I need to unlock my iphone 6 s. I have had no access to itunes.

I need to unlock my iphone 6s, I tried to unlock it, but do not have access to itunes.


Please define "unlock."

Forgotten password? If you have forgotten the password for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

Carrier unlock? How to unlock your iPhone for use with another carrier - Apple Support

Locking activation? Find my iPhone Activation Lock - Apple Support

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  • I need to unlock an IPhone locked to EE(British Network) 5s

    Hi, folks, I bought on Ebay two British Iphones 5, also locked UK EE network. Do you know how I can the unlocked? Thank you.


    The EA information unlocking is available here:


    Information currently includes:

    «If you are not a customer EE, Orange or T-Mobile and bought a second hand device that is locked to our network, call us at 250-07953-966.» We will take your details and then perform audits for the device is unlocked. When we will unlock your device, we'll call him to take your payment £8.99. Please check fees call with your provider. It will be up to 10 business days to unlock your device, including Apple devices. »

  • I need help I want my iPhone to be unlocked my iphone operator

    I need help I want my iPhone to be unlocked my iphone operator

    version no. 9.2 [13 c 75]

    IPhone 4 16 gb s

    storage capacity: 27.2 GB

    Serial number: C39H5BBLDTD8

    model: MD243J/A

    modem firmware: 6.0.00

    Ask your provider if they open it. Nobody else can.


  • My iphone 5 has been bought from the United States. However, I would use it in Nigeria, and I need to unlock it. All technicians of the phone I have met demand expensive prices. Can I tell how to do it myself?

    My iphone 5 has been shopping in the United States. However, I would use it in Nigeria, and I need to unlock it. All technicians of the phone I have met demand expensive prices. Can I tell how to do it myself?

    5 64 GB IPhone.

    As always, only the provider of cellular origin can legitimately to unlock iPhone. Contact them to determine their release policy, and if YOU are eligible.

  • Password requirement: you need to change your iPhone unlock access code within 60 minutes.


    A couple of weeks, after unlocking my iPhone, I received a strange guest on my iPhone 5 (running iOS 9.3.1 not jailbroken) saying that I had to change my password within 60 minutes.

    Do not think much of it, I followed the instructions and changed the password via the guest. I didn't question the fact that it gives me options other than to choose a 4-digit password.

    After changing, I was again 2 weeks later (2 days ago from the drafting of the present) invited to change my password, except that this time I had 58 minutes to do this.

    I found this to be a bit sketchy so I did some research and there was no documentation of apple in this regard, only the forums a lot of other iPhone users who have experienced the same thing and forums have been dated as soon as 2012 (that I've seen in any case, could have been more before too).

    I rang apple support, and they were not aware of this problem because it was not a feature for iOS which made this place and recommended I reset my settings immediately (by going to settings > general > reset > reset all settings). This resets all settings, does not erase your data.

    It was my personal guess that if it was actually a malware, it can be connected to the operating system in some ways because the first time, I changed my password via the command prompt and it worked. So I made the decision to back up everything I wanted to keep manually and not through iTunes, then manually to get any return. This may have been unnecessary, but it is still I think that all these recent iTunes backups I had had this problem.

    If it was in fact malicious, I don't know what kind of access he could have had on my phone, either data or another. I may be a bit paranoid, but wanted to stay on the safe side as pretty much everything, I was put in place and connected to my phone. I went the full length and changed a lot of the settings for the accounts I have. Yet once, probably wasn't necessary, but safely.

    So if you feel yourself, just know that it is not created by apple and you at least have to reset your settings.

    I hope that it doesn't matter what lightens!

    PS Ce isn't a screenshot I took, this is one I found on another thread stackexchange (source: http://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/124771/is-the-message-you-must-change-y our-passcode-within-60-minutes-valid-non...). Although he is exactly got me

    Please, it is an old problem that you have learned you looked in the forums before proceeding with such a long and useless post. I'm sure you mean well, but one of the elements discussed in the communities of Apple - terms of use support is first search the forums about your problem before posting. Scams such as these were widespread and often identified - too often.

  • activation lock (iphone 6s) told my MAID ID Apple"cannot be used to unlock the iphone. »

    I reset my phone to delete all data and settings. Don't want to sell I just did this because I wanted to clear space and I have always done this way without any problems. Once I reset it asked me to choose my language and country, then WiFi. After I walked in that I see the lock of the Activation screen. I get my Apple ID, I used with this phone and password and he told me '[email protected]' cannot be used to unlock the iPhone. "After you enter my apple ID and password several times, I tried using past apple ID and they no longer work. I don't know what to do, I tried to remove my camera of find my iPhone after I saw that as an option in the face of this problem, and that didn't work either because my phone showed "offline". Help, please.

    When you went to iCloud.com since a desktop browser and saw the device as long as it is in offline mode, do you have it removed from your account? You should be able to do after you have selected the delete option (even if it is in offline mode) or in the drop devices, there should be an 'X' next to your device. After that, reboot your device and start implementing screens.

