I need to demonstrate an iPad App

We have created an iPad app.  We would like to demo the application for a remote user using AT & T Connect.  Did you mean to simply display the iPad screen so that the remote user can see the demo?

What you need to do, is to share the screen of the ipad with another computer.  Share the screen of the computer with the internet.

a few tips:

Turn your computer into an airplay receiver


computer app for sending to the internet.


background information.

'7 ways to show your iPad on a projection screen' thanks to Schoolofluck for this link

ml http://learninginhand.com/blog/5-Ways-to-show-your-iPad-on-a-Projector-Screen.HT

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  • Need help, private DPS iPad app distribution

    Hi all.

    I need help. I built an app for iPad unique edition which is a training manual that my client needs to distribute only to customers who have purchased a training course. The application must therefore be distributed privately.

    This work if my customer buys a volume purchase program? I then buy an account business to use the B2B distribution? Or is there another way to get the app to their clients without these?

    Look forward to hearing from any of you.

    Thank you


    Hi Gavin you need an account from company to distribute privately, unless you're happy with content adobe Viewer. No other way of cheering Alistair

  • What is the best method to put a form in a DPS iPad app?


    I need to create an iPad App using adobe DPS which includes a form. This form data should be collected in a database.

    What is the best way to achieve this? I know a html but I'm not a coder, I'm looking at options can I perform I hope relatively simply.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you very much

    Yes, HTML forms work best. There are tons of sites that also offer pre pready HTML code (e.g. Add a WebForm to an Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Folio ) and the direct URL that you can use as Web Contect to display the form as jotform.com or wufoo.com etc.

  • I need to update my direct DPS 2014 ipad app, that I must refer the package of all DPS 2015 .ipa files to itunes connect again?

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    I need to update my ipad direct DPS 2014 with a version iphone and ipad app, I have to resubmit all and new package files .ipa DPS 2015 to itunes connect again? or simply update the 2014 real with the new DPS 2015 collection folio? with the migration tool?

    Everyone please! totally confused!

    Here is an article on the steps that you must take to migrate your application of DPS 2014 (folios) 2015 DPS.

    Digital Publishing Solution helps | Strategies for improving application of DPS the DPS 2015

  • I have a first version iPad and impossible to get an application that I need because of the iPad version.

    My neighbor asked me to help them get an app they need on their old iPad.  I think it's a first version iPad.  From what I can tell, you cannot update the software on the iPad.  Is this true?  I know that the app they watch used to have a version of this application years ago but I can't find the old version.  What I can do to help or is there no way?

    1. that the iPad can't be updated past 5.1.1.

    2 tell them to download the latest version of it to a computer or a compatible iOS device, click hereand try the instructions.


  • IPAD app magazine subsription quite

    IPad app Maclean's magazine to quit smoking. Updated app, now impossible to download issue. MacLeans does not recognize my address, send back me to Apple.

    How to restore subscription?

    EDDD change you, by chance, your Apple ID recently? You will need to identify yourself with the old ID, if so.

    Otherwise, Contact App Store support directly. Start with the link contact us at the bottom of this page.

    View, change or cancel your subscription:


  • Renaming of long filenames in iPad app

    In the iPad app, when I rename a file with a long file name, the part the more to the right of the name of the file appear in the field. If there is a way to scroll the name so I can edit the left part of the name of the file, I can't find it.

    At the present time, I have 'Select all', copy the name of the file in the application Notes, edit it there and then copy it, so something is wrong.

    Y at - it a scrolling mechanism? If so, how does this work? If this isn't the case, please have it?

    Hi mum61e,

    In the field of rename it, when you tap and hold the name of the file, a circular glass appears which allows you to scroll left and right in this area.

    You can scroll through and let it where you want to make changes in name.

    Please make sure that when you long press on, don't let up until you get to the exact place where you need to make changes.

    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Kind regards


  • ' Pieces ' for an ipad app

    Hi all

    As many people I guess, I use Photoshop for retouching of images and design layouts, icons etc. Illustrator (and indesign for page layout too in some extend)

    I'm now designing an ipad app for a developer.

    I know that he used to work with a "photoshop app designer" who must have provided some provisions that might automatically turn it into HTML, or something like that.

    But I don't know anything about this and I can't imagine working in Photoshop for this kind of work.

