I need help for activation of the real administrator account.

I have a problem with Adobe reader 9 standard, Adobe customer service asked the unhide real administrator account before you can continue to help me.

I need help for that.



Read the above info.

See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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  • Satellite A500-19U - need help for games and the AC adapter / CC

    Heys guys.

    I got my new Satellite A500-19U and install games on it like COD4, assassin Creed, Batman, Mafia 2 .and much

    All of these games crashes & freezes after screen black or white, 3-5 Min & gimmea and this happenWHILE CONNECT the AC ADAPTER to charge the battery. While using the battery just fine, except some crashes after a long period of palying. Some time, he said (the display driver not responding) & sometimes the screen black or white. The only way to recover the laptop is ALT + CTRL + DELETE and wait until the game to recover & cases laptop stop responding & the only way is to hard reboot.

    The only one that works such fine bit is Battlefield Bad Company 2. Then I change the DirectX (setting.ini) of car in DirectX9.

    SP please any help on this matter. I think it's a video driver or a Windows 7 problem. And the specifications are:

    Processor: Inter Core 2 Due P7450 2.13 GHz
    RAM: 4 GB DDR3
    VGA: Nvidia Geforce G210M with the driver from the Toshiba Site has also tested the latest driver from Nvidia Site Version: 258.96
    OS: Windows 7 64-bit [pre-installed]

    I think that its not big problem for Toshiba co.  :)

    Hi mate

    I think that it is a nuisance driver in most cases not entirely compatible graphics cards drivers are the reason why games dishes t working correctly.

    What to say; I think that the update of the driver is the key
    You will need to find a good driver version
    Toshiba pilot European page you can find the latest drivers published by Toshiba
    But this does not mean that these are the most recent drivers released by nVidia or ATI
    nVidia or ATI drivers are always different

    In order to check the drivers from nVidia page too.
    You can also try the version published on the Web site www.omegadrivers.net or www.laptopvideo2go.com
    But note; These are not tested drivers and use is at your own risk!

  • Need help with activation of the CC training plan

    Hey, I made a purchase order for a comprehensive cloud was created for students and teachers two weeks ago.

    1.5 week ago , made the payment but I do not have any new informations and I still can not use any application.

    Track version was released. CC cannont find my subsrciption associated with my Adobe ID

    Last email that I received said I'll be getting another within 24 hours, still no response.

    Order No. AD001694082EDPL

    Support information can not help with this problem.

    Customer support Adobe please help!

    Hi gregnawrat,

    My apologies for the delay in response.

    I just checked your account and found that you have tried to make the payment by Paypal, Paypal however rejected the transaction.

    Please check with them and place a new order, this order is not yet confirmed.

    I hope this helps!

  • I need help for C & C The First Decade * Urgent *.

    Hey guys, I have problems with my game. It is not compatible as others, my problem is that I can't run TFD without having the game CD in the disc drive. Any help would be appreciated much: D. Oh and by the way, my laptop specs are:

    Laptop: HP Pavilion dv6000
    Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1
    Processor: Intel core 2 Duo CPU T 5750 2.00GHz @ 2.00 GHz
    System type: 32-bit operating system
    Graphics card: I have no idea

    This is due to the protection against piracy (cd check) that the editor has put in place. You could check if there is an update removes that requirement but I doubt, that there is.

  • need help for W7 to the downgrading to XP - graphic!


    follow-up guide to CherylG of downgrading from W7 to XP and got to the point where everything works well, there is just one very annoying problem: I can't get the resolution of my screen that I need!

    Hardware: HP G72-150EF, model VY077EA #ABF.

    Video: ATI Mobility Radeon HD5430 (512 MB)

    Now under XP SP3.

    Tried all possible drivers I could find, works fine, max definable screen resolution is 1152 x 864, while I need 1600 x 900, which gives a not so nice result.

    Any suggestions?



    Edit Moderator: removed serial number

    Hello again,

    kept on looking at the same time and came across this one: AMD CQ42, tried and guess what? THIS MARKET!

    I am so happy now ;-)))



  • Just upgraded to Ultimate, need help of activation, wants to produce different IDS?

    I've just upgraded to Ultimate, need help of activation, wants the different product ID?

    If upgraded using Anytime Upgrade, which means that the product key is already entered, the only thing you need to do is to activate by phone.

    Activate Windows 7 on this computer:

  • I need help for the upgrade of my current system.

    I need help for the upgrade of my current system.

    I have SBS 2008 with (Exch 2007, SQL 2005, Sharepoint, backupexec 2010 for sbs) licenses.

