I need a full copy of Windows 10 Pro

I have a P910 ThinkStation second on command, and I need to have a full copy of Windows 10 Pro on a flash drive in the event of another disaster.

I have not received response from Levono people other than "they don't like to provide. I have already restore Flash Drive, and my experience with her judge is not an acceptable alternative.

Please help me by explaining what I do to facilitate access to the version full? In the past, a copy of the operating system came on a disk with the delivery of the computer?

Thank you for your help, Bob

Microsoft was transferred to a delivery of download-only for Windows 10. Your choice is either by calling Lenovo help for support of physical recovery as mebsterbball suggested, or you can download Win 10 media directly from Microsoft and use the integrated in your BIOS license key to install.

If you want to follow the way of download, you get this link: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

Edited to add: Microsoft Download you will get the full version without recovery tools, drivers or software provided with the recovery of Lenovo. Looks like you're simply wanting to do a clean install. In this case, you want to go on the road to download.

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    My hard drive crashed and I can't access anything anyone on this subject. I have a second hard drive that was used for additional storage only. I'm doing this second walk my master drive. After changing the cables, jumpers, the bios settings to show as the master I am using the Windows XP disk, I try to put in place. I get an error message that says: I need a full version disc windows genuine, not a disc to upgrade to. When I bought the computer it came with Windows ME preinstalled and there was no disk that came with the machine. When I went to XP apparently, I bought a version upgrade, not the full version. Is it possible to get a cd of microsoft, or download a file, which can help get this another hard drive mounting correctly?

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    Since you have changed your HDD, I would contact the Microsoft product activation center to get on your version of the operating system. Visit the link that provides the phone number of the same below:


    See also: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/811224

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    Original of the hard drive has crashed, please download & install a new copy of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on new SSD. I updated day/has replaced most of the OEM parts to 4 + years except for the motherboard, power supply, & tour. I don't have the old parts, sort of recovery disk installs not successfully because of all the improvements. Have drivers for devices newer than all existing parts on a USB ready when necessary. OEM is telling me to go up the PC with its original components to make it work, and I really don't need all the unnecessary software OEM includes in their recovery disk. Microsoft Download site does not allow me to download from a pc OEM product key. How to solve this? I'm always in the respect of the Windows license agreement, so I don't have to pay for it.  Please advise, thank you

    For 5 years, Microsoft made it fairly easy for users of the Windows 7 operating system to get reinstall media. If you have lost your support disc or installation retail collection; either it has been damaged or defective; You can download a copy of the edition that you have licensed from a membership site called Digital River. More recently, Microsoft ended the availability to reinstall media that you can download as a. File ISO in Digital River, which is a digital reproduction of an optical disc.

    It was particularly convenient for people who could not easily get the manufacturer's recovery media, did not want to pay the fees required to get or preferred a clean configuration without the software packaged manufacturers or even a recovery partition does not work. It's easy to use, all you had to do was reinstall and reactivate using the product key located on the certificate of authenticity and download all the drivers on the manufacturers website.

    Given that this option is no longer available, what are your options? See the article for more details:

    How to: What are my options for Windows 7 reinstall media?

  • You can actually buy a full copy of windows

    I'm currently using Linux and want to try windows 8
    But I can't because I see versions of upgrade.
    MS actually sell a full version of windows 8

    Yes, for example, you can take a look:


  • Need a virtual copy of Windows 95 because of the incompatibility of file system

    I used to have an operating system of Windows 95 years in its hayday, and I have had several games that I liked to play on it.  Unfortunately, due to the configuration of NTFS file system and the fact that my machine is 64 bit, Windows 7 Home Premium system, means that it is totally incompatible with these games.  So my best option is to recreate the environment of Windows 95 (I tried compatibility mode).  I don't know where my old copy of the operating system installation disc fled to (I moved twice), and I'd rather get a copy legitimate ISO (that I could easily have created with the drive) to make a virtual machine in order to play these games even once.

    Now that you've read my story of misfortune, is it possible to get a legitimate copy of Windows 95 from Microsoft operating system more?

