I need 128-bit encryption to use a government site

I need to go to this web site for an app of the job, he won't let me submit my information, because he says that I need 128-bit encryption


Firefox supports 128-bit and 256-bit encryption even if the site provides support.

The problem is that the http://www.opm.gov is obsolete in their browser sniffing in the research of the useragent like who U no longer applied say ten years then there is now. The U has been removed from the version of Firefox 4.0. The details on the U is in the second link above.

I even contacted them on this a few months ago and email even sent someone to deal with this but no go for me since.

For this one site you could use the portable Firefox 3.6.22 (will impact install Firefox 6.0.2 not) or use useragent switcher extension on 6.0.2 to move to an earlier version of Firefox as 3.6. * to trick the Web site.


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  • 128-bit encryption is available?

    I need 128-bit encryption to complete a form of Government. The site says that it has detected that the version of mt, the last to date, Mozilla didn't do it. How to do it?

    In fact the 128-bit encryption is obsolete and should not be used today.
    256 bit encryption should be standard for any site that wants to be sure.
    There is usually a button continue if you redirected to a page that if you fill out the test conditions.
    It shouldn't be a problem in cases like this.

  • I am currently using an imac desktop with firefox as browser. I need to access a Web site that requires 128-bit encryption. How can I increase bit encryption?

    When I login to view my accounts, a pop-up asks me to use explore or netscape with 128-bit encryption. Since I use a mac, I don't have either. I can up the encryption using firefox?


    See also report (strengthen net) SSL encryption in the response of cor-el , in the "support.mozilla" link in the link above.

    Thank you

  • Satellite Pro 4600 unable to use 128-bit encryption

    I have a Satellite Pro 4600 running Windows XP SP1 with the card WiFi PA0307U-1MPC. Installed all the latest drivers listed for the 4600. I can connect to networks using 64-bit encryption, but can not enter the 128-bit encryption. Is it possible to use 128-bit encryption?


    As far as I know that this unit is about 4 years old and at that time, it was impossible to use encryption 128-bit with this wireless network card and can be no change.

    Good bye

  • How can I get the 128-bit encryption in Firefox 4.0 for a financial Web site?

    I need the ability to 128 - bit encryption on my web browser in order to use a specific Web site financial for the payment of the invoice, test of encryption of the site shows that Firefox 4.0 (newly installed) does not provide this level of security. Help?

    Firefox will match the level of encryption uses the Web site, and Firefox is able to top encryption to 128 - bit (256-bit if this is what uses the Web site).

  • BlackBerry 10 BB RC4 128 bit encryption browser security issues

    When you check Browserspy from your BlackBerry browser this link:


    Then select 'Security' in the list

    Then select "SSL Encryption Check"

    For my Z30 I get RC4 128 bits (see photo).

    I also get the same results by using this test:


    We're worried for RC4 128 bit security to the extent wherever Microsoft has recommended not using it.  See these two links:



    I don't have any device to connect to the Internet with RC4 128 bit.

    Is there a way to change the encryption level or the order for the BlackBerry browser?

    (Just as a side - note because BlackBerry uses WebKit for browser (Apple uses WebKit) pick up a lot of sites Tester browser like Safari.) I woder if browser test to determine the market share does not report some of the Blackberry as Apple because of this "confusion".)

    This problem has been fixed in the new release - Version of software

    Now the two browser the personal side and (if you have activated BlackBerry Balance) the browser side work to connect using AES 256.

    Thanks BlackBerry!

  • What version of FF comes with 128-bit encryption?

    And what versions can suport it but has not delivered with him? We want to stop allowing the weak encryption for SSL sites. Thank you.

    support for the 256-bit AES started with Mozilla Suite 1.3 (12 March 2003) and Firebird 0.6 (May 17, 2003), as well as 128-bit support should not be a problem with any version of Firefox.

  • Firefox is updated. need for 128-bit security encryption

    My firefox is updated. In order to obtain statements without credit cards paper, I need to have 128-bit security encryption. Card company control the browser and not continue to make the change of paperless, due to the fact that 128-bit security encryption was not found; also read that: you need to update your browser.
    How can I get this encryption? Thank you

    Some websites incorrectly detects encryption and features report that the Mozilla Suite and Firefox do not have 128-bit encryption. You will be able to work around this problem by changing the user agent string of the browser as Internet Explorer.

