I need a driver for Windows 7 and HP Designjet 430___Thank printer you

I need a driver for Windows 7 and a HP Designjet 430


I found the site of technical support drivers for 3 other models of HP printers

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  • Qosmio G10-100 - need sound driver for Windows 7

    Please please please can someone help I have spend hours and hours installation charges unlike drivers and none work. I even tried to install DriveRobot and who installed a 97 RealTec but does not work.

    I need a driver for Windows 7 sounds for a G10 100, I'm sure that there is someone out there who has the same problems. Please note that when I go to the audio device it appears and no audio drivers not installed even though I have install Realtex ones.

    I'm sure that the generation of the sound card in the lappy is a SoundMax

    Live in hope



    You should check for drivers

    For European models


    For Canadians or something like this:


    For the Australian and New Zealand:


  • HP pavilion p7-15cb - need network driver for windows 7 64 bit

    Looked everywhere and can not find the drivers for this model, I just picked up this model for one of my dial-up emplyeesand OS for win 7 to achieve it are not all drivers! Are there?
    Even if I found a network driver that supposets of this model and I would be dissatisfied, but I can't find anything. Help, please.
    HP pavilion p7-15cb - need network driver for windows 7 64 bit

    You are welcome.

    Here are the specifications of the computer HP Pavilion p7 - 1519c. According to the specifications, this was put up for sale on or around January 10, 2013 and comes with 64-bit Windows 8. This is HP software and driver download page for the p7 - 1519 c HP. As you already have, there is no HP drivers provided for this specific model.

    Most of the pilots of the HP Pavilion p7 - 1380t page drivers CTO Desktop PC & the download Windows 7 should work on the p7 - 1519 c HP.

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  • Satellite 1000-Z2: I need a driver for the display and the LAN


    I reformatted my laptop S1000-Z2, and I have a real problem trying to find all the information about this model!

    Basically, I need a driver for the display and the LAN?

    Best regards


    What operating system do you use?
    If you use XP, you will not find the network on the site recommended driver driver!
    I can't give you advice where to find such driver because I don t know what the LAN card is installed in your oldie.

    But why you n t check yourself? Try to know what the LAN card you use and googel a bit for compatible applications ;)

  • Color LaserJet CP1518ni: HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PC (64-bit) will only print black on Color LaserJet CP1518ni

    HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6 (64-bit) will only print black on Color LaserJet CP1518ni

    Also, would like to have the complete software program to download rather than just the universal driver.

    Hello @wyodude

    Try this

    Go to devices and printers and right click on printer properties then go to device settings and go almost all the way down to the type of device a color change and save the changes then go in the printer preferences and in the color tab, make sure that in its unaudited grayscale printing option

  • M70-159: need graphic driver for Windows 2003 Server

    Can someone tell me wheather I can install windows 2003 server to series M70-159 .
    I am trying to download driver for sound card and many other cards, but I'm not able to get one for windows 2003


    AFAIK, this device was shipped only with Windows Xp. In this case only the driver for this OS are available.
    Windows 2003 server edition is not a common operating system, and unfortunately, I do not know if you will find anywhere the right Toshiba drivers for this operating system of m.

    Good bye

  • Need graphic driver for windows 8.1

    Hi all

    I have:

    HP pavilion dv6 7010tx

    Windows 8 pro 64-bit


    I found the update to windows 8.1 pro by Windows store, so I downloaded it but not able to install it due to the limitation of graphics drivers [I get the CODE of ERROR 0XC1900101-40019]


    I tried all of these methods:

    * Clean install of windows 8 pro 64-bit

    * only install the update that shows the Windows store 8.1 update

    * Keep my NVidia driver update which is 332.21-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql. It is 64-bit capable of windows 8 and 8.1 64 bit.

    * updated day to day my driver intel graphics is Intel (r) graphics 4000 v10.18.10.3379 HD

    * check the latest updates for my model of hp driver download wesite [it doesnot provide me with graphics driver for windows 8.1]

    * Graphics drivers from intel directly [ https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=23323 ] windows 8.1 which is by train

    V15. [doesnot allow installation limitations requirements]

    * A tried to upgrade to 8.1 windows 8 times intant (8x3.6 GB )

    * Called Microsoft technical support [I was told that my model does not support windows 8.1] I think he was referring to the lack of drivers.

    * Called hp support [he said no available driver CURRENTLY] not clear if she can come out in the future or not.


    So help me with this problem. Give me the drivers for intel graphics hd for windows 8.1 or other solution for the above error.

    Nevermind, I found the solution... It applies to these two errors 40019-0xc1900101 and 0xc1900101-4000 D (something like that)
    I installed all the updates from Microsoft, including graphics drivers... then, went to the Manager of devices and uninstalled (and deleted) two display drivers and has not yet manually installed all the drivers... you hear just the default for both drivers.
    It worked for me...
    We hope someone also find it useful.

