I need help with a question command line syntax

I got 3 issues that need to be entered in command line / syntax.
I had no training in command line and need help for that setting in the command line syntax.
(The IP address is a fact).
This will be done also on a PC that requires elevated permissions. So if a programmer can zip through it in no time it would be much appreciated. Perhaps one without high and an example with.

1 setting up daily ping test to a server with the IP which will be composed of 1 000 ICMP echoes.
2. establish daily ping tests to a server with the same IP address which will consist of one hundred 1 500 bytes ICMP packets.
3 configure these run every day and are output to a text file.

Hi Matt,

Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. Appropriate in the TechNet forums.

Please post your question in the Windows 7 IT Pro: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/category/w7itpro/

Thank you.

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    I was myself ball how to design a website that is now almost complete, I need help, ensuring that everything is in order.
    My question is;
    at present, all the img sources are in a file in my computer IE... My Documents\My webs\site\image.jpg
    Now is this good? When I send this through the server it will be placed in another file and then the source will be incorrect?
    Matter that has any help, I know I'm a little sore but I'm just learning!

    If the path you have for your img tags has my documents... then Yes, it will be incorrect when you move the images on your web server. I'll put just generally in the way, I use on the server and worry about the pictures once I get the downloaded pages.

  • Need help with two questions about preinstalled WXP Tecra A11 - 10F

    Hello world
    hope someone will help me with these:

    1. sometimes left port my A11 USB and eSATA port close do not recognize any device I plug.
    In win7 there is a power management option with which this can prevent to met, but how can I do under XP?

    2 - is there a way I can put a fixed amount of RAM on the graphics accelerator? (The two o/s)

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    Hi Alessandro,.

    1. as far as I know that this option is not available on Windows XP. Vista and Windows 7 provide several obsolete as XP power management features. All you can do is to install Toshiba Power Saver if it s not installed. Here, you can set power saving for the processor, cooling fan, etc., but USB is not available.
    In your case, I'll try an update of the chipset driver.

    2. No, fixed the amount of RAM can t graphics card game. This will be controlled automatically.

  • I need help with the allignment of lines with the pen - CC 2014 Photoshop tool

    Hi guys I have alignment issues. I'm trying to align the lines (pen tool), but there is no possibility to do!

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    How can I add more devices to my list

    You can try and explain a little more clearly what it is you are trying to do? I don't know what you are really asking, especially since you post in the forum of SAI.

  • Need help with my Y40-80? power management

    I get message to the center of the Action as follows:

    Compatibility problem between your power management system and Windows

    Your power management system is not compatible with this version of Windows.

    The name of the model of your power management system is ACPI Lenovo compatible virtual controller.

    Can anyone help please. I have windows running Y40-80 8.1 is a clean install of windows 8.1 x 64 all drivers are up to this day, just need help with the question above thank you

    Lenovo today released a new bios update for Y40-80 laptops, I did the update and, so far, the error message that I posted above has not appeared again so set the mite of update of the bios not sure yet, I'll keep up to date on this subject and write again soon

  • Need help with screen Blus of death (BSOD) on my computer toshiba laptop

    Hello all, Ive had a little last week, or problems with my laptop. While playing a game (minecraft), I would randomly have a BSOD error and my laptop will re-start. Initially, I gave it no thought, but when it happened again, I decided to try to do a little research, but I'm not terrible with technology and other then I'm neither the case with my own research.

    If someone could point me in the direction of a few possible ways to get this problem.

    guys do you propose I make to the store and see if they can check it out, what would I need if I did.

    I got a program to read some sort of file "dump" made when occurs a BSOD, I publish what this program here says? the program is BlueScreenView, if yes, what I have post the spectator thing? There are has 2 main screens on it, SDO as Sho different dump files (which is on the top) and on the bottom, it lists the names of different files for each dump file I think that some of them highlighted.

    im not this product with tech so I don't know much but I need to post anything on my laptop or any information of the dumpfile and would have this info help in any way to determine the problem? just tell me what I have to post and ill get the information displayed in a response, thank you.


    PS: I don't think that playing minecraft is the cause of the BSOD and crashing, but I only get it when playing minecraft, so I don't know if minecraft is causing accidents and others. I watch videos and this all the time and I never have an accident. I'll try and play a different game and see if this causes my laptop down and the cause is perhaps high usuage to my laptop, as I've said games require a lot of power of a laptop/computer, if they are not the 'best' laptop for games. but yh, if someone thinks they can help me and need some information please tell me so I can get it for you. If you guys think it would be best to get a professional to look just mylaptop say, however im save as a last resort.