    I want to make the larger environment using the following:

    (1) apply Virtualization

    (2) apply to the failover process (clustering)

    "(3) the environment must support adding server terminal server, ERP server, exchange server, domain controller, backup manager.

    Storage 4) that supports Raid (1 and 5)

    UTM excellent 6) that supports (SSL VPN, VPN Global)

    suitable backup solution 7)

    (8) good antivirus for clients

    my questions:

    (1) can you provide me with a good design for this environment

    (2) should I choose what operating system:

    Microsoft datacenter or company

    I know datacenter provide us the unlimited VM but needs per processor license

    so if I have two Grouped servers I want to buy 4 licenses

    and just 4 VMs per company license... to say that we have two servers and maintain 8 vms so wat happened if 1 goes down... How can I migrate the 4 virtual machines on the server failed to another server group... ? should I buy enterprise license?

    (3) if I get the SAN storage for data... How can I save this storage... should I get another SAN?

    (4) how can I upgrade SBS stad single server (windows standrad) without losing the licenses as Exch 2007, SQL 2005, sharepoint.is it a must to buy an edition full std server or there is a way to upgrade (license wise, I mean)?

    (5) what about win2k8 license for VM:

    lets say we have physical that has windows license so that enough to have windows for VM or should I buy windows for VM licenses?

    (6) can I use backExec license for SBS with windows 2008 standard

    (7) who better to virtualization AMD or INTEL

    (8) hyper V or VMware?

    (9) what of Microsoft data protection Manager... is this good?

    (10) what virtual machine manager? What are the benefites keys

    Thanks in advance

    Hello AnasAI,

    You can find the Server forums on TechNet support, please create a new post at the following link:


  • Adobe muse working on a menu lighbox and need help I can not the box of active relaxation, even if I checked trigger on top

    Adobe muse work on a menu lighbox and need help I can not the box of active relaxation, even if I checked trigger on top anyone with a suggestion?

    Thank you, it ends up being a superposition problem, thank you, but I can see where an invisible element could be a problem too. I use to select it all the trick to understand where I've been in Illustrator all time years ago I am so new Muse that I kept thinking can be as simple as I can go back to things I've done in other Adobe programs, but it is! and I'm an old school Print Designer who doesn't REALLY know the thing no coding thank once again

  • Hello, I need help for cancel the payment on my adobe account.

    Hello, I need help for cancel the payment on my adobe account. I'm from Peru, Im paying a monthly fee as a student. Help, please...

    Cancel your membership creative cloud

  • Hello, need help for Adobe Reader DC playing animation files that are specified in the pdf output by script Latex Beamer. My Adobe Reader DC refuse to open any format that I gave him.  Thank you very much

    Hello, need help for Adobe Reader DC playing animation files that are specified in the pdf output by script Latex Beamer. My Adobe Reader DC refuse to open any format that I gave him.  Thank you very much

    Hey ihorl18351266,

    Please note that you can open PDF files using only the CD player. Any other format will not be supported by the software.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • Hello! I need help! I have the dvd for lightroom 5 and when I put it in my cumputer it dosent see DVD... What can I do?

    Hello! I need help! I have the dvd for lightroom 5 and when I put it in my cumputer it dosent see DVD... What can I do?

    You can try to download instead of using the drive...

    Lightroom - all versions





  • Need help for optical safety circuit.

    I buy these parts and prototype with real components, but since I multisim, I thought it would be nice to create the circuit and maybe work through issues I can practically.

    I need a circuit that takes 120 VCA, generates 5 VDC and 1.5Vdc power of optical transmitter and receiver.  I actually use a data port because he has great range and is pretty cheap.  Rather than send the binary code well I just send a light stead that is broken or not broken through doors and windows in my house.  Then the receiver sees this as an entry and order a relay.

    I tried several voltage regulators that come with multisim, but I get an error of execution of my circuit.  Really I can't the 120 VAC to power levels necessary for the functioning of the optics.

    Otherwise I might want to run on a system 120Vdc with battery backup, so throw a 120Vdc up to 20 v DC switching power supply - but I have not found a SMP in the library which takes 120 as input and as output 20.

    Basic plan: 120VAC source-> transform to 24Vac-> Full bridge rectifier to ~ 20 v DC-> voltage capacitor filter on the input of two voltage regulators (1 to 5 VDC, 1 to 1.5Vdc) - then circuit since the two power supply of the transmitter and the receiver.

    I just need help for 5V and 1.5V, from there, I know that the real world circuit will work component tests already carried out.  Thanks for reading.