  • Satellite A205-S7443 - need LAN driver for Windows 7 32 bit

    I have a Satellite A205-S7443 and I bought it with Vista. So now, I bought Windows 7 and install it but now I have the problem with ethernet LAN driver. When I installed Windows 7 it only detected the wireless lan card and the driver has been installed with Windows, but I don't have connection to the local network. There is no

    Help guys. I need driver for ethernet LAN for Windows 7 32 bit

    Thank you


    After installing Windows 7 have installed all of the important drivers that you can find?

    Your model of laptop is an American model, and so you can find all the drivers on the Toshiba U.S. page tools:

    If you search for your model, you will find all the necessary stuff for Windows 7 32 bit. Download and install all the drivers, then your LAN port should operate as usual.

    If you have any other questions, just post again ;)

  • Satellite L510 - need Synaptics driver for Windows 7

    The synaptic Touch Pad Driver has stopped working on my L510. The only driver on the synaptic Web site is for vista os. iIhave w7 and need 13261.

    Can I use the driver for vista?


    Theoretically, Vista drivers will work on Windows 7. So I see no reason why it shouldn't t work.

    Can you confirm that it s work?

  • Satellite P850 - need WLAN Driver for Windows 8.1 64bits

    I have Satellite P850: I renewed my Kaspersky Internet Security and Windows update to 8.1 made 64 bit. Now, I have no wireless LAN driver. I can only connect to the internet through an ethernet cable.

    I searched high and low for 2 days looking for a solution. I want to keep all genuine Toshiba so not wanting to spread to other sites of questionable diagnoses. Toshiba has only Realtek WLAN for Windows 8 version 2.00.0020 available for download - which is already installed on my computer but it does not work - I have reinstall to see if that fixed the problem, but no.

    You will appreciate all help. Thank you.

    We can try to check the specifications of the laptop and search for drivers, but you must put the name of the full model P850-xxx.

    What is the status of the WLAN card in Device Manager?

  • Pavilion 14-n207tx: I need a driver for window 8.1 for Bus SM on a HP Pavilion 14-N207tx controller

    Can you please tell me where I can download a driver Windows 8.1 for Controller of Bus SM on a HP Pavilion 14-n207tx

    It is the only device that 8.1 Windows can't find a driver for - I tried to update the driver software in the device to her manager and he doesn't find anything.

    Thanks in advance

    Install the Intel® Chipset Device Software setupchipset.exe

  • Satego X 200-need display driver for Windows 7 64 bit

    I want to install Windows7 64-bit on my Satego X 200 - 21U. So far, there is no video driver provided by Toshiba. All the other drivers available (including the real nVidia drivers) crash on the Satego.

    What can I do? Someone can speed up the Toshiba to make video drivers Windows 7 64-bit reliable for Satego X 200 - 21U?

    Hey Buddy,

    If you can find t 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 for Satego X 200 everything is clear: your support doesn t for Windows 7 64 bit laptop.

    If you really want Windows 7 you must search the drivers yourself on other sites such as Intel, Realtek, nVidia, etc..
    Alternative, you can also try similar laptops from Toshiba drivers, but no one can tell if it will work or not. Everything happens on your own risk and you should test it yourself.

    Last but not least, let me give you some advice: just use the operating system preinstalled Toshiba with all drivers and tools. Who s the easiest in my opinion.

  • Need a driver for Windows 7 for hp printer 3420

    Having just taken HP DC7900 SFF computer - I have a printer hp Deskjet 3420 - need to find a driver? (None is listed)

    Here you go:

    Choose your version of Windows, download and install it. Read the instructions on how to do it to avoid installation problems.

    SC Tom

  • I need a driver for windows 8 for my canonscan5000/5000f

    I recently bought a dell computer windows first 8my calculation window xp I have many programs that work with Windows xp and will not work in window 8, I have a scan5000/5000f conon that I love, but I can't run on my windows 8 Please help

    If it is available you can find on the manufacturer's website.

    Go to the website of Canon and finding drivers there.

    Edit: does not appear that they have one for Win8


  • Do I need a driver for Windows Vista Games?

    I have a Palm Zire 31 to hand (remote about 2 years).  Last week, I bought a HP Pavilion with system of Windows Vista 64-bit OS.  Yesterday, I bought a couple of games to download on my Zire 31, but have not had much luck comes from the new computer on the terminal.  Can I first of all updated for Windows Vista drivers?  (I still have the old XP Dell in the children's room, if all else fails!)  The games seem to download OK, but I'm having difficulty getting them to hot-sync on the Zire 31.  I forget something really obvious?  What I am doing wrong?  Shouldn't this download in the normal operation of the hot-sync?  Can you help me avoid a few gray hairs, more with an easy solution?  Thank you for teaching an old dog a few new tricks!

    Palm does not sync for the 64 bit OS support. There is a bluetooth autour work, but as the zire 31 is not bluetooth it is a mote.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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