    Nope. Check Craigslist, eBay or yard sales.

    I have about a dozen CD supplied with the OEM systems... Some are still in plastic wrap! If you could use one of the people, are in the United States and can wait a few days for the USPS, I can send you one (toll-free). I don't know if they key is still attached or who has been attached to the computer. Let me know. You can email me at dharper * at * mstechpages.com and I'll get away from you. I don't have any best retail, AFAIK, just OEM.

  • How do you remove 2d copy of window XP Pro in bootcamp without damaging original XP Pro and data?

    Window XP pro in Bootcamp is size of 25 GB of Fusion Activated. By mistake, have also a second copy of Windows XP in Bootcamp is 5 GB. The two files are .vmwarevm. Lack of disk pace only allowed 32 GB size. Must remove copies of 5 GB of Window XP without original damaging with application and data window (25 GB). Error message "Sorry the operation cannot be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code 1407) when you try to move to the trash. Help

    You must come to my Guickbooks and payroll.

    BillPTC wrote:

    Copyied the grazing of Window XP Pro.vmwarevm folder of Mac, he ran, deleted Bootcamp and had a heart attack because it could not find path. My mistake that I said that I had not moved the file but went to the last and she came back.

    That mistake has nothing to do with that said vs "I copied it", "I moved it" and entry into the library of Virtual Machine that shows the error, because there is no longer the path can be removed from the library Virtual Machine.  CTRL-click on the entry for the one who does not work, then select Remove.

    I exempt backup capsal Virtial Machine time under Documents.

    It seems to work.

    I can I have copied in the wrong place because you can't see the file under user/bill/document/virtual machine/folder.

    Not sure if thi is a problem.

    Well, if you are exempted from a folder and package kidnapped virtual is not in this folder, then of course, it is a problem because the packaging of the VM get backed up by Time Machine then I suggest that you correct the situation.

    Under Capssule time I deleted backup for Fusion App in your applications because I assume that the large 27 GB file is there.

    If not, where should I go to stop the time Capsule this large file to backup every hour.

    Why the hell you would make such an assumption!  The beam of Fusion.app from VMware is separate and outside the .vmwarevm Package and files/folders are backed up by using the same relative paths because they reside on the Macintosh hard drive.  The only way that a real Virtual Machine you created would be inside the VMware Fusion.app Bundle is if you put unfairly here.  All you have to do the Virtual Machine library is ctrl - click on the target of the Virtual Machine and select Show in Finder and the ctrl + click the target Virtual Machine package and select information and look where he is.  The last part of what I just said is nothing more basic file management.

    Still no undersyand why it works without Bootcamp and be applied to run the two without having to reboot to move backward. I question the manual I was for level 1 and updated version to version 2 have to be diferent.

    You don't need to use Boot Camp in the VMware Fusion installation order and create normal file based on Virtual Machines.  Boot Camp is part of OS X 10.5 and later versions and is independent and has nothing to do with VMware Fusion, except if you also want to start the native Windows Installer on the Boot Camp partition in a Machine virtual Raw disk.  Take a look at choose settings of VM of law because it might help you understand a little more.

  • Unable to download Windows 7 ISO, I bought a legitimate copy of Windows 7 Pro on Amazon

    So I tried to build a computer, but it seems that the copy of Windows 7, I have purchased from Amazon.com will not install from the CD as it seems to face driver problems with the BIOS on my motherboard (too recent)?

    It seemed that I would be able to install the OS by loading the file ISO of Windows 7 on a USB key and start from that, but whenever I try to download the ISO of Windows 7 from the Microsoft website (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows7), using the key of my physical copy of Windows 7 it always gives me the same error :

    We had a problem processing your request. Please try again later.
    Close the fair questions

    What can I do to get a legit windows 7 ISO file so I can finally get the OS installed? Here are the components of the computer:

    • AMD series APU A10 A10 - 7700 K AD770KXBJABOX
      ASUS ATX DDR3 2400 cards mothers A88X-Pro
    • Corsair Vengeance series Pro Red 8GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR3 1600 MHZ (PC3 12800)
    • WD Black 1 TB Performance desktop hard drive
    • TP-LINK TL - WDN4800 N900 dual band Wireless PCI Express Adapter
    • EVGA 500 W1 80 + 500W continuous power

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    Use this alternative:

    Microsoft Windows and Office ISO download tool - HeiDoc.net

  • Can I put a non-genuine copy of windows to a genuine copy of Windows 8 Pro?

