I phone 6 more does not

My iPhones 6 + will not turn on the first launched the prayers of screen with lines through it back I power off then do tried resetting would be stuck in power or reset to mode will not cut back on at all it is the charge that I don't know what to do to make it run?  If I went back to get another I have no way to eradicate it from my phone with all my information?


Follow the instructions If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch won't turn on - Apple Support

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  • My i phone 6 more does not start

    My i phone 6 more does not start. Battery has been fully charged prior to stop phone work

    Did you follow the instructions in the document to support that you logged on the forum of? If so, under what to do then you contact Apple technical support. If you did that?

  • I need to export contacts as vCard iCloud to able to use android phone, but it does not work

    I need to export contacts as vCard iCloud to able to use android phone, but it does not work

    Help, please

    We need more than "does not work" to be useful.

    How do you try? Is there an error message?

  • Personal hotspot USB modem Windows 10 & iPhone 6 s more does not.


    I'm unable to use my personal Hotspot via USB with my iPhone 6 s more and Windows 10.

    Personal hotspot works via wifi, iTunes can recognize my device and windows Explorer.

    When I turn on personal hotspot via the usb port on my phone though, Windows network is not picking it up.

    There is no new detected internet connection.

    I think that it is a problem of driver under windows 10.

    No matter who ate any ideas on how to fix it?

    I've done several reboots of both phone and PC, plus an uninstall, reboot, reinstall iTunes

    My personal hotspot stopped working completely immediately after the 9.3.1 update on my 6s +. It does not seem to have any correlation with Wondows 10. I use my hotspot everyday for businesses, and it worked fine (though often wayward) on Windows 10 with iOS 9.3. Often it took to turn the hotspot on / off several times before that Windows recognize it. I get nothing now when I allow it. No blue banner high and certainly no link available with Windows 10. It seems that Apple has missed something again. I was curious, able to get yours you worked?

  • My iphone6s more does not give me the option to use live wallpaper and also direct mode for the camera application icon will not be displayed.

    IF I want to use my function Live Photos, but I noticed that the live photo icon does not appear. So I went to see if I could use the feature live wallpaper and it does give me a feature live wallpaper either. I have the IPhone 6 s more. I just want to know how activate it really want to use the feature live picture, thank you.

    IS your phone mode low power?

  • HP Slate 7 more does not connect to iPhone personal hotspot

    My new tablet, slate 7 more, c. 4.2.2 kernel v. 3.1.10 - g2630132 does not connect to my iPhone 4, ios 7.0.6.

    The Tablet works fine on wifi router database connections.

    The Tablet sees different iPhones when the personal hotspots are active on these phones and I can enter the security keys.  The Tablet shows "signal strength Excellent and"WPA2 PSK security."  However when I press "Connect" the Tablet shows the hotspot iPhone simply as 'Saved, secure with WPA2.'  The Tablet does not actually connect.

    My goal by purchasing this tablet had a portable device that I could work out my phone personal hotspot.

    Suggestions, or can someone point me to a FAQ tip or tech that I might have missed?

    Thank you.


    I was able to connect to Iphone 4S my son without problem.

    I had to make sure I typed the passkey precisely, and by clicking on the check box "Show characters" did help.

    I've seen some messages on the internet where there is Android devices connection problems if the phone name had special characters in it, but we still managed using a name such as "batman Iphone 4»

    You can also make sure there is no special characters in the name just to be safe.

  • Phone formatting pages does not correctly.

    All pages of phone are too small and pinned to the left margin in the iPhone Safari browser. When it is connected with edge inspect everything works perfectly except that I can scroll right equal or more width of page.   Property width 380 single column page 380.  Inspect edge seems to show the width of much larger page.  It worked well before the launch in British Colombia.

    Mobile devices to zoom out to view the contents of a web page. If there is content outside the right of the page "" mode Design of Muse, then a mobile browser will zoom out 'too far' and thus see the area to the right of your page.

    In Muse use select all (with all the layers/elements unlocked) to find the items that protrude beyond the right edge of the page or master pages, applied to the page.

    If this does not appear to explain the behavior that you see, please provide the URL of your site. Thank you.

  • Iphone6 more does not illuminate

    Can not turn on my iphone6 more


    Follow the instructions here > If your iPhone does not turn on

  • How can I reset phone? Keyboard does not work

    My phone has water damage. The replacement phone came and I try to erase / reset the damaged phone to send it back. The touch screen does not work. How hard reset the phone?

    Since the defective screen is probably due to water damage, not many at least form the phone itself. You can try to restore as new to iTunes on a computer.

    Use iTunes on your Mac or PC to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod settings - Apple Support

  • My phone i 5 does not light

    Hi one day I went to update my iphone 5 and he remained on the screen to update and then it went black and no more lights so I thought it was dead, so I tried to load it, but still nothing so I left it on the charger all night and when I woke up still nothing it does all I did everything all the world but always told me nothing someone can help me

    kionah. Mosely says:

    Hi one day I went to update my iphone 5 and he remained on the screen to update and then it went black and no more lights so I thought it was dead, so I tried to load it, but still nothing so I left it on the charger all night and when I woke up still nothing it does all I did everything all the world but always told me nothing someone can help me

    Please indicate in detail 'I did everything that everyone told me'.