    I suggest you to refer to this article to check if this help.


    Resolve stop (blue screen) error in Windows 7

    Important: System Restore will return all system files not as documents, email, music, etc., to a previous state. These files of types are completely affected by the restoration of the system. If it was your intention with this tool to recover a deleted file to non-system, try using a file instead of system restore recovery program.


    Important: while performing the check disk on the hard disk, if bad sectors can be found, then check disk will try to repair this sector. All the data available in this area may be lost.


    Custom installation WARNING: If you format the hard disk during the installation, the data files are saved in a Windows.old folder on the partition you installed Windows 7.  However, you should always back up the files. If you have encrypted data files, you may not be able to access them after installing Windows 7. If you have backed up your data files and then restored after Windows 7 is installed, you can delete the Windows.old folder.

    Let us know if you need help with this question, we will be happy to offer you our help.

  • Need help with query Cumulative difference

    Hi all

    I need help with a query and my requirement is as below




    {/ code}

    I have need to query which will display the cumulative difference for example I value tell 10000 numbers opening

    now I need for each of the lines of cumulative difference



    1 10 10000 - 900 = 9100

    2 11 9100 - 700 = 8400

    3 12 8400 - 500 = 7900

    4 13 7900 - 400 = 7500

    {/ code}

    WITH commands LIKE (10 SELECT order_id, 900 double UNION ALL val
    11. SELECT, 700 FROM dual UNION ALL
    SELECT 12, 500 FROM dual UNION ALL
    Select 13, 400 double)

    SELECT row_number() over (ORDER BY order_id ASC) AS rowno
    sum (val) 10000 - OVER (ORDER BY order_id ASC) AS diff



  • Need help with the data storage store, local array and network connections

    Need help with my ESXi 4.1 installation

    My hardware:

    I built a server with an Asus P6T whitebox, i7 920, 12 Gig RAM, NIC, Intel Pro1000 PT Quad, 3ware 9650SE-12ML with 8 1.5 TB SATA green in a raid 6 array gives me about 8 + TB with a spare drive all housed within a NORCO RPC-4220 4U Rackmount Server chassis.  I also have a 500 GB SATA drive which will hold the ESXi and virtual machines.

    The network includes a firewall, Netgear Prosafe FVS336G, GS724Tv of Netgear ProSafe 24 port Gigabit Managed Switch on a dhcp cable modem internet service provider.

    I also have 2 old NetGear SC101T NAS disks (4to) I want to connect to the system how some - at a later date have... data on them and want to transfer to the new storage array. I always looking into the question of whether they will work with ESXi 4.1, or I might have to only access it through Windows XP.

    My Situation:

    I have already installed ESXi 4.1 and vsphere client with no problems and it is connected to a dhcp cable internet service.  I've set up host via a dynamic DNS service name give me a static hostname on the internet.  I installed three machines to virtual OS successfully at the moment and now want to first start by creating a multimedia storage server which will use some of this new 8 TB array, then separate data storage for use with a web server small overhead storage and a backup.  It is a domestic installation.

    Help with the data store and network:

    I was doing some reading, because I'm new to this, and it looks like I'll probably want to set up my table via ESXi as a nfs disk format.  Now, the data store is usually in another physical box from what I understand, but I put my readers and ESXi all in the same box.  I'm not sure that the best way to put in place with grouped network cards, but I want to make this work.

    I understand that in ESXi 4.1 using iSCSi LUN must be less than 2 TB, but nfs - I should be able to add a bigger partition then 2 TB (for my multimedia) in nfs, right? or should I still add it separately as a separate 2 TB drives and then extend them to get the biggest space.

    Any suggestions or direct resources showing examples on how to actually add some parts of the table as data warehouses separate nfs.  I know that to go to the configuration tab, and then select Add to storage, and then select nfs. I have not my picture, but it's here that I don't know what to do because ESXi 4.1 system already has an address, should I put the same thing to the new data store array also (will it work?), and what should I use for the name of the folder and the store of data... just do something to the top.  I thought to later install Openfiler (for a multimedia storage using this table server) as a virtual machine, use the table with esxi so that I can access the same storage space with widows and linux-based systems.

