I need to change my language from Spanish to English in xbox live.

original title: I need to change my language from Spanish to English in xbox live.  I just bought the console.  You would think that I was at the Mexico

Whenever I have buy some sort of system, something must have a hint of something that is not quite accurate.  You just bought an xbox.  Went into xbox live and it is now to translate Spanish.  How can I change language in xbox live Spanish to English! I'm not Spanish speaking. Don't tell me to go to the billing in xbox live-. It does not work! don't tell me to go to the xbox console - that does not work either.  Im not upgranding to ultimate windows.  BORRRRIIINNNNGGG I just fixed.  I'm not in MEXICO!

Hi MrHalsey01,

Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

I'm sorry to know that you are facing problems of setting language to Xbox Live.

It would be useful that you could answer this question to help you further.

Evolving the language settings in Windows in a different language?

I can understand your frustration. However, the issue that you are facing is with Xbox Live, I suggest you to get in touch with Xbox Live support for assistance.

You can also read the article and check if it helps:

Install or change a display language

Hope the helps of information.

If you need further assistance, please answer and we will be happy to help you.

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    Hi Derek,.

    The question you posted would be better suited to the TechNet community. Send the query in the link.
    Hope this information helps.
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    Hi neilhunkin,

    ·         What is the operating system installed on the computer?

    Since you have a brand new computer, I assume you are using Windows 7.

    You can read the following article to change the display language. (For Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise Editions only)

    Windows 7 language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 7 ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise

    See also:

    Install or change a display language

    How can I get additional display languages?

    Break the language barrier: install language packs and change your display language in Windows 7 Ultimate

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    It is a two-step in CC. Install the version of language according to the screenshot of JJ Mack, then in Photoshop preferences, select the UI language and restart Photoshop so that it is taken into account.

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    You cannot change languages in Vista Home Premium

    you need Ultimate or enterprise to do so

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    You must run Windows 7 Ultimate to be able to change the language from Spanish to English. You can do an upgrade Express of Windows 7 Starter, Home Premium or professional for ultimate.

    Upgrade to another edition of Windows 7 by using Windows Anytime Upgrade

    A 'step by step' to go through an upgrade to a lower edition of Windows 7 to a higher edition of Windows 7:

    Windows 7 - Anytime Upgrade - frequently asked Questions:

    Windows 7 - upgrade Express features:

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    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.
    The problem description, I understand that you want to change the display language for the computer

    Change display language

    Follow these steps:
    (a) press windows Key + X
    (b) open the Control Panel. Select clock, language and region.

    (c) click on the language, click on Advanced settings in the left panel.
    d) d) under section substitute for Windows display language and to substitute for the default input method , select English (United States) . Click on record.
    How to download and install the language pack
    Reference link


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    Dear Sir.

    to change the language from Polish into English language of windows 7 Home premium is there any idea? How can I change windows 7 Home premium to windows 7 ultimate? to change the language, I have it formatted it and kept another window or another any idea without formatting, by installing language pack?

    [DON'T] Windows 7 language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 7 ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise

    Depending on where you live, you could buy an Anytime Upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate. See http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/products/windows-anytime-upgrade

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    Debbie D.

    I think you mean Outlook Express.  If Yes, read this: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/932974

  • How to change the system language from Spanish to English on Windows 7?

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    Hi my name is April. I bought a laptop computer of Hitman. I is in Spanish how to change to English. Some said just go to settings. What settings. Where.

    Hey April,

    Please answer this question to get more clarity on this issue.

    -Don't you have Windows 7 Ultimate edition?

    Refer to this article to find out what edition of Windows installed on your computer.

    Operating system Windows am I running? : http://windows.microsoft.com/en-ca/windows/which-operating-system

    To change the display language for, follow these steps:

    -Click on start and type Change display language in the box to start the search.

    -Click Change display language.

    -In the drop-down list that appears, select the language that you want, and then click OK. Once this is done, restart the computer.

    Break the language barrier: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-CA/windows7/use-language-packs-to-change-display-language-in-windows-7-ultimate

    Language packs: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-CA/windows7/products/features/language-packs

    Windows 7 language packs are available for computers that are running Windows 7 ultimate or Windows 7 Enterprise Edition: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/972813/en-us

    Keep us informed on the status of the issue and we will be happy to offer you our help.



    You will need to change Firefox any language, and then it will change your rss addon
    Follow this procedure, Localization of Firefox

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    Hi pamelagrant749,

    If it was already in English, all you need to do is click on ' start'---> ' Panel"---> "Region and language" and you can change the settings it.»»»" Since it is now in French, the following words are what you're looking for.  Start (start) --panneau(control panel) -region and language (region and language)f -French (French)-English (english)

    Good luck and let us know if this solves the problem by providing your comments.

  • How can I change my programs from Spanish to English?

    In all my programs such as itunes and other things, the language is Spanish. the toolbar is in English but not like the itunes store or whatever it is. How can I change to English?

    Hi korky4193,


    (1) have been programs that appear in English earlier?

    (2) remember to make changes?


    See the steps mentioned in the link below

    Change the display language


    When you change the display language, the text in menus and dialogs for some programs may not be in the language you want. This happens because the program does not support Unicode. For more information about changing the text in menus and dialog boxes for programs that do not support Unicode, see the settings system locale.

  • Libretto W100-D10 - change OS language from Italian to English


    I have a Toshiba Libretto W100-D10, who have an Italian version and wants to set up initially in

    Any help or info appreciated, thanks.


    As far as I know the Win 7 Home Premium has been pre-installed on this laptop.
    Cannot change the language of the OS in a Home Premium version.
    Only the enterprise and Ultimate editions support Multilanguage pack.

    Die if you must install a version English of the Win 7 Home Edition on your W100 or you would improve the Ultimate or Home Premium Enterprise version and then you must install the English language pack

  • OfficeJet 4610 - default factory reset - change the language from Chinese to English.


    Please be kind - I am a dead set on this HP forum newbie.

    Have an OfficeJet 4610. While the implementation, accidentally selected Chinese (foolishly).

    There is no question 'Do you really do this?', and if the printer is then configured in Chinese.

    Now I'm wanting to change it to English. Easy? Not so so.

    He spent more than two hours solid Googling for 4610 or 4620 with each change the language in English or do a reset on the printer. So far, nothing--other than a single page on the site HP 4610, who says to select option 5, maintenance, option 2 then select the language of your choice. That's fine, but my options are 8 languages still in Chinese... And I can't read Chinese. What are the characters of 'ENGLISH' in Chinese?

    Also found another thread on reset the 4620 in these forums, but everyone wants to do private messages.

    Download the guide of the user - all 288 something pages specify not at all on what happens if this scenario occurs.

    -This is, is that 8 list items is 'English' to the option 'change language'?, or, how to do a reset on the 4610, so I can start this brand new as if I were pulling out of the box.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

    / Dave.


    Thanks heaps for the answer.

    Many apologies for my rants. I should not have written that. (If I can I might change it)

    Just pure frustration.

    In any case, it turns out that the manual and the other thread of HP is correct in the menu structure. Which caused more frustration.

    Told to go to the menu menu 2 then 5.

    It turns out that it's 4 menu then menu 2.

    Thank you.

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