I need the URL for the default home page so I can put it in my homepage protection, because all I get when I open the browser's "about"white."

I'm going to hell to get just the URL for the browser/Firefox start page. I just did a recovery image factory and all I get after downloading and installing the Firefox browser a tab that says 'about white." I don't get the URL in the address bar so that I can put this URL in my homepage of protection (I use Advanced System Care ultimate). Once I get this URL and place it in the area of protection of homepage of my security software, I'll be ready to go, because I want to use Firefox as my default browser. I searched the frequently asked questions and asked the question in every way that I know, in English, and there seems to be no one there who can tell me just the URL of the start page. While I do not understand why it is so hard to get, I certainly need and would be grateful for a solution to this problem.


It is actually called Subject: Home , but the only way to know would be if you were viewing the page and called to the top of the Page Info dialog... who, for future reference you can get using one of these methods:

  • Right click on a box empty page and select View Page Info
  • (menu bar) Tools > Page Info
  • Click on the globe or padlock icon in the address bar > more information

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