    Now before anyone starts to judge I want to give some context as to what happened.

    I bought the upgrade Windows 8 Pro pack which was a student offered to host my new hybrid hard drive. I installed on my previous Vista hard drive and I noticed that I was required to install the pack to upgrade the disk with a previous version of Windows. Therefore, I decided install Windows 8 Pro Vista hard disk and clone new hard disk.
    The cloning went perfectly. However, when I entered the hard drive containing the Windows 8 Pro clone, it did not allow my turn and in Device Manager it does appear that the system. There is also a Build number located at the bottom right of my desktop screen. Think I should reinstall windows from scratch, I proceed to the real system command (the one containing Vista previously which is now upgraded to Windows 8 Pro) and decided to reinstall windows in the control panel and wipe all readers.
    I quickly realized that this is a mistake, because when I boot into the previously-Vista drive, reinstalling Windows 8 became a trial version instead (with XXXX to build lower-right again). In regards to the cloned drive, the error starting screen (that require you to reinstall windows because of lack of boot configurations).
    I lost the disc Vista it long time ago and I don't have the box of windows with me more. I copy down the so-called activation key but it's one with xxxxx-OEM-xxxx. Before this script together, under my computer properties, the product key seems to be forever in a State of "2 days before automatic activation" and when I click on it, he said: I'm unable to activate this product key.
    So that being said, I was wondering if I could just download and run a picture of a non-genuine copy of Windows in order to start a new installation (ie. choose with windows installation disk and reformat the drive containing the windows build demo).
    Thank you.

    I just decided to hell with it and contacted Microsoft technical support for assistance.

    Managed to activate my windows and things work fine now.
    Thanks for the comments without worrying about all of you who responded and sorry for taking your time.
  • My Windows 8 Pro product key does not work to activate my copy of Windows 8 Pro

    My work of Windows 8 product key is not

    Step 1: Yesterday I bought a new hard drive clean Virgin and I bought Windows 8 Pro at a local big-box store. It is a complete copy. Not an upgrade.

    Step 2: I removed all the other my system HARD drives and installed Windows 8 on the new hard drive. The system asked product key. I went in and everything installed perfectly. Windows works fine. I like it.

    Step 3 However, when I went to 'activate' my copy of Windows 8 and I enter this SAME product key, that I used to install I get the following message "this key did not work. Check it out and try again, or try a different key. "I repeated this step at least 4 different times after the reboot. Still does not accept it.

    Question: I can not activate my new copy of Windows 8. How can he accept my key for installation and then NOT accept for activation?



    The problem was solved!

    Step 1: I called Microsoft support MICRSOFT (800)

    Step 2: I navigate through all voice menus for installation tech Support for Windows 8

    Step 3: I explained the problem to the technology (Jerry)

    Step 4: The tech had me find the search function and he get a function of 4 letters (I forgot the command). I executed the function, and I got to a screen that asked me to enter a code for the Microsoft Technical Professional. I entered the 8 digit code that the tech provided for me.

    Step 5: I get to a new screen and technology (Jerry) explains that I am turned on.

    Step 6: I restart my PC and I go to the 'System' page in the control panel and it shows that my copy of Windows 8 is activated!

    The Tech explained that my copy of windows is an "upgrade" version (it isn't) and that is why I got the sentence. I explained repeatedly that it was a COMPLETE copy.  Finally, I dropped my 8 Windows has been activated.

    Call the technical support and good luck!