    I did everything in Illustrator.

    I have provided a PDF file, png icons, instructions from the police and the color, but it still must "cutups.

    I guess he needs to automate the layout.

    Does anyone know 'what' I could provide to facilitate the update?

    What are these famous Cut - ups?

    If someone is using Illustrator for designing applications, what guys do you provide developers?

    Thank you very much!

    I think that cut ups is a very old term at the time of the dough to the top. Where the object is literally cut with an x-acto knife.

    I never heard this term used for web interface design or user. (This does not mean that there is not today)

    If your images are not tight together, in that you need a way to divide a larger document images, there is no need to slice. It would be a waste of time.

    Save each object in a separate file and use a format that supports transparency.

    If you have multiple objects in the same document, slicing can save time.

    If I remember there is a layer export file. But maybe it's Photoshop I think.

  • How can I transform my ipad app within an app that works for the iPad and iPhone?

    I built an ipad with the DPS application. But now my client wants to have the same content on iphone. How can I transform my ipad app within an app that works for the iPad and iPhone?  Is this possible without creating a new application App Builder? Thanks for your replies.

    You must create a new instance of the DPS App Builder application. Select iPhone and iPad. If you use the same mobileprovision files (or mobile layout updated of the files of the bases on the same ID App), it is considered that a version update of the application itself.

    You will need create sheets separated for the iPhone. folios iPad do not appear in the library of iPhone. See Digital Publishing Suite help | Creating content DPS for iPhones.

  • Size conversion of an iPad App for iPhone

    Hi all -

    I think I know the answer to this question, but please let me know if I'm missing something. A customer has a filled iPad app but now wants an iPhone size as well. If I am not mistaken, this would require a completely new and updated dimension on the page of the application, including the new strengthening of some of the features. This isn't like a sensitive site where I just changed a few things. I'm afraid some might think that it is an easy task, whereas in fact, it takes some time to rebuild the entire application to a whole new dimension.

    Thank you.

    There is no automatic way to do this. You will need to re-design all content for the iPhone.

    If you are a single Creative Cloud Edition customer of construction apps know that we don't support iPad with simple editing. If you want to publish on iPhone, you need a professional DPS or business account.


  • I'm subscribe membership creative cloud, but individual membership limits to produce the only iPad app. How can I solve this problem? DPS-generating app does not appear iphone ipad option and membership requires that enterprise subscription.


    I'm operating from digital publishing house, and I'm an individual subscriber of CC.

    When I use DPS generator app for ipad + iphone app, the DPS is only show iPad as a default option.

    And it is not possible to register kiosk app either.

    How can I do ipad + iphone app that supports fully the kiosks?

    Is it possible the upgrade from individual to professional/business subscriber?

    You will need at least a professional account of DPS. Creative cloud allows only single edition iPad apps.

  • Form to complete for IPad App using InDesign

    I am producing an IPad app using InDesign included in the app is a map of guarantee for people to fill out and submit. To this day I added text fields to the form etc. and tested on my IPad, not proceed to enter information.  Please can someone tell me how to create a form to fill out for an IPad using InDesgin, or import a form in InDesign to be used on an IPad app?

    Thank you for your help in advance.


    Using HTML forms, you will need a side script such as ASP or PHP server. Here's

    some links that you can visit.




    If you know HTML, this site offers some good plugins for Dreamweaver.


  • The Inhalts einer iPad App Austauschen

    Hallo, ich bin neu yesterday im Forum and hope, dass meine knifflige question abgegeben kann man.

    Zum current Stand: Mein Kunde Blickpunkt TRUCK + BUS hat das gravest Transportmagazin in Österreich - classical in Printformat ganz. VOR 2 Jahren hat man sich dazu decided, eine App programmieren zu lassen, sodass das Magazin auch auf dem iPad read ist zu Schön.  Sharp iPad App Proofing various Themen wie videos, News, Fotogalerien und eine abgespeckte Version of magazines. (Last link der zur iPad App: ) https://iTunes.Apple.com/at/app/Blickpunkt-LKW-bus-HD-fur-iPad/id454342640?Mt=8 ) Die App wurde von einem programmers programmiert und wird wie eine Website mit Backend written on - individual eine Lösung also. MIT Indesign das nichts zu tun hat are so mit einem Administrations-Backend im Internet.