    This way someone does not respond with a troubleshooting tip that you have already tried.

  • When you perform the Windows Vista phone activation, it does not connect to a real person, said, "technical problem, contact later.

    Original title: I have activation of windows vista problem. When I go through the activation of the phone, it does not connect to a real person. simply said, 'technical problem, contact later.

    I have the problem of activation of windows vista. When I go through the activation of the phone, it does not connect to a real person. simply said, 'technical problem, contact later. Microsoft India has no real people to answer calls? My product is boxed CD purchased at retail store.


    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    I'm sorry to know that you are facing problems to activate Windows Vista and communicate with the support of the Activation.

    It would be useful that you could answer this question to help you further.

    What happens exactly when you try activation online? You receive messages or error codes?

    Here are a few articles that will provide you with information about the execution of activation and fixation of any problems associated with it.

    How to activate Windows Vista

    Resolve activation problems

    If you are unable to contact a live person to perform Windows activation, you can contact Microsoft Customer Service and check if that helps.

    Technical support of Microsoft India

    How and when to contact Microsoft and support Customer Service

    Hope the helps of information.

    If you need assistance in the future to resolve any issues related to Windows, post your query and we will be happy to help you.

  • BlackBerry phone Q10 (q10) does not work after a reset of the safety

    I did a wipe of security that yesterday since I can't make or receive calls, sms messages or anything of the these, cant access my list of contacts, camera or photos. I can't put even in air time so basically its just do nothing. Calls are on the list of calls from well miss that when I click on call, nothing happens and my screen does not show anything when the call is incoming that it sounds yet. I tried a full reboot, registering the phone and nothing works, when I click on an icon, nothing happens even on the tutorial icon and it also crashes network settings

    Try this... let the Q10 power, remove the battery AND the SIM card and the card holders (if present).

    Let the SIM card, insert the battery to reboot and see what all works or does not work.

    You are connected to a WiFi router?  Can you connect to one?

  • photosmart HP b210a more does not connect to the server.

    I installed this new printer a few days ago and it works wireless laptop problem, phone and pad. So now all of a sudden I can't print wireless. The printer says does not connect to the server if the wireless works. The wireless working on my computer too. Repeatedly, I installed the installer hp for Lion, I installed the drivers from HP on the Apple site.

    Technical specification:

    iMac running Lion

    Mac Book under Snow Leopard


    iPhone 3 g

    AT & T Uverse router

    Thanks to anyone who can help!

    The router rebooted, reinstalled again and it seems to work? Don't know what went wrong.

  • Citing the phone dial pad does not always

    Hi all

    I need to call phone telephone keypad with number pre-filled, however Phone::requestDialpad does not always work. If the phone application has never been used for startup of the phone, then calling Phone::requestDialpad evokes it without switching to the keypad (if so I manually go, I can see it filled with the number, I have passed to requestDialpad). When I close the phone application and call Phone::requestDialpad from within my application again, everything starts to work - phone application appears and switches on the dial pad.

    Is this a known problem or I do something wrong? I have also reviewed as part of Invocaion, but the manual is not described anything to activate keypad - only for phone calls and showing the call log. Is there a MIME type or action to show just Dial Pad with pre-populated number?


    I've already logged a bug:


    Related topic:


    As a temporary workaround solution begins the composition directly from the app:

    bb::system::phone::Phone phone;
    phone.initiateCall("phone number");
  • Your smart phone BlackBerry Smartphones does not have system requirements that are needed to support the BB App World


    My latest lamp died with a JVM. I just replaced today and I want to retrieve my downloaded applications. After I restored the device of BlackBerry Desktop, any of my downloaded apps are there. I have a brand new 9860, together running 7.1.  I run the App World. He told me to upgrade. When I followed the upgrades of the screen, I get an error message: notice: sorry your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support the BB App World. I have a brand new phone has so first question... I can update App World on Wi - FI. or should I do my first phone company data Plan? I've been running my old phone without data plan but enjoying use BBM and cell phone. Not happy.

    Yes, hopefully soon... I know that the right people are aware of the "incorrect" error message

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    When I choose "Music" on my phone, that's all I get. nothing else. I have 3 500 + songs on the phone. Someone at - it's not how I work around this stupid service and back to my o music

  • Pencil of Apple not recognized after update 9.21

    Hi guys 9.21 yesterday on my ipad pro upgrade and now its telling me my apple pencil is not certified and not recognizable. It won't register for matching and will not charge because it is not recognized. Can someone tell how can I solve this please.

  • Want 1125dx m6: m6 1125dx with SSD want modernization, are there restrictions?

    I am interested in swapping my current HARD drive and replacing it with an SSD. Are there limitations on the SSD size I can install? A 1 TB will work or am I limited to 512 GB or something like that?Are there complications that I should be aware of a