  • Satellite 1620CDS - need Multimedia Audio Driver for Windows 2000 Pro

    I recently had to reinstall my laptop Satellite 1620CDS with Windows 2000 Pro, but I can't locate the multimedia Audio device driver! and as such I have no sound.

    Any advice on how I could find this driver, would be much appreciated...

    Just FYI: your laptop has Crystal 4281 audio card. I hope you find the driver on the page given by the previous user. It is in the list.

  • HP Pavilion Slimline s3760in D: need help in Clean install Windows 10 pro 64-bit?


    For the past few months I am running windows 10 pro where I had to upgrade windows 8.1 pro 32 - bit windows 10 pro 32-bit. If my system is activated in windows 10 pro and it is authentic.

    When I checked in the type of system, it says operating system 32-bit, x 64 processor.  4 GB RAM only 3.12 GB of RAM is usable.

    This means that my processor supports 64-bit operating system. That's why I intend to clean windows install 10 pro and install the 64-bit version so that I can use all 4 GB of RAM.

    That's why went into a tool for creating media and downloaded Mediacreation Toolx64 but when I try to launch the app it shows error "this app cant run on your pc. But Mediacreation tool for 32 bit gently. According to me, given that my current OS is 32-bit so mediacreation toolx64 is not running.

    So I was wondering if I run 32-bit tool mediacreation and choose 'create multimedia installation for another pc' and chosen architecture (32-bit and 64-bit) times, then the clean installation of windows pro 10 OS will I have the option to choose between the version 64-bit and 32-bit version?

    [2] already my windows 10 pro is active in 32-bit version, I get a product key error when I clean install 10 pro for the 64 bit version of windows?

    [3] will be my windows 10 64-bit pro is activated? Since my windows 10 pro turned in a 32-bit version.

    Microsoft memo said "Your PC will activate online automatically as long as the same edition of Windows 10 has been activated successfully on this PC using the free Windows 10 upgrade offer."

    HI Varadar,

    You're right, you choose the installation program of the media creation tool that corresponds to your current system, but create a support for another PC and select 64-bit or both.  I would choose 64-bit.

    Yes, what you plan should work.  Once you have upgraded to Windows 10 32 - bit and Windows checked 10 32 - bit is set, you can use Media Setup to switch to Windows 10 64 - bit.  But... I could ask you to wait a month.  It was reported on the sites a Updatefor Windows 10 is expected in November.  This update will include some changes and corrections that we have already published to our group of insiders test.  The recent blog post is hereand scroll to the bottom of reading on the Activation stuff.  We also wrote about the changes, including the news of your task in our own forum.

    What do you think should work now today, if there is no problem or bug there is no backup.  But if you wait a bit, then the backup as explained will use your Windows 8.1 Pro key into your HP motherboard.

    I hope this helps,


  • Need product key for downloaded Windows XP Pro x 64 trial

    I downloaded the trial version of Windows XP Pro x 64 recently, but I can't install it without a product key. Where can I buy a product key?

    I guess that Microsoft abandoned this program (if it exist). Bottom line is that you can not get a trial key. I'm sorry.

  • Need help, can't activate Windows 8 Pro on HP 3125

    I got a netbook HP 3125 which has an AMD E2 APU, 4 GB ram, 320 HARD and Windows 8 Pro disc and would use for about a month and well. Recently, I decided to update my ram and anything by doing this, I also decided to upgrade to an SSD HARD drive.

    I changed the HARD drive out and installed the SSD, but the BIOS doesn't detect so I disabled the Secure Boot, boot enable Legacy and then proceed to installing a custom installation of Windows 8 Pro using a USB key.

    After installation, it asked me a product key, which I find it weird because Windows 8 does not come with product key labels, since it is built into the bios.

    My problem is, how do I activate my Windows 8 Pro, when it keeps asking me for a product key that I don't have?

    Also, I noticed in the BIOS, it is sometimes called 'Key to load HP factory default', but I can only do this when secure startup is enabled.

    Embedded product key Windows 8 has something to do with the secure boot, for example, if the Secure Boot is disabled, then Windows 8 will not activate?

