I need a driver for sony walkman model # NWZ - E463.

I need a driver for sony walkman model # NWZ - E463. Can anyone help.i do not available for download. appreciate any help. Thank you, Bob


Which driver? You plug the USB cable and it shows up as an external drive - computer should recognize pretty good right now. Then, you use the software that came with it (Media Go) or Windows Media Player, iTunes or what and send your music files to it. You can even drag and drop MP3 files into the music using Windows Explorer folder.

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    Hi jammerdog,

    According to the Sony e-support Web site: http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/swu-list.pl?mdl=DCRHC36&SelectOS=42 Windows Vista & Windows 7 already have the right drivers for your handycam. However, you can click on the link above, select your operating system and download the drivers. If you then open the Device Manager, select your handycam (you will probably find it under devices in the imaging device manager) and right click on it. In the drop-down menu, select Properties. In the Properties window, select the tab drivers and check if you have downloaded the driver version is "superior" to those already installed. If the version number is the same as the one showing in the Device Manager you don't need to update the driver. If the number is greater then right-click on the handycam again option, and in the menu drop-down, select "update driver software". Follow the wizard to install the new drivers. IMPORTANT: Make sure that you create a "before" update system restore point all pilots.

    John Barnett MVP: Windows XP Expert associated with: Windows Desktop Experience: Web: http://www.winuser.co.uk ; Web: http://xphelpandsupport.mvps.org ; Web:http://vistasupport.mvps.org ; Web: http://www.silversurfer-guide.com

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    VPCEB3QFX/WI is supported by Sony for the operating system, that he's come up with, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit, there is no driver for Win 7 32 bit on the support site. You can certainly try the 64-bit driver packages because many of them will be for 32 and 64 bit:

    http://eSupport.Sony.com/us/Perl/SWU-Li... PCEB3QFXWI

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    I'm sure that the generation of the sound card in the lappy is a SoundMax

    Live in hope



    You should check for drivers

    For European models


    For Canadians or something like this:


    For the Australian and New Zealand:


  • I need a firmware for my walkman mp3 player NWZ-B172F had, that I can't find it on your website... Please, it

    Help... I need a firmware for my Walkman MP3 Player NWZ-B172F... it does not turn because I accidentally formatted on PC...

    NWZB172F Network Walkman is not a U.S. or Canadian unit. Please see the support provider in your respective countries for the best support:

    Sony Brazil and Latin America

    Sony Asia Pacific

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    Best regards


    What operating system do you use?
    If you use XP, you will not find the network on the site recommended driver driver!
    I can't give you advice where to find such driver because I don t know what the LAN card is installed in your oldie.

    But why you n t check yourself? Try to know what the LAN card you use and googel a bit for compatible applications ;)

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    By using this link, you can go to the page of the driver for your computer model. Just select the operating system you want (Winodws 10 in this case) and it will give you a list with all available drivers


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    Contact Sony for all drivers available for their products

    they write them, not Microsoft


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    HP has written for non-microsoft printers printer drivers

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    read below information hp


    time to buy a new printer compatible vista

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    You can use most of the W7 x 64 support page drivers directly from your PC.


    If you have installed Windows 7 32 bit, you get most of the pilots and other professional HP laptops with the same material as your own, thus directly from Web sites of the manufacturer of the device, such as the Intel.

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    I found the site of technical support drivers for 3 other models of HP printers

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    Looked everywhere and can not find the drivers for this model, I just picked up this model for one of my dial-up emplyeesand OS for win 7 to achieve it are not all drivers! Are there?
    Even if I found a network driver that supposets of this model and I would be dissatisfied, but I can't find anything. Help, please.
    HP pavilion p7-15cb - need network driver for windows 7 64 bit

    You are welcome.

    Here are the specifications of the computer HP Pavilion p7 - 1519c. According to the specifications, this was put up for sale on or around January 10, 2013 and comes with 64-bit Windows 8. This is HP software and driver download page for the p7 - 1519 c HP. As you already have, there is no HP drivers provided for this specific model.

    Most of the pilots of the HP Pavilion p7 - 1380t page drivers CTO Desktop PC & the download Windows 7 should work on the p7 - 1519 c HP.

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  • Free download driver for sony dcr-ip220 camcorder

    Where to download the free driver for sony dcr-ip220 camcorder?

    Home premium to Windows 7 64 bit.

    Hello Roberta,.

    According to the news located here (http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/support-info.pl?template=&info_id=549&mdl=DCRIP220), the drivers you need "to connect your Sony camcorder to a computer and transfer files are already in the operating system.".

    However, some software do not work under Windows 7, but at least you can transfer your files from camcorder to computer. You can use Windows Movie Maker or an app 3rd - party to do the work of the Sony software that no longer works.

    Let me know if this helps you.

    Kind regards


  • Satellite M70 - need WLAN driver for realtek RTL8139 Family

    I need a driver for the lan wireless for realtek RTL 8139 family in my satellite M70 under windows XP.

    Who can help me?

    All WLAN drivers, you can download from the Toshiba WLAN portal - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/wlan/
    Check it out.

  • Satellite L450D - need wireless driver for Linux system


    I have a satellite L450D, with a Realtek RTL8191SE wireless card (windows 7). I use Linux for College and I can't get on the internet when I use linux cause the oporating system dose not find my wireless card.

    When I check from command line for wireless cards, it shows that there is not.
    I know other people who have had this problem and basically I need a driver for it.

    Can someone make me know what driver I need or where to find? I would really appriciate what I need to use Linux for the College.

    Thank you


    I googled a bit and found some tips in the internet.
    It seems that there is no driver for Realtek rtl8192se WLan Linux and card rtl8191se.
    Had someone managed WLan installation by installing ndiswrapper from synaptic in Ubuntu + GUI. He downloaded the net8192se.sys driver W2K and net8192se.inf.

    W2k driver work but the combination W2Kxp driver or the xp or vista doesn t work.
    After that, you can use WPA because the WEP encryption is not supported

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