I need the recovery for Satellite 5205-S703 CD

I need the recovery for Satellite 5205-S703 CD



If you need a recovery disk, you have to options.
You can go to a local ASP and request a new or order you one directly from Toshiba.

Or you are using a Microsoft installation disc and download all the drivers from Toshiba tools but it takes a little more time.

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  • I need drive recovery for Satellite U400-10N

    Hi fans of Toshiba

    Please I need the recovery cd for my labtop. The model is Satellite U400-10N

    Quickly please


    In this thread, you will find exactly the same question:

    As I already wrote in the other thread the laptop must be equipped with HARD drive recovery and you should be able to create a DVD of own recovery using the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

    Please check your system and try to burn your own DVD of recovery first.


  • Need of recovery for Satellite C660-2FF DVDs


    I need a DVD of recovery for Satellite C660-2FF. HARD drive crashed.
    Windows 7 product key is available.
    Who can help? Maybe .iso download?

    Thank you

    Recovery image cannot be downloaded and if you need original restore disc you can order on https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

  • How to get the recovery for Satellite L100 bought in China cd?

    I just buy a satellite L100 in China, the language of windows is Chinese... How can I change the language to Chinese to English on my windows. Or how can I get thecd recovery for satellite L100 innglish language... Thank you...

    Hi Santo

    If you use the advanced search of this forum you will find a lot of comments on a similar theme!

    In any case, I'll explain it once more ;)
    Usually the recovery CD, you can get the Toshiba ASP. BUT you bought the laptop in China. In this case you will not be able to order the CD image of Toshiba in the English language. You can only get a restore CD in the same language, where you bought the laptop.

    But if you want to have the English language operating system, install the Windows from the original CD of Microsoft English.
    You can download Toshiba drivers and utilities form the Toshiba site and install it.

  • Where can I get the recovery for Satellite L20 CD

    Can someone tell where I can get a copy of the recovery for SatPro L20 CD, please.

    Hi Sean

    The Toshiba Recovery CD and all the other laptops and components can be ordered directly from the service provider authorized in your country.

    If you n t know ASP please see this page which provides information on ASP worldwide.

    Go here:
    _eu http://eu.Computers.Toshiba-Europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/generic_content.jsp?service=eu&ID=Support_Homepage

    .. .and choose * find an authorized Service provider *.
    Best regards

  • Need of recovery for Satellite a series CD

    Hi all

    I looked for the official forum on the official website, but couldn't find one. I searched in Google and I think that this forum is the right.

    Here's the story.

    I bought my laptop in Indonesia and moved to the Netherlands because my mother wants to follow me here. I brought the laptop, but I just realized that I do not have the recovery CD. The laptop had broken 3 months ago and I had to reinstall Windows.

    Just for curiosity, it is possible to get the recovery CD without having to return to my homeland?

    Thanks before.


    Yes, why would it not possible. The best solution is to contact an ASP (Authorized Service Partner) and ask them for the recovery media. I think it would be the only way to get the recovery you need.

    Here´s a link to find the nearest ASP in the country, you are:


    Good luck

  • Where to get the recovery for Satellite A50-522 CD?

    Hello world
    Can someone tell me where I can buy a recovery for my Satellite A50-522 CD?


    I agree with alphaleader, all portable devices, parts, and also the recovery CD can be purchased from the ASP in your country.

    Check the path shown above and you will find a page with ASP database in the world.

    Best regards

  • Need a recovery for Satellite A200 - 19K disk

    I bought this laptop, but unfortunately I lost my recovery disc.

    I need a recovery disk, but I don't know how to buy or download the drive of the appropriate model. If anyone can help me or give me a link to download, I'll be very grateful to her.

    This is the specification which is mentioned on the bottom is:
    Model name: SATELLITE A200 - 19K
    Model No.: PSAECE-01F00JEN

    If more information is needed, please let me know.
    Thank you


    You can buy the recovery disk using this site:

    As much as I know this disc is cheap

    See you soon

  • Need of recovery for Satellite M40-277 PSM44E CD

    due to moving house I lost my installation CD's for my laptop, I need the cd to reinstall their someone installed vista and blocked everthing... you need to reinstal of urgently... can someone send me or give an address

    Please don't post twice on the same theme. Check your first post!

  • I need drive recovery for Satellite L45-S4687

    I bought an individual Toshiba L45 S4687 as an open box.
    Recently my Windows Vista crashed.

    I don't have a recovery disk.
    Where can I get one?

    I tried the Toshiba site, but to no avail?


    It is a model of cell phone US. You're from the US?

    The recovery DVDs could be ordered in the Toshiba ASP in your country.
    Then, contact the guy and ask for this disc

    Best regards

  • Re: How to get the recovery for Satellite L300D disc?

    When I bought my laptopi made a recovery disc but I uninstalled since the program I used to create such a floppy and I lost my drive.

    Is there some were I can get a recovery for a L300D disc?


    Are able to recover the laptop using the recovery disk image?
    Select this check box.
    Start Notepad, press F8, choose repair my computer, then choose last option called Toshiba HDD Recovery.

    After the recovery procedure, you should get with software pre-installed Toshiba factory settings. The Toshiba recovery disc creator should also be available.

  • Re: I need file recovery for Satellite C660-2FF

    I need file Recovery HDD how obtained

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    All you can do is drive recovery of the new order.

    You can do it on https://backupmedia.toshiba.eu/landing.aspx

  • Cannot use the recovery for Satellite M45-S265 disc

    I tried using the recovery disk for M45-S265 of my granddaughter.

    According to the instructions that I'm supposed to put the DVD drive, and then turn off completely the machine. After that, restart and immediately hold down the F12 key, which should produce some sort of menu and then go through the recovery from there.

    However when I take the key F12 is pressed after the closing, nothing happens.

    So I'm looking for some real help here my friends. Thank you very much.


    Can access you the BIOS as suggested by Feliks?
    Select this check box and set the CD/DVD player in the first position.

    Save the changes, and then attempts to boot from the disc of recovery again.

  • Try using the recovery for Satellite A200 - 19K disk

    I thought I would do a clean install of windows that I have a very slow PC, I have the recovery disk of the product that accompanies the computer with the label toshiba etc, but cannot make it work. When I try to boot from the CD it does not load.

    I also tried the repair of your option to computer but that does not work either.

    I don't have any software from creator of recovery disk on the pc I can find.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

    > When I try to boot from the CD it does not load.
    What happen exactly when you try to start the recovery image installation?

  • Need of recovery for Satellite M30 Series CD

    Hi all!

    I lost my recovery CD and in France they say that it is not possible to send one for me (they said it's old and they don't have them).

    First question: is it possible to use a CD from an another Toshiba (same model)?
    A second: If so, can someone send it to me? I live in Paris!

    Thanks in advance.


    Satellite M30 is old enough laptop model, and I can imagine that this authorized partner can not order the original CD more.

    It will be much better off buying the CD of Microsoft WXP facilities (on eBay it ain't cheap) and you can install WXP yourself. All the necessary drivers, tools and utilities that you can find on Toshiba supports the page.

    For me, it's the best solution for you.

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