I need help to create a complex gradient

There are two things I'm looking in practice. I want to create a color wheel that you would see in a photo editing application. I want to have a ring around a triangular shape gradient in the gradient.

1. I managed to make the ring, but as shown in the screenshot, the colors of repeat. I want every color to appear only once.

2. This is the part that I am really confused. I need a gradient of three tracks for saturation, darkness and lightness. How can I do this?


For the ring, all you need to do is change the gradient to linear. You already 'Apply gradient along the race' selected. You should also end the gradient of the same color (red) that you started with, so it changes abruptly to red magenta.

For the triangle, just make a [color] degraded white going a direction and an opaque black to transparent black gradient going in another direction.

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    The toFixed() method should do what you need.  By my previous code example...

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    I suggest that you put your project on hold for a little everything and get and read the chapters appropriate Web Application Construction Kit of Ben Forta. You can learn more about it here - http://www.forta.com/books/0321223675/. Once you have the concepts down, you will have a much more concentrated idea on what to do.

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    BMW Cert logo1.jpg

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    To print the black spot. Any advice/suggestions will be greatly appreciated. After work tonight, I'll go in my classroom in a book to pick up useful tips.

    Thank you all,


    There are many stylistic variations of this sort of thing. Your screenshot is too low to discern the exact treatment used for sure. Who says:

    This takes about 5 minutes and translates into a clean and economic construction with a minimum of access roads.

    That color is black spot.

    Two shades: Spot black and 20% tint of black spot.

    All paths shift (the inner paths of all the characters) are a single compound path and receive a fill of three-stop linear grad at 0 degrees.

    All original paths (paths outside of all the characters) remain separated and a three-stop linear grad to 120 degrees fill is applied (so each external character has its own grad which can be set individually).

    Small individual adjustment of the grads on each external character can match very closely the layout of tones of bevel of the original that you are trying to imitate. Keep things simple. Consider shading Emboss edges carefully and try to see them as linear graduates extending on the entire character and not as a pile small tedious individual details of packaging around the character. Then do shading with grad stops as little as possible. Understand how to "shake" or "refine" travel between the grad stops moving the gamma pointers that lie between each pair of grad adjacent stop biased towards a stop or another. More transitions - particularly on bevel veneers - the most 'sparkle '.


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    I suggest that repost you in the correct forum.



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    See you soon.

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    Hello dreamweavers!

    I need help here please...

    I need to create a table with three columns... or a webpage... that has the ability to scroll when things are added.

    This is a music site and page Web will be a list - a database of all sorts - of each title artist and album. If there are say, 200 titles in the catalog, then I need to list them all on one page and in 3 columns towards the bottom of the page. What I did using a table in HTML in Dreamweaver. The problem is each title on the table is static and when adding in a new title in the catalog, ALL securities will have to be moved manually. So, I need to create a table where when I add another title (they will be alphabetical) say to am' for example, then all of the other titles will be automatically moves along a (somewhat as in a Word document by adding a new line). Everything else is automatically shifted. I don't know if this is still possible in Dreamweaver?

    I hope that I have explained this correctly. It's quite a strange problem, and as such, I have been unable to find anything on this forum or google search.
    If anyone can help that would be most excellent! I'd be happy.

    Questions - if you need further information please ask

    I use Dreamweaver CS5.5 Version 11.5 Build 5315

    I have a Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard if that's at all relevant.

    My site is on Wordpress with the theme, Suffusion. I can link to it, if someone needs.

    Here is a picture of the table, as I did, to give an idea what it looks like:


    Thank you!

    P.I.G > /.

    big dreamers never sleep

    Mylenium was right. You must use a database for this server-side.

    Maintenance of static tables with this amount of data is going to be a logistical nightmare - not even worth considering.   Get an indexing plugin for WordPress.

    Nancy O.

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    I think the approach to take here will depend to a large extent what are the characteristics of the request of the House. Where it stores its user and the right information? It exposes an API or perhaps the database tables that you can use for commissioning?

    In general, you need to create the following in IOM:

    (1) a Type of COMPUTER resource
    (2) a COMPUTER resource
    (3) a resource object
    (4) a form of customized process
    (5) a procurement process
    (6) task of process adapters (allows to really reach out to the target application and perform commissioning activities)

    Please come back with more information on what you are trying to integrate with and I can give you hope that some other points.


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    I have Visual Studio 2008 and some previous experience in VB, so I think I could write a program that would make the calculation, but don't really know exactly what kind of project (dll, etc.) is preferable.  Are there specific for the dll parameters so that labview can use it.  I see an example for C++ to Visual Studio 2005, but that's as close as I can get.  I only know VB, c#, or C++

    Can someone tell me please in the right direction?


    You essentially have some quarters of logical work and ANDS.

    Check version 2.


  • Need help to create dynamic VO

    Hi experts,
    Need code to create dynamic VO


    Hi MD,.
    use following code

    String sql1 = "SELECT col1, col2, col3 from table1 where ';"
    SQL1 = sql1 + "col1 =: 1";
    ViewObject vo = am.findViewObject (">");
    If (vo is nothing)
    VO = am.createViewObjectFromQueryStmt (">", sql1 ' ");
    vo.setWhereClauseParams (null);
    vo.setWhereClauseParam (0, >);
    vo.executeQuery ();

    Thank you

  • I need help to create an e-newsletter

    I learned, I can create an e-newsletter with graphics and a header using Adobe Dreamweaver, but I have no idea where to start. It will be impossible for a person with few computer skills (someone like me)?

    I use Dreamweaver CS4.

    Thanks for any help.

    [Thread moved to general Discussion Dreamweaver forum]

    Do you mean by "a few computer skills" you have no knowledge of web design, then you will not be able to create a newsletter with Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a professional tool for web site designers or other people at least the basics of html and css.

    If you have some basics of html and css, or are willing to learn (there are plenty of tutorials online), you can use DW to help you create the room of email marketing. Here are some links that will give you some information about creating email marketing documents:

    SitePoint has some good information on their website:




    Chimp Mail is also another site with some great help, including html email templates free and a free guide in pdf:

    Design beautiful Emails

    Html email resources

Maybe you are looking for

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