I need a Microsoft Office keyboard manual

Where is the num-lock key?  If I had a manual, I could watch myself.

The NumLock key is on the right side of the keyboard - it is above the number keys and must say 'Num Lock' on it.

For the Microsoft product manuals and driver downloads:

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  • Keyboard Microsoft Office in the Windows 7

    I use a Microsoft Office keyboard in Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium edition. I want to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium edition. The Upgrade Advisor said that Intellitype Pro 6.2 is NOT compatible with Windows 7. But the Office keyboard is not listed as a download driver available. Choose what keyboard so I can still use this keyboard?

    I think the keyboard is no longer manufactured and is not supported.  He (should) still works, but you will not be able to customize the way you might in Vista.

  • Can I move Microsoft Office on my new computer?

    My old computer is fried and I need my Microsoft Office programs in order to finish College and I need them while I'm working. Is it not possible for me to place them on an external hard drive and move them to the new computer without problems? (I'm not made of money and can hardly afford to my new computer let alone to buy programs all over again)

    Hello ForsakenSora,

    You can physically move it to an external drive, and then install it on your other PC unless you downloaded the copy of Microsoft Office. If it was preinstalled on your PC and that you purchased Office then you should have a disk with office on it provided by the PC manufacturer.

    If you purchased a retail version, here again, you should have the discs and you can install it on their part. You must have the product key provided with the software number in order to activate the office.

    There are versions of programs running free indeed similar to Office. An example is that openoffice (www.openoffice.org), at the request of that Office is completely free to download and use. It will also open documents created in Microsoft Office.

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  • Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013

    Hi, wonder if someone could help me. I'm not really good with computers but has a HP Mini 210-1020SA we use just at the moment where we go on holiday but I need to set up so that my daughter can use it for school & she needs this Microsoft Office Home & Student 2013, it will work ok on the HP Mini? What is SSE2 supported? We have an old office that works under XP, so I can not put the 2013 on that. Unfortunately we are not able to replace the office or the HP mini at the moment so I need to sort something out for my daughter. Thank you very much.


    If your mini windows 7, then it should be able to run Office 2013.

    SSE2 support information are below.


    Your model processor is a processor capable of SSE2.  See the fact sheet below.


  • Satellite Pro L500: Cannot access Microsoft Office - need serial key

    Cannot access Microsoft Office on my laptop, the series Satellite Pro L500, need a product key of 25 letter/symbol.
    Not with the paperwork, instruction manual, or on laptop background.
    Found a key to the letter or symbol 25 on bottom of laptop, but Microsoft Word/Publisher/excel etc will not accept?

    Hi mate

    AFAIK the preinstalled Office is a trial version!
    You cannot use the serial key you found at the bottom of the unit because the key to this series is a serial OEM key and it belongs to the version preinstalled Windows.

    So if you want to enable the office, then you will need to purchase the full license!

    See you soon

  • I need a guide on how to use the microsoft 3000 keyboard


    I have something that I can print on how to use the keys for the microsoft 3000 keyboard or need a downloadable guide. I give my boss a copy.

    Thank you



    See the following article:

    Quick Start Guide - Wireless Desktop 3000

  • the microsoft office on my computer is a trial. I need to uninstall it to get one of my college. Can you help me?

    The microsoft office on my computer is a trial. I need to uninstall. I can get a free microsoft office from my college.

    Click Start, select Control Panel, programs (if you do not have it, skip this step), programs and features, find the trial, right click and select uninstall. Follow the prompts to remove it.

  • Need my reinstalled MicroSoft Office programs.

    I had a problem with a download of security.  Technical support has me reinstall my windows vista program

    now I have my microsoft office programs and I need them!

    You must reinstall them as you installed them the first time.  If they are preinstalled on your computer, contact your computer manufacturer for instructions on how to reinstall them.

    "Dummy MS," wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    I had a problem with a download of security.  Technical support has me reinstall my windows vista program

    now I have my microsoft office programs and I need them!

  • Is it possible to use duplex printing (no manual) on my HP C6280 on Microsoft Office 2007?

    All the time that I got my HP C6280 all-in-one printer I have not known that it was possible to print double-sided directly with the printer.  The print on Microsoft Office dialog box has a check box for the manual Duplex which requires removal of the pile of pages and reinsert to print the second side.  However, today, for the first time, I used the printing on Google Chrome.  He had a check box for printing 2 sides and I was surprised when the page that has emerged from the printer was already printed on the front and the back!  I really want to use this feature of my printer all the time, not only Google chrome.  Normally, I do most of my printing from Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, etc.).

