I need a stripper in double free

I have about 2000 duplicates to remove from Windows Media Player. Any ideas?


Registration of Windows Media Player is a clue. He points to the files on your hard drive. Sometimes, that's a lot of pointers to the same file. So to erase the inscription (by ensuring that you do also erase the hard drive, as shown above) might help.

But you say you have actual copies of the same song. It is a problem. If you Google - delete 'duplicates' free - you will find a large number of programs. Make your choice (or try to download.com, where programs are tested free from virus).

However, bad news if you have the same song in .mp3 and .m4a. To your computer, or a software, this isn't a duplicate file. Ditto if a file is called 01-that-duplicate - Song.mp3 and another is 1 - as-duplicate-song.

Formats of various files, different file names. No duplicates. You will have to clean up this particular mess yourself.  The simplest way might be to view them in Windows Media Player or Media Monkey, by song title may be and start deleting.

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    cascade option will reduce the space without interruption of service. but HWM is not released.

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    Cheers, J

    Maybe a call by the authorized service partner will train with the right info. I hope that some users A30 upgraded successfully and informs you, but I'm really skeptical about it.

    Is an external solution not interesting for you. I ask this question because I was not able to upgrade the drive on my old 1900 satellite. Now I have the external drive (burn all available formats) connected via firewire. It works very well.

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    I have the same problem with a Toshiba Satellite M40 - 276 * XP *, it is in German and I want to use speech recognition in Spanish.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi mate

    I have a Win 7 in the English language and the reorganization of Microsoft Speech is set to English. I couldn't choose other language because I think that other m language packs are not installed.

    Win 7 language packs can be installed on Win 7 Enterprise and Ultimate versions
    So I doubt you would be able to choose this because you have a Home Premium version

    In my eyes, you will have to Win 7 upgrade package mentioned versions and to install the Multilanguage or buy a Win 7 in Spanish

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    [number removed for privacy]


    6 beeps is a video card error. I guess that the card is bad or not compatible.

    Get a Radeon HD 6350 512 MB video card with the DMS-59 port.

    This requires a video cable to split, which can operate 2 monitors out of the map.

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    I have the 8 GB with 4 GB card, I use kubuntu as my o/s. I have not updated the firmware which is out of the box.

    My problem is that I tried to use my card as a USB and copy some TV shows for my friend. This caused my Dolphin (for example Explorer browser directory) to hang. So I wait for some time see if it will start again and after about 5 minutes, I decide that he had enough time. I charge my command prompt and verify the process and it is said that it is hung so I kill it, he confirmed. I unplug the "rocket" to check if it has copied all the data at all, but then, he just says it takes 90 MB of space for music DB. At this point, I'm a little confused, so I've put it off and on again, same message. She also is no longer recognized by my operating system as an external device. I start to google for my error message and find that it happened a few times for other people.

    I tried to keep the cursor THERE for 20 seconds, then by restarting the rocket but the same error message. I went then the WAIT cursor and holding |< and="" inserted="" the="" cable="" to="" see="" if="" this="" could="" help="" bring="" it="" back="" to="" life,="" no="">

    Last night, I tried to send an email to the support address and got an auto-reply saying to visit #URL # to set up an account of eBox. Maybe someone could tell me the web address that he was referring? If anyone has more suggestions as to what I can try please add to this topic.

    Thanks in advance,


    Welcome to the Sansa Forums!


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    Kong - Thank you for asking it is for vSphere Standard as described in page 4 http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/vsphere_pricing.pdf

    Hope this helps, see you then...

    Kind regards


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