I need the firmware for the Toshiba excited AT7 B618


The Tablet keeps showing a message

Unfortunately, it stopped secret lock


When I press OK it comes again.

I fact (power + key) factory reset, but it does not solve the problem.

I installed antivirus it found 7 threats, but he did not remove it because it becomes the vendor applications. Viruses that are present in the backup.

I need the firmware image to excite at7 - B? Please reply with the download link.

Device name: AT7-B618
Unit number: PDA0HV-002004AR
Product group: TOSHIBA

Best regards
Department of health Shair

Thank you

I have the same problem, why not support a large company like toshiba product, why I can not download a firmware for AT7-B618?

Please I need this firmware
Best regards

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    I put t know why you need a firmware for your combo drive.
    As far as I know the carpet * a combo UJDA750 driver works with the Windows driver very well.

    Good bye

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    .... If your TV model isn't listed there, then a new update of the firmware does not exist.

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    I checked the Toshiba page and there is no updated firmware for this CURIOUS.
    Usually if you have some problems with reading or writing to the disks, then this means that the STRANGE beginning of malfunctions and no update firmware could help.
    Perhaps the drive's laser lens is not ok this happens after a long period of use.

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    (If available) firmware can be downloaded from this page:

    But I fear need you assistance from a technician, if your TV does not work and do not answer more than m.

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    Thank you



    Have a look here:

    If your TV isn't listed, it means that this firmware is not yet available!

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    I suggest you research the procedures on the VMware site. I'm not aware of any firmware or BIOS upgrade requirements. You must use our custom image to perform the upgrade. Our custom image contains VIBs necessary for the equipment of the service. If you use a standard VMware image to perform the upgrade, then it is possible that the operating system cannot load correctly due to drivers missing/VIBs.

    You can find our custom image on the download page for the R520 to dell.com/support. Change the operating system up to VMware 6 and it is listed under the category of Enterprise Solutions.

    Thank you

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    What nobody could help me?

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    According to your first post, you are an owner of a Toshiba PC.
    Usually, the PC manufacturer should provide all the necessary drivers.

    I goggled this * 5508944R * 16 X Super multi format DVD-RW/DVD-RAM Drive and found only this:

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  • Where to download the firmware for Toshiba 19BL502B TV


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    I've already asked about the firmware that supports Xvid in the forum "New TV model Discussion", but had no luck. As I said in my previous post, the online manual for the machine indicates she has support Xvid, while my paper manual is that the part removed.

    My previous post was:

    And here you see a photo with a comparison of the two manuals.
    I seek to change the firmware of the TV so that it supports Xvid, whether a new firware update or an older one.

    Thank you



    Have a look here:

    This is the place where you can download the firmware for Toshiba TVs

  • Toshiba excited the Pro AT10LE-A-109 tablet screen


    my Tablet Toshiba excited Pro 10.1 AT10LE-A-109 inch screen is broken.
    I am trying to buy a new one.

    My questions are:

    1. is the screen called 'screen glass digitizer "?

    2. I found the next part on Ebay - 'Toshiba excite Pro AT300 AT305 10.1 Touch Screen Digitizer glass lens part 10' outdoor, it works for my Tablet?

    3 AT300 scanner of the series works for my Toshiba excited Pro 10.1 inch tablet AT10LE-A-109?

    4. can I replace the screen on my own?

    5. I found one online, but is not in the USA, do you know any place that sell this part to the United States?

    Thank you very much

    Message has been changed - removed commercial links

    The screen called 'screen glass digitizer "?

    In line with the Tablet Toshiba screen that is built into the page it is called - Toshiba PixelPure WQXGA 10.1 IPS "high-brightness touchscreen

    I found the next part on Ebay - 'Toshiba excite Pro AT300 AT305 10.1 Touch Screen Digitizer glass lens part 10' outdoor, it works for my Tablet?

    I guess this can be answered only by the merchant who sells this part.

    AT300 Series digitizer works for my Toshiba excited Pro 10.1 inch tablet AT10LE-A-109?

    I'm not sure about this, but I guess that these two parts are different. In addition, AT300 screen resolution is lower and probably both screens supports different connection available to the pins...

    I can replace the screen by myself?

    Have you done something like this in the past? I guess that this replacement is very delicate, and I guess that a common user will be unable to such product be upgraded successfully...

    I found one online, but is not in the USA, do you know any place that sell this part to the United States?

    Toshiba excited Pro AT10LE-A-109 is out in Europe... I guess that the compatible parts can be ordered from ASP located in Europe.
    However, you can also try to contact the authorised Toshiba partner in your country and could ask such compatible screen... maybe, they will be able to provide these compatible parts.

  • Need firmware for Toshiba 55L 7453


    Is there anywhere I can download the firmware for my Toshiba 55 L 7453 TV?
    I searched tosiba SupportCenter in many European countries, and nowhere can find...
    Sometimes there is an info if the tv is shoukd net-tv updates will be online and that I should look in the manual for more information, but in my manual is written thatvwhen tv is not connected to the internet I can use tishiba site of the firmware download and update tv via usb key or drive.

    If anyone can help me find this firmware?


    Have you checked http://www.toshiba-om.net/firmware.php?

  • Toshiba 46TL838 - I need new firmware


    TV: 46TL838 worm.
    IM from Poland - Polish version /.

    My TV does not have to update the menu. IM connecting to the ethernet LAN

    I need minimum 6.4 version because in my sweet 3D option does not work on the USB key.

    I can guarantee to the tv and I have to take it to service support but I have a long way to the service.

    I'm surprised that there is no firmware on the Toshiba site. I was disappointed.

    Please help me.

    Especially the firmware for all Toshiba TV European models can be downloaded from the Toshiba page

    But for the two sets of series RL838/858 and TL838/868, you will need to use one of the following methods:

    * Method 1: *.
    _Automatic network warning

    When the TV goes to sleep the network SW update is checked on the power on the TV, the following message will appear (after 1-2 minutes):
    A software update is available. You want to upgrade? Yes/No, to update your TV select Yes.

    * Method 2: *.
    _Manual network warning

    In order to make searching for a firmware update anytime TV in time to follow the instructions below:
    Select Setup-> Software Upgrade menu-> Select network update
    The TV will then focus on the network for the new firmware and if possible a update command prompt will appear

  • I need the firmware for a chicony cam on Satellite A300-14 s

    I had a lot of problems with my chicony cam on A300 Dungeon of freezing and to stop working so I think that update the firmware, so I search on the net for new firmware and I found one and install it... now my cam isn't working windows can see and it gives the device works but when I try to open Toshiba help cam its says the cam does not work and when I try to open it in PROG like yahoo, nothing happens.
    It s not even power up... so please I need the firmware original please please please...

    Sorry for my bad English :)

    Firmware for cam doesn t exist. What you can do is to install the driver for the webcam.
    What operating system you are using and what firmware you have installed finally?

Maybe you are looking for