    Too bad.  I just read the guide to troubleshooting duplexing and found my answer.

  • Looking for a manual for Microsoft wireless keyboard: P/N: X 806528-001.

    Want to know how to use the keyboard shortcut keys.

    Hi MNSnowbird,

    Thanks for posting on Microsoft Answers!

    1. the following articles explains on the keyboard shortcuts that you can use on a Windows 7 computer.

    2. starting at the link below, you can download the manual getting started for the Microsoft Wireless keyboards:


    It will be useful.

    Thank you, and in what concerns:
    Shekhar S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Get "I need to create a Microsoft Outlook profile" when you try to send an email on Microsoft Office 2010

    Original title: Email

    Just, I bought this laptop touchscreen and installed Microsoft Office 2010. When you try to send an e-mail, as an attachment, I get a message saying that I have

    need to create a Microsoft Outlook profile and go to control panel and open mail, click on show profiles and click Add. I can't view the profiles when I go to the post office. Help?

    Help for Microsoft Office Outlook is in these forums.

  • I need the last CD of Microsoft Office - Satellite Pro U200-125

    I just bought Satellite Pro U200-125 without the last set of Microsoft Office CD. Does anyone have this CD?

    Thank you


    Hi Musallam

    Sorry, but what you mean with last Microsoft office defined? Office 2007 perhaps?

  • I need to know how to update my microsoft office and internet explore safely.

    I'm not sure on what are the steps to take when you try to update my windows desktop and are there costs associated with this process. My next question is how can I check if I have the updates for my internet explore.


    Microsoft Office Update

    To find updates for the Microsoft Office System, including Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and more, go to the Microsoft Update Web site.


    If you are already using Microsoft Update to get updates for your computer, Windows Update in Control Panel will automatically open and display your update status. For more information see updates: frequently asked questions.

    How many updates cost?

    Updates and software from Microsoft for Microsoft products are free as part of maintenance and support services. For other products, check with each program editor and the manufacturer of the device to see if the updates are free. Depending on your Internet connection, the local telephone charges and long distance standard and/or service charges Internet could apply while you download and install updates from any Publisher or manufacturer.

    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2010 - Update Services

  • Microsoft Office Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


    I get this error when opening certain files from the drive mapped and asking him to restore the file everytime I open excel.
    I tried a lot to resolve, finally found the problem with "Printer Spooler service.
    To disable the spooler service, then there is no error message, if I turn the spooler service, and then come again and again. now I can't print my printer HP laserjet P2015 because of this error upon activation of the service.

    Please let me know, how can I solve this problem...

    Thanks in advance...!

    Hi jackdawson,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft community!

    (1) did you make any changes before the show?
    (2) you receive an error with the error code?
    (3) is confined to the opening of Microsoft Office Excel?

    In the case of the Print Spooler Service, the "specified" file is probably missing is:
    I you provided with the hotfix that corrects the print spooler service knows problems and many other problems associated with the printer
    Problems printing and printing errors:
    See also the link below:
    You cannot add a printer and you receive Printer Spooler error messages in Windows XP:
    You can try to update the printer drivers.
    Download drivers and software

    Let us know the status of the issue. I will be happy to provide you with the additional options that you can use to get the problem resolved.

  • I just installed microsoft office home and student 2010 and need to know what program to define associations

    I just installed office microsoft family and student 2010, when I tried to open a word document to my email he asked me to set up a program of certification association, tried to change the program, but none of the programs it gives me a choice of work to open it.  What should I do? Where and what program should I choose?


    1. right click on the .doc file > click Open with > click on Microsoft Office Word
    If you have not opened with option in your context menu, please use this tutorial to install it. Open with option is VERY useful.
    Use One - via download.

    2. this one is more elaborate.
    Start > default programs > associate a type of file or Protocol with a program > wait loading > under a name that is at the top on the left, scroll down to find .doc > until it clicks > look all right > under current default, he should tell Microsoft Office Word...
    If it is not the case, click on change program... top > search for Microsoft office Word and click > OK when finished.

    Note: If you have problems with file association, use the same method and set the program appropriate for your current default this file extension.

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