    I didn't Multism so I can't advise you on the compatible models. I ran the model on semiconductors with slight modifications of format on my SPICE simulator based on Berkeley Spice 3f5. I had to change the format of model resistance semiconductors appeal but has not changed any values.

    The output of your power supply circuit 3 (with 5 V, not the 1.5 V regulator regulator) was 4.99995 V.

    There are a few messages about changing templates published for compatibility Multisim woth. You can search those to see if there are any suggestions on what you'll need to fix in the model.


  • I Iconia Tab A500, running 3.0, need help for upgrade by using a microsd card, got Acer download update

    I Iconia Tab A500 running 3.0, need help update, I downloaded the entire updaes list in the supprt of acer, all versions, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 and 4., I read on the acer support somewhere I can use a microSD card to update my device, as acer provides automatically, when I try it says 'poor network connection '. moving instead of anthoer. ", I have to update all the updates that are listed, or can I only update, using the 4. 0? to get the last known update. I also downloaded, 'Documents, applications, drivers, patches and O.S... How do I intsaller all these updates, I think that running the lowest version available, please help me... Thank you in advance.

    There are some instructions step by step on the site, but basically you check out the file "update.zip" download, copy to the root of a FAT32 formatted microSD card, then start in recovery mode (press one of the volume buttons [which it depends if you are landscape or portrait mode] and hold, then the power press and hold). From there, you can choose to update in the zip file it finds on the map.

    It is important before you have the correct version of the update, it's different for different regions of the world, and you will not be able to upgrade the (for example) Brazil version from the US site.

  • I really need HELP! I received the nugel.exe virus on my laptop and I really missed the whole system! PLEASE HELP ME SOLVE THIS!

    I really need HELP! I received the nugel.exe virus on my laptop. I have Windows XP and I was reading how to remove it. They told me to go to click on the Start button in it, then click on run. type msconfig and on the Startup tab, uncheck everything that ends with TSSD. Well, none of which ended in TSSD was there, so I was told everything that had an UNKNOWN manufacturer in buttons SERVICES and STARTUP uncheck. I restarted my computer and the NELSON was always there.  Then suddenly my computer shut down on its own and restarted with a screen that says now "Windows didn't start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \system32\hal.dll .» Please reinstall a copy of the above file. "Does anyone know how to do this? I feel that I've dealt with the virus stupid for days and I'm going crazy! Can someone please help me solve what I did wrong? PLEASE, I BEG YOU!

    Hi ehaze64,

    Looks like you have made incorrect changes in system configuration utility.

    See the Microsoft articles below to solve the problem by installing the recovery console and use the Bootcfg.exe tool to rebuild the Boot.ini file.

    How to install and use the Recovery Console in Windows XP




    Error message: "Windows did not start because of a configuration of the disk of the computer problem.



    "Invalid Boot.ini" or "Windows did not start" error messages when you start your computer


    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Need help to take down the netkey password so I can get some things, he won ' t let me in.»

    Original title: Netkey

    I need help for the netkey password so I can get some things, he won ' t let me in..

    We can't really help a lot with that here, but you can contact the company that makes NetKey here:


    They can help how to use them (or remove) their system.

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  • After that v1.90 updated by Satellite Pro A300-1EA BIOS won't boot to the top

    I just upgraded my laptop the new BIOS as indicated in the title, but after that program it my computer won't start at all upward. I just get a blue screen with her asking me to do a CHKDSK because there might be a virus or hard drive is not connecte

  • RefreshGraph General Protection Fault

    Hello I note 2 strange behaviour with graphs that occur when I draw a bitmap on a chart, then a rectangle. 1 / I want to change the size of the rectangle by removing everything and then redraw all. I set the ATTR_REFRESH_GRAPH attribute to 0, so I de

  • HP Pavilion 17-e031sr USB driver for win7

    I have HP pavilion e031sr 17 with Win7 professional laptop. In your site only for Win8 drivers. Please give me a link to download USB driver and video driver (see chart).

  • ThinkPad X61t: can I use a pen device with WinXP without Tablet Version?

    Ladies and gentlemen, Please tell me the truth: I can use not compresses-version of Windows XP with a pen-Interface? Can I organize Pen Interface with any kind of drivers, or I need to install the Tablet PC of Windows version? And maybe ordinary Wind

  • Internal MEM 1.1.2 version number / audit

    I upgraded my 1.1.2 MEM hosts. If I check the installation with "setup.pl - server = x.x.x.x - motion" scrip reports version 1.1.1 - 262227. The release notes mention this: «Versions of individual VIBs»The Dell EqualLogic MEM is distributed as a set