    I also know I have to find a way to better use my quad nic card... put in place of virtual switches, grouping, etc HELP?

    Any direction, assistance, similar facilities to sample, suggestions or resources that would help would be great. I did a lot of hunting, but still a little confused on how to best to put in place.

    You must think of VMDK files of large databases with records of random size guest go read some data (a DLL or an INI file), maybe write some data back, then go read other data. Some files are tiny, but certain DLLs are several megabytes. It's random i/o all and heavy on the search time. IO Opsys is small random operations that are often sequential (go read data, write data, go read other data,...) so that deadlines are critical to the overall performance. That's why people say OPS are / s of reference and forget the MBs flow. The only time where you bulk transfers are when you read media (ISO files).

    Well, now forget all this. Actually the disk activity will depend on the specific applications (database? mail server? machines compiler?), but the above is true for boots, and whenever applications are idle. You should see the profile to know.

    RAID 10 is faster (and often more reliable) than RAID 5 or RAID-6 except in certain specific cases. In General RAID 10 is ideal for many random writes, since the calculation of parity for RAID-5 and - 6 adds to the overall latency between command and response - latency is cumulative if a little slow here and a little slow it adds up to a lot of overall slow synchronous especially with e/s on a network. OTOH RAID-5 and -6 can produce faster readings due to the number of heads, so you can use it for virtual machines that transfer bulk. Test. You may find that you need several different types subdashboards for best results.

    You said 3ware, they have some good grades on their site, but don't believe it. With my 9650 that I found myself with only a couple of their recommendations-, I put the (simple) table for allocation size 256 k, nr_requests at 2 x the queue_depth and use the planner date limit. I had the habit for the Ext4 file system formatted with stride and stripe-width synced to the table and used the options large_files with fewer inodes (do not use the huge_files option unless you plan to have single VMDK files in the terabyte range). Use a cache of great reading in advance.

    Virtual machines use VMDK files in all cases except raw iSCSI LUN that they treat native disks. VMDK is easier to manage - you can make a backup by copying the file, you can move it to a PC and load it into another flavour of VMware, etc. There could be some features iSCSI to your San as a transparent migration but nothing for me. NFS has less chatter of Protocol if latency lower times to complete an operation. NFS is good to read and write a block of data, that's all it boils down to.

    UPS is good, but it won't help if something inside the machine explodes (UPS does nothing if the PC power supply goes down). If the RAID card has an option for a battery backup module, so it can contain some writings in memory and may end up the disk i/o after replacing the power supply. 3ware also limits the types of caching available if help is not installed, and you get just the right numbers with the module.

  • Need help with image fusion


    Before I get to my question, I want to give you a glimpse of the project I'm working on and the aspects that I need help. For a school project, a customer, 94Fifty asked us to create an advertisement that depicts their basketball and could be used in advertising online and in magazines. The 94Fifty of basketball is the world's first "smart ball." It can count how many times you dribbling, the arc of your shot, release time it takes for you shoot, etc. To use the ball, you need an Apple product that can download the application 94Fifty on the App Store, so that this project is done as a collaboration with the company 94Fifty and Apple.

    For my ad, to really capture the idea of being the first smart ball, 94Fifty ball I wanted to mix an image of the texture of the ball of 94Fifty, with the shape and details of a brain, with the slogan being, "A ball that is as smart as you." I have my design buried on, but I'm not sure how to combine the image of the brain with ball should I use layers? How can I remove the pink color of the brain and replace it with the ball while keeping the shape of the brain and the lines creased the brain? Any help and technical that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Here are two pictures that I'm trying to mix.

    8376271918_cf0b1b5c4f_o.jpg94fifty ball.png

    I would also try and keep the logo of 94Fifty which is on the ball in the mixed picture.

    Please do not confuse this for to ask me someone to do it for me, it's the exact opposite of what I want, I just need help with what to do.

    Here is a fairly simple method:

    First of all, level of basketball for the type to be horizontal. (Also correct the values of white light - burn at the top left and bottom top right.)

    Mask on white background of the brain and turn the image to 0% of saturation.

    Put the brain on basketball on its own layer. Make the overlay blend mode.

    Using free transform, reshape the brain is greater (rounder), like the basketball, with a visible margin around the edge of the ball.

    -Now, you have a brain in a basketball, but the brain is a bit too subtle.