    Thank you

    Woot! I got it to work!

    Secure boot has nothing to do with the activation of Windows 8 or not with the COA embedded (product key) which is in the bios.

    Here's what I did, just note that this method may not be appropriate measures, but it still works. And different systems configurations, may require different or additional measures. Also, this method may or may not work with all systems.

    for example, the brand or the system you may or may not work with the steps posted in this thread.

    If you have a Windows 8 with a product key that is located on a sticky label, this does not apply to you. It's only for those who have purchased a brand name with Windows 8 system, and it does not come with a sticker product key.

    Components used in this tutorial

    -3125 Netbook HP: AMD E2/6 GB/Intel of the Commission 330 120 GB SSD/F27 bios (later at the time of this tutorial)

    -Microsoft Windows 8 Professional 64-bit (original) disc

    -SATA to USB 3.0 adapter

    -Lite-ON SATA DVD Writer

    1. turn on the system and press F10 to go into the Bios

    2. in the bios, go to trial system > Boot Options

    3. go to Secure Boot and disable it

    4. Select clear all Secure Boot key and enter the 4-digit confirmation code

    5. then go to support HP Factory Default Keys, select it and press Yes

    6. save the Bios and output

    7. Press F10 and return in the Bios

    8. go to the System Configuration > Start Options

    9. select Legacy Support and activate it. A warning message appears, saying that this may cause the operating system to boot, just ignore it and press Yes.

    Now you should see the following text:

    Legacy support = on and key = registered platform

    10 save the Bios and output

    11 insert the disc of Windows 8 for the DVD player and release the boot drive order by pressing F9

    12. the driver, select start from the EFI file and press on enter

    A window opens, showing the HDD/SSD and DVD player with a unique code next to each hardware device

    13. Select EFI sector DVD and press ENTER.

    14. then select , , Bootx64.EFI. After that it will be white and then asked at the start of the DVD.

    15. Press any key to boot from the DVD. If it's done correctly, you will see a HP start-up logo

    16. once the DVD has finished initializing, will appear on the screen of configuration of Windows 8. Click next

    17. accept the EULA and then select custom installation

    18. create a new partition on the disk that you want to install the operating system.

    Note: Windows will create 3 additional partitions, as well as for the installation of the OS. What makes the drive as GPT.

    19 install Windows 8

    20. after the installation and customization of personal settings. Go to control panel > system and you will see

    Windows 8 is activated.

    You can either enable or disable Secure Boot in the bios, as it has no effect on the question of whether or not the operating system will boot. I tried the two enable Secure Boot and disabled, the two parameters allows me the startup of the operating system.

    As Intel 330 SSD, I got two of them and both have no problem running Windows 7 or Windows 8.

    ACHI is necessary if you want to enable TRIM that optimized the SSD automatically when you have to.

    If the TRIM does not work, then it must rely on a Garbage Collection.

    To turn off the SSD on Windows 7, schedule defrag because this will reduce the life expectancy of the SSD

    Windows 8 should because it will recognize if it of a SSD or not. If this is the case, then it will send the TRIM command.

  • Need to Vaio Care in Windows 7 Pro recovery tool

    I need cod of Vaio Care Win 7 pro recovery tool. I have a new laptop that does not. Model; SVP1321GGGXBI.

    Thank you. Mae

    Hi mae,

    Here is the link for driver downloads and program your VAIO - Pro 13. It will be useful.

  • I need help to connect my windows 7 pro PC to a windows 2008 Server...

    Two points of connection here.
    Server: Windows Server 2008
    Client: Windows 7 Pro Edition.
    Client used to connect to the server so that the server was located on the customer network drives. They are connected to the same hub via ethernet and wifi (PC has to a connection wifi and ethernet to same hub).
    Customer will not see the server on network
    Server does not see the Client subnet.

    Try this:

    Navigate to the following location:
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Network and sharing Center\Advanced sharing settings
    Select the options as shown in the image above, then click on save changes. Try this in Server computers and client.
    If the problem persists, answer here.

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