    Do your you're on Wi-Fi good during the editing process. Bottom line, a manager of the Apple Store may remove the lock, but you'll need a receipt.

  • You can unlock an iPhone 7 from its supplier of the Sim Card? And if so, how?

    I am currently with three and you have an iPhone on the 02 network 7. Is it possible to unlock the iPhone so I can use my sim card, or is it not possible for the 7 yet?

    If it is possible, how would go about to do?

    Thanks in advance!

    Only the carrier, that the device is locked can authorize an unlock of the device. You will need to contact them to see if they provide unlocking services and if you are eligible. If you, then follow the directions. If this isn't the case, you will need to wait until you do.

  • How to unlock my iphone 6 icloud

    1. Hello, I'm Xhulian Lici.
      I am writing because I locked my iphone with icloud id, my friend I Don this iphone 6 but was locked with icloud I want to unlock my iPhone from iCloud, but first of all, how I unlock my iphone and secondly I did not have enough money to pay the payment for this reason that I want you to now without money after I promise you I'll send my money when I have money to my family. which means that in the other months, but I need my iphone now to lesson.please help me I am from Albania and my economic status isn't right please help m

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    The only person who can unlock the phone, it's the person who's Apple ID was used to lock. You will need to contact your friend.

  • How to unlock my iphone 5

    I buy an iphone 5 from best buy, but it has been locked by sprint, I called sprint and use the 'live chat' for the sprint, but they say cannot unlock my iphone 5, because my iphone 5 is not a sprint device, but why the iphone 5 locked by sprint?

    can you help me to unlock my iphone 5, the meid number is *, thanks!

    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    You will need to address this issue with Best Buy or Sprint. Apple do not unlock phones, and there is no one from Apple on this forum.

  • can not be used to unlock this iPhone. !!!! What should I do?

    can not be used to unlock this iPhone. !!!! What should I do? This message appears when I type my apple ID: SCOTT its my work laptop I neeedddd help urgenttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    If you see the lock of Activation screen after update your iOS device, you want to try the following:

    -Restart your iOS device and try to connect again.

    -Visit appleid.apple.com and log in to ensure that your password is correct.  If you change something here, only to change your password.  Try to connect again on the iPhone.

    -Connect on iTunes on a computer and put your Apple ID and password when it prompts you (as it did on your iOS device).

    -ICloud.com check in the settings.  If you see your iOS device listed, remove account (do not erase or hit lost mode). Restart your device and try to reconfigure.

    -These measures should solve most of the problems.  For someone else, you will need to contact Apple (1-800-MY-APPLE or getsupport.apple.com).

    I hope that helps!

  • Unlock my iPhone 5s (SIM) for use in the Canada


    I am writing from Chile, and I live in Canada for 1 year, so I need to get my iPhone is available for use with a SIM card of this country.
    I asked my carrier (Entel) and they said that there is nothing to do about it, so I'm asking here, please.

    Thank you very much!


    Only your cellular provider can unlock the phone with their service. Nobody else can. This a forum for users, so we do not have the ability to unlock the iPhones of their cellular service providers. You will need to discuss why they cannot or will not unlock your phone for you.

  • I want to unlock my iphone 6

    I want to unlock my iphone 6 & stay with existing carrier. Do I have to support my phone if I don't want to change carriers.

    Who better help, ATT or Apple store.

    You will need to contact the carrier, the device is locked and ask for the unlock code. As a customer of AT & T, you can use their online application form to see if you qualify. If you approve, you will receive an email with instructions on what to do. Eventually you will restore the unit to the factory, and then you can restore your backup after that, then Yes, make sure you have created a new backup.  https://www.att.com/deviceunlock/#/



    Hi jonfromharrow,

    Thank you for contributing to the communities of Apple Support.

    You're asking about unlocking your iPhone then it can be used with other carriers (cellular)?

    If so, your original carrier has unlock the device before it can be used with other networks. How to unlock your iPhone for use with another carrier has detailed information about the process.

    If you need unlock the lock screen before joining wireless networks, try setting the password / settings Touch ID -use a password with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

    All the best.

  • How to unlock my iphone 5, because my contract has expired?

    How to unlock my iphone5 because my contract has expired? Thank you.

    Hey nebo700,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Community Support from Apple! I understand you want to unlock your iPhone for use with another carrier. I can certainly understand wanting to be able to use the carrier of your choice, and I am happy to share information.

    You will be able to find all the information on how to unlock your iPhone here: How to unlock your iPhone

    See you soon!

  • unlocked my iPhone using apple 6 all ok Center of missing games after reboot. How can I load game Center?

    Center of games missing after you have unlocked the iPhone 6.  How can I reload game Center?

    What iOS you're on?

    The game Center app on iOS 10, is no longer available.
    You can access in your phone settings

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