I need the last CD of Microsoft Office - Satellite Pro U200-125

I just bought Satellite Pro U200-125 without the last set of Microsoft Office CD. Does anyone have this CD?

Thank you



Hi Musallam

Sorry, but what you mean with last Microsoft office defined? Office 2007 perhaps?

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  • Satellite Pro U200: MS Office Documents open slowly after installing BT stack


    As I installed the toshiba bluetooth stack (on my Satellite Pro U200) last week, MS Office documents are very slow to open when I choose them by double-clicking from windows Explorer. If I first start Office then use "Open" to open the document, the document opens very quickly.

    The problem disappears as soon as I uninstall the Bluetooth stack.

    This issue is documented on the nokia.com website and can apparently be solved using the instead microsoft bluetooth stack.

    However, I don't seem to be able to install this driver on my laptop.

    Is there a solution from Toshiba?

    See you soon,.


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    I met the same problem. The problem disappeared after the installation of the previous version of v4.88 Nokia Suite.

  • Problem to scan fingerprints is preventing the connection on Satellite Pro U200

    There seems to be a problem with the utility scan fingerprint on a Satellite Pro U200. Now, he does not recognize fingerprints recorded but normal (with password) connection does not work either. Immediately after the connection of the user is disconnected.

    I would be grateful for any suggestion.


    Hello Adam

    Problem described seems to be the case and it is not easy to say what the problem is here. No one knows what you have done exactly.

    Did you follow the instructions how to use the fingerprint reader. It is described in manuals s?

  • Satellite L650 - where to find the product key for Microsoft Office?

    I just bought the Toshiba Satellite L650.

    I started using Word (Microsoft Office) but its tells me that I need a 25 character key, otherwise I can only use another 22 times.
    Where can I get this key since I have nothing in the box your laptop came or have I been fooled into thinking it is bundled with the computer when it is not in fact and they only gave me a trial version?

    See you soon


    You're right partner, only a trial version of Microsoft Office is preinstalled. If you want the full version of Microsoft Office, you will need to buy it in a store of the computer.

    An alternative, you can use the free OpenOffice. It s also very good software with a lot of function but it s for free. ;)

  • The 2011 versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) can be run on an iMac OS 10.11 running?  If not, is the only solution to purchase the latest MS Office suite?

    The 2011 versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.) can be run on an iMac OS 10.11 running?  If not, is the only solution to purchase the latest MS Office suite?

    Office 2011 and 2016 for Mac running OS X El Capitan, you can install Office 2011 if you bought. Don't forget to update the latest version.

  • How can I block the users access to microsoft office?

    How can I block the users access to microsoft office?

    You must set "" permission to run on each of the Microsoft Office programs (word.exe, excel.exe, powerpnt.exe, etc.) such that the group 'Administrators' and the SYSTEM is allowed to run.  To do this, you do a right click on the .exe file, select 'Properties', then click on the 'Security' tab and change security as you wish.

    If you do not have a 'Security' tab, then it is because you have XP Home Edition, or if you have XP Pro with active Simple file sharing.  For XP Home, you must boot mode safe (repeatedly tap F8 at startup key) and login as an administrator to access this tab.  For XP Pro, follow the instructions in the following article:

    "How to disable the file sharing simple and how to set permissions on a shared folder in Windows XP"
      <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/307874 >


  • Can I use microsoft web apps for my company if I have not yet bought the desktop version of microsoft office

    Can I use microsoft web apps for my company if I have not yet bought the desktop version of microsoft office

    Yes, but don't expect to see the complex Assembly with web apps, however, since it has limited functionality.

  • Microsoft Office XP Pro 2002

    I bought a new Aspire V5, which comes with Windows 8.  For a long time, I bought the full version of Office XP Pro w/Publisher 2002 and I was able to load it on my computer since then.   This laptop lacks a CD player.  Is there a place I can go to download, using the number of product key on the original jacket?   Or I have to buy the new version of Office again?

    Thank you!

    As suggested, simply go to a computer with a CD player or DVD work and copy the contents of the Office XP disk in a folder, then copy the folder on a USB key.