  • A bank site recommends 128-bit registration and request that my browser, Firefox, didn't it. Y at - it an upgrade for who or what I have to use a different browser?

    While registering for online access, the Web site of the Bank tested to see is my browser has the incription recommended 128 bits. I like firefox and you want to use as my browser. Y at - it an update that uses 128bits registration? On March 26 this year is the date of last modification for my version.

    Thank you


    If websites complained about 128 bit encryption is not available then that can be caused by the "U"; It is no longer present in the user agent of Firefox 4 + versions.

    Firefox supports the algorithms of encryption 256 bit since Firefox 2 was released in 2002.

    See also "the Site identity button.

  • I need encriptación 128 bits on this computer, I?

    I was installing an online bill pay account and it says I need 128 bit encriptación on my browser. They said that I didn't do it. How to do it?

    Thank you

    If websites complained about 128 bit encryption is not available then that can be caused by the "U"; It is no longer present in the user agent of Firefox 4.

    Firefox supports the algorithms of encryption 256 bit since Firefox 2 was released in 2002.

  • How to choose WEP 128 bit?

    For some reason says I should use a WEP 128 bit encryption. When you configure a WEP network in Vista, I don't see where select 128-bit instead of (default) 64-bit.

    Hello STEVE290,

    ·        What is the specific problem you're talking about?

    ·        You configure the network wireless network and sharing Center Windows?

    The Wired Equivalent Privacy supports 64-bit and 128-bit only if the following supports 128-bit encryption:

    a. wireless router.

    b. wireless Network Adapter.

    If you use Windows Network and Sharing Center for the configuration of the network wireless, by default that selects Windows 64 bit Privacy (WEP) equivalent wired.

    If you are already connected to the network, disconnect from the network and try to connect again and check if you get an option to choose the 128-bit encryption.

    You can also try to select the 128 Bit encryption on the router page.

    1. open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.
    2. go to the address bar and enter the IP address of your router ("" is most of the VOIP routers default IP address) then press [Enter].
    3. a new window prompts for a user name and password. Type "admin" for the username and password ("admin" is the name of the default user password), and then click OK.
    4. when the router's web-based configuration page, look for wireless and then wireless security.
    5. search the Security Mode and select WEP.
    6. Select any number under the key to default to determine which key you use. In this example, we chose the number 1.
    7 find the WEP encryption and select 128 bit 26 hexadecimal characters.

    Thank you
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  • How will I know if I use encryption 128-bit internet explorer 9 on windows vista

    How will I know if I use encryption 128-bit Internet Explorer 9? I use Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 with a 32-bit operating system.

    Hello littleturley99,

    Open internet explorer 9 and look in the upper right of the window. You will see an icon of the House, star and a wheel of gog. Click on t he cog icon wheel, and in the drop down menu, click 'about internet explorer '. Look in the window of internet explorer for the "force encryption". This should read 256 Bit.

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  • What type of encryption is used? (128-bit or 256-bit cipher strength)

    When you create an access to my online banking account, he mentioned the need to have at least 128 bits. He told me how to find it in windows Explorer. By opening the help tab and then selecting the option to windows Explorer. Now when I tried for firefox, that information is not displayed.

    See the Site identity button

  • I MicrosoftSparkODBCDriver64.msi need a driver that is used to connect to Windows spark. I have a 64 bit windows 7 PC.


    I MicrosoftSparkODBCDriver64.msi need a driver that is used to connect to Windows spark. I have a 64 bit windows 7 PC. I tried to download from Microsoft provided https://download.microsoft.com/download/C/C/1/CC102271-5CE8-4F5E-A1F9-6D97CAA734D3/MicrosoftSparkODBC64.msi Web site

    But it does not work. Kindly help to get the driver.

    Thank you.

    It's strange, I just clicked on the link in my previous answer, and it works. There is an announcement of Windows 10 upward and when you scroll down you'll see ODBC download link (red button) and instructions.

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

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