    Nun ist are so, dass wir nur mehr das Magazin der iPad App abbilden do und dieses Magazin sehr professionell und so wie possible breast interaktiv looks soll. Therefore would like die Digital Publishing Suite single Edition (als Teil der CC) use um once im Monat newest Magazinausgabe folio-Datei in die iPad App zu als die charge. (Booth Eine Lösung ist nicht Freizeitaktivitaten, es hands, dass nur immer ein Heft - das aktuellste Friday - der ist App.)

    Bisher haben wir knapp 4,000 downloads iPad App und der're ist are important, dass sharp downloads mitnehmen können, wenn wir auf die DPS edition simple umsteigen und die Datei folio in die iPad App einspeisen here. Nun ist Meine question: Ist das possible? ICH möchte die almost 'Hulle"iPad App mit den downloads tumors lassen und nur den der alten Inhalt (News, videos, magazine, Fotos usw.) rauswerfen und dafur jeden Monat nur eine reingeben folio-Datei (ZS), sonst nichts.

    Following questions had ich dann noch:

    (1) Ist die folio-Datei sofort in der App available, as soon as Sen by Apple ID an Apple App Store geschickt würde den?

    (2) ich selbst habe (noch) keine Apple ID, unser programmers (der die Hat programmiert App) naturally Apple ID Und über eine Hat seine Apple ID so die iPad App aktuell. Muss ich-wenn ich auf DPS edition die simple umsteige, folio-Datei die an meinen programmers send, der sie dann mit of his Apple ID hochladt? Oder kann ich einfach meine own Apple ID beantragen und die Datei folio selbst mit meiner ID high-load (das mir lieber course ware) - geht das nicht oder die weil App if necessary. an Apple ID, meines Programmierers gekoppelt ist die?

    (3) mit der DPS edition simple sind nur gratis-Magazine possible, richtig? Wenn ich das Magazin kostenpflichtig tracing will, muss ich mit der DPS Professional Edition arbeiten oder geht das uber die auch simple editing?

    (4) are means "Die edition simple supported iPad 1, 2 und das neue iPad iPad.» Says man mit "neues iPad" das mit iPad Retina display? Werden auch future iPad versions since werden?

    I hope, someone help kann mir. Ich bin schon lange auf der Suche nach Antworten as meine questions (vor allem, ob die werden question downloads). Vielen Dank vorab!

    Watching your script, a single edition is enough your needs since you are looking to publish multiple editions in the future and also have existing users to restore their purchases. You need at least the Professional edition of DPS.

    With a multi-viewer application that you can build with pro or business, you can post back questions using DPS that can restore your existing purchasing users if they want to. And that's what Apple wants a developer to integrated this functionality in your application, so a user can restore purchase anytime during the lifecycle of an application. This is why only editing is not possible for your case

    -A unique edition app is available as soon as Apple approves your app

    -Apple has recently introduced the ability to transfer applications from one developer to another developer account. You can buy your own developer account and start to publish under your account developer and update the same application when you transition to DPS to existing users

    -Simple editing can make free and paid applications.

    DPS - apps support iOS 6 and up, iPad1 be supported from iOS 6 isn't on iPad1

  • Problems of first-generation iPad app development test

    I just created my first iPad app, and I try to test the development with a first generation iPad app. But iTunes fails to install the application on the iPad during synchronization.

    The error message indicates that the application is not compatible with the iPad and the iPad needs a "new version of the software for the iPad." But the iPad first generation already has software available: OS 5.1.1

    What is going on? What is the solution?

    You cannot create a new application for iOS5/iPad1. Single edition apps are

    created automatically to version 28 for members of creative cloud.

    Pro or business users can always backsave one version.

    Older apps will continue to operate.

  • How to post on iPad app and HTML5

    We currently produce a bimonthly newspaper using inDesign to PDF.

    We would like to take this and produce an iPad app and also a 'sensitive' of the same content site HTML5 version.

    How is it possible or not at all?

    Thank you


    You need DPS Enterprise or Professional Edition. You can create applications for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets as well as Web Viewer to display your content on a web browser, you can also integrate the publications/web viewer in your Web site, watch this video to learn more: (http://tv.adobe.com/watch/learn-digital-publishing-suite/embed-publications-within-web-sit're /)

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