managed to remove the icon to display all open windows one behind the other.

I managed to remove the icon to display all open windows one behind the other.  Where can I find it now?

Also, my laptop keeps getting an error when I try to restore to an earlier date and told me that it is impossible to complete.


Which, in my view, that you have a problem with, it's called windows Flip 3D!

Try this first and see how you go...

  1. To turn on the Quick Launch bar, follow these steps:
  2. Right-click anywhere on an empty spot on the taskbar.
  3. Choose toolbars from the menu that appears.
  4. Select Quick Launch in the following menu so that it is checked.

You should then be able to click the icon to switch between Windows now and use the 3d Flip...


. Right click on the Quick Launch toolbar, but not on an icon
2. Select the folder from the context menu. It will take you to the Quick Launch folder that should live:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

3. right click in an empty area of this folder
4. Select new, then shortcut from the context menu
5. for the location text box, enter the following text:

C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe dwmapi #105

6. click on the next button
7. appoint. (Flip3D, for example)
8. click on finish

The shortcut will now be in your Quick Launch toolbar.



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    Here it is!

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    If not, please transfer your question in the Sub forum


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    Have a good time.


    * Go to start > run and type: wbemtest > press enter
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    * In there, select the entry with the guid {043803A3-4F86-4ef6-AFC5-F6E02A79969B} and click on remove below. Then close this window.
    * In the query box, type: select * from FirewallProduct and click on apply.
    * In there, select the entry with the guid {043803A3-4F86-4ef6-AFC5-F6E02A79969B} and click on remove below.

    This applies only to when you had installed Comodo. For other Antivirus and firewall, it will be a different guid.

    I hope this helps.

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    The icon Show Desktop XP has been moved to the lower right-hand side of your screen (to the right of the clock in the system tray). You can go over it to get a quick overview or click to minimize all application windows.

    Edit: adds the following reference, article

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    What you're trying to re-create the Photoshop is called: less prominent of the Pathfinder Panel.

  • HOW to remove PROBLEMS ICON to display hardware after trying the answers in the forum.

    Using Windows Xp-Home Edition-32 bit, the icon to add the deletion of material is missing from the in the lower toolbar. Reviewed the forum and ried some of the patches listed but nothing? Tried properties-> personalize-> and always show the icon is checked... and the toolbar is not locked, then tried

    Go to Control Panel - Add/Remove Hardware
    On the left hand side click on Add/Remove Windows components
    In the list, double-click Networking Services
    Uncheck the box UPnP User Interface
    Press OK

    If this does not work you can try

    Right click on my computer > Manage >Services and Applications > Services

    Find the Plug-and-Play on the list and then double click it. This shows automatic and active.

    Anyone has any ideas of othrer, a note the Device Manager doesn't display any material, the screen is blank. and show hidden not seeing, but if you don't have to-> printers & other hardware_ Control Panel > select a device, they are shown here!

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    You can see in TOOLS then modules noscript

    Thank you

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