    Duplicate the layer of brain as many times as you need to get the good contrast (I've duped the layer of brain three times, for a total of four layers of brain).

    You will probably find that you need to use the levels adjustment layers or curves on each layer of the brain, for finer value adjustments. Make sure that each adjustment layer affects only the layer directly below.

  • Need help with moving around images

    I need help with moving images and images around the dreamweaver document window. My brother gave me his computer witch a dreamweaver MX (it is in Irag) so I can start building my own construction sites. I went to borders and bought a book on dreamweaver MX. Here's where I'm having a problem with: when ever I bring an image in the document window, I can't move the image around the document window. The book says "place the insertion point where you want the image to appear" but there is no insertion point. There is just a straight line as if I am trying to type something. It's almost as if I'm in microsoft word. If I take the mouse on the image, and then left click and try to drag the image to the location I want, it does not move. Can someone please help me with this problem. Thanks Jical

    Thank you for the answer to my question. This was really helpful.

  • Need help with the launching track pack for forza code 4

    Bought new Forza 4 and the lancer Track Pack code does not work, how do I get a code that is generated in the form I've already paid for it. Rank of loads of numbers and sent 10 s of emails but cant seem to get help.

    This is the help I get when the cat to an Ambassador xbox on xbox.com

    Terry wrote:
    Need help with the launching track pack for forza code 4
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Location of Ambassador of the community...
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Location of Ambassador of the community...
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Your question will be answered by an Ambassador of the Xbox. You have been connected to the Ambassador as a user Xbox [3]
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Terry wrote:
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Terry wrote:
    just to be on the phone to xbox live support and was told to come here
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    What is your problem?
    Terry wrote:
    I bought the 4 for forza ansd 360 new sealed Christmas...
    Terry wrote:
    has got 2 codes that accompanies the game but the pack track code does not work
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Wow good
    Terry wrote:
    whenever I put in the code it says code redeemed
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    I think the code is used. You must return to the retailer
    Terry wrote:
    I tried to, but since I already opened the case they will not accept
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Oh. No,
    Terry wrote:
    the code had been used or defective as I am the only person who has touched the game once opened, tried to enter the code when it is open
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Maybe it was auto bought?
    Terry wrote:
    so, how do I get another code generated track Pack if defective?
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    I do not know.
    Terry wrote:
    bought the game new, so I get the track pack
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Oh. It's bad.
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    I think that if you Exchange 1 code it will buy it
    Terry wrote:
    car pack code worked, starter pack did not work
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    It's a bad
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    BTW you have an evolution of the tests?
    Terry wrote:
    Yes, I want to? but more anxious to get a code object generated for this pack
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    Hey if I help can u give me this game too?
    Terry wrote:
    Terry wrote:
    So is it possible to get a code for that time?
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    you need to contact them
    The Xbox Ambassador says:
    and tell them that the code is used.
    Terry wrote:
    I was told to come here? where can I go to get the code?

    Hi Terryg76,

    ·         What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    I suggest you to contact the game manufacturer for more help and information.

  • "Several times I am receving the dialog box with" visual basic command-line compiler.

    "Several times I am receving the dialog box with" visual basic command-line compiler.


    1. This occurs when you use a specific application or all applications?

    2 did you a recent software or changes to the material on the computer?

    3. have you installed all versions of Visual studio?

    4. What is the finished message, that you have found?

    You can try to perform a clean boot and see if it helps.

    A clean boot to check if startup item or services to third-party application is causing this issue.

    You can read the following article to put the computer in a clean boot:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    After the troubleshooting steps, please refer to clean the boot link to put the computer to normal startup mode.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • I need help with my Windows Media Center. I was not able to get any video on my Windows Media Center.

    original title: I need help with my Windows Media Center.

    I was not able to get any video on my Windows Media Center. How do I do that? I can put it on Facebook, but cannot get them on the Media Center. I'm ready to pull my hair out LOL


    1. what exactly happens when you try to play any video on media center to Windows? Error message? If so, then post back the exact error message.
    2. were you able to play videos on Windows media center with no problems before?
    3. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?
    4. are you able to play the videos on Windows media player?
    5 are supported by Windows media centerfiles?

    Answer to the above mentioned questions could help us help you better.

    The following article might be useful.
    Solve problems with DVDs and movies in Windows Media Center

Maybe you are looking for