    Please note, you may meet some compatibility issues with Office XP on Windows 8, I think that Outlook 2002 does not save passwords.

    Also, there are probably compatibility issues during installation. Try to install in compatibility mode:


    Also don't forget to install the latest Service Pack available for Office XP:


    Please keep in mind, Office XP is quite old and it puts it in a position where it can be easily exploited by vulnerabilities in the suite.

    It is recommended that upgrade you to a modern version of office or you can search by using the free version of Microsoft Office, called Office Online, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote web-based versions. Of course there is no free access or Microsoft Publisher version, if you need them. Sway is the future of Microsoft Publisher.




  • Need the manual online for Satellite Pro U200

    I heard people talking about the online manual for the Toshiba Satellite Pro U200, especially when it comes to upgrading the memory. But I never saw a link to the manual online. Someone can it give?

    Neffe :)


    Visit http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > download & support > Support home page.
    Under download, you will find Toshiba manual. Click on it and choose your model of laptop.

    I check the manual and it is ready for download. ;)
    If you need more help please write again.

  • Need new battery for Satellite Pro U200-182


    I m needing help on the purchase of new battery for Toshiba Satellite Pro U200 - 182
    No model origin. what I found on old battrey is PA3356U - 3BRS with parameters: DC10.8V - 4700mAh

    When I tried searching on the web I found that this trick
    http://smart-parts.NET/bsearch.php?brand=Toshiba&name=satellite%20PRO&SER ie = U200% 20Black & model = U200-182

    I would like to ask if I can buy it (if this battery will be compatible) and also if its possible to buy the battery longer "life."

    Thank you for the help

    I found the info that for your laptop model there are two types of battery only:

    So if you use Google and put these numbers, you should be able to find an online store where you can buy these compatible batteries.
    By the way: link you posted is OK and I don't see the reason why you shouldn't order of it. It is listed as compatible.

    To extend the life, you need battery with more cells and ability, but it is unfortunately not available for your laptop model.

  • How to disassemble the Satellite Pro U200


    Lately, I have come to the need of the back opening of Toshiba Satellite Pro U200, you know the place where RAM and all the other stuff is stored.

    I have my tired to do it, but I could not open, so I was afraid to break something.

    Any of you know if it is possible to open the back of the laptop?

    If possible, it would be possible to close it later? :]]

    What you want to change on the laptop? The RAM?

    As far as I know the locations of memory are placed under the keyboard. Therefore, you must remove the keyboard stand and keyboard.
    It's a little tricky and if you n t have experience with this that you should ask a technician for laptop help.

  • Get the error message when you try an upgrade to Vista on Satellite Pro U200

    When I upgraded my Satellite Pro U200 to Vista (original CD using Toshiba), I couldn't install Config Free program. When I want to install it, I get the message 'the installation image is not corrcet' ideas for this problem?

    Thank you


    Maybe you need to download again the configfree for your machine from here:


    Just download and try to install it. I can't imagine that she won´t, I ve updated work my A100 some time ago and everything works fine.
    BTW. I downloaded all the stuff from the link above.

    Please give some feedback


  • Satellite Pro U200 - need drivers HDD Protection & footprint of VISTA 64-bit

    I have toshiba Satellite Pro U200 [Greece] and I need drivers for fingerprint utility and disk protection hard can you help me? It is very important too me.

    I think that gives you about boyfriend chance seems Toshiba 64-bit tools and drivers at the moment unfortunately, nothing to see :(

  • Satellite Pro U200 - installing the audio driver on Win XP

    I have a Satellite Pro U200 and there is no sound - sound fine when attached to the DynaDock, but not when its autonomous.

    Device Manager there down as an existing audio device - I downloaded the driver audio from Toshiba Web site but when I try and install it says "the HD Audio bus driver is required and not found" I did a little research and found in necessary MS hotfix KB888111 which I installed it, but the audio driver will not even install - ideas?

    Windows XP must install patch KB888111 and KB835221 MS site before installing the audio driver.

    -so finally you need to install the two patches
    -Download Realtek audio driver from the Realtek page
    -remove the old driver its the laptop restart of Device Manager and install the new audio driver download


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