I receive a notice of Java Auto Updater when I turn, I can't seem to do anything

When I turn on my PC, I often notice that I must give permission to user account control to allow Java to do an update to Java. It does not seem to cause any problems other than the nuisance to delete the message. I tried a; PW update, but nothing seemed to happen. I don't know how to get the update of Java to occur, or to prevent the notifications.  Any suggestions?

Hello Bill,

Thanks for posting your question on the Forum of the Microsoft community.

To disable Java update notifications, I suggest you try the following steps and check.

a. click the Start button and then click Control Panel.

b. type Java in the start search box, and click on the 'Java' link that appears in the search results list. The Java Control Panel window opens.

c. Select the tab "Update" from the top of the Java Control Panel window.

d. uncheck the box titled "Check for Updates automatically."

e. click on "Never check" when you are prompted to confirm your choice.

f. click OK to save the changes and close the Java Control Panel.

You can also download and install the latest Java updates from this link:

I hope this information helps.

Please let us know if you need more help.

Thank you

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    Hi Carriesmum,

    This isn't an error message that it would take place usually if an update has been installed and it must configure when you restart th.

    But this should not happen at every reboot.

    First of all, I would say that you wait for the process to complete and then check if the problem persists.

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    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.

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  • Windows Installer has withdrawn the product. Product name: Java Auto Updater. Product version: Product language: 1033. Manufacturer: Sun Microsystems, Inc. returning success or error: 1603.

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    Then why did you uninstall Java?

    What is your software "good anti-virus?

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    Let us know if this solved the problem.

  • which is updated when you turn off your computer

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    When you stop your desktop computer, how could anything updated? This is the stop.

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    • To change the name (for example, delete the .exe and capitalize)
    • Click on finish

    2. click and drag your new shortcut to the right side of the desktop temporarily.

    3. click on start > all programs, and then right-click on start and select open

    4. drag your new shortcut in the startup folder and close the file

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    I have a laptop DELL Lattitude 420.

    I installed the software Blackberry "BOLD".

    Everything works fine. So far so good.

    My laptop has 2Gig RAM and it's very fast to start when it is first turned on.

    However, the start-up time is 5 minutes from now when I have to turn it on and then can start using other applications on my laptop.

    Because the "BOLD" Blackberry Desktop Manager takes so long to get into action.

    Why the BB Desktop Manager tries to turn on automatically whenever I start up the laptop?

    How can I disable my BB Desktop Manager so to start as soon as my computer is turned on?

    See my post here to find out how to disable that


  • JAVA 7 7 update has been installed, do I uninstall JAVA 6 update 7?

    Hello, everyone-

    I have windows XP/SP3 with IE v. 8.0.6001.18702.  I received a notice that java 7 day 7 was ready to be installed and that it would be aninstall java 6 update 7 when he did.

    installation of java 7 went well, but when I look at my list of programs, java 6 is still there.  of course it does not have uninstalled after all.

    Java advises to uninstall older versions when a newer version is installed.  then, when even the java 7 do not uninstall java 6 as it was supposed to, this safe for me uninstall java 6 via "Add/Remove Programs"?

    Thank you, kind and generous people who meet our Qs!

    -susie margaret

    PS - I also write this Q in the forum ' windows/windows XP/install-upgrade - enable '.  If I'm not supposed to post a Q in two forums at the same time, please advise me and put it in any forum you think most appropriate.  Thank you.

    From Java 6 update 10, the uninstaller built into each new version uses the automatic update improved to automatically remove the previous version, when updating to a newer version of the update. This does not alter the old versions before those installed before the update 10, so they must be deleted manually.

    If the automatic update does not work properly, the correct way is to delete all older versions first you may need to reboot several times for registry changes to files/folders to be removed correctly... affect.and then install the latest version of Java, when you have finished.

  • Firefox worked FINE yesterday and it auto-updated and now whenever I load the Web site, it crashes immediately, even in safe mode. Help please?

    I tried the following-
    refreshed Firefox
    uninstalled/reinstalled firefox
    safe mode
    removed the malwarebytes program due to work for someone else
    has ran my spyware, zero results returned

    Chrome works very well. Everything else is fine. Firefox had no problem until it auto update last night. I can't submit a crash report because every time he asks me I say Yes and then he tells me 'problem presentation report '.

    This looks like a problem with the NVIDIA Network Access Manager.

    • BP-db6d3841-B1A5-49B3-b0bf-4bdac2151222

    There is a version of Firefox 43.0.2 planned to block this NVIDIA driver, you can try to install through this site:

    Otherwise, you can check the control panel so you can find "NVIDIA Network Access Manager" or "NVIDIA ForceWare Network Manager" and uninstall this software.

  • How to install a driver after you turn off the auto-update

    I disabled auto-update Windows Update drivers by following the instructions in the following article:

    It was due to the update of Windows Installer drivers on top of my existing bluetooth drivers and prevent the unit to work. I had to reinstall Windows to solve this, UN-installing then the installation of the Dell printer drivers did not work.
    I just bought a Freecom 2 to drive that connects via eSATA. Unfortunately, the instructions say that I don't need to install drivers because Windows will do it automatically! Ugh.
    I am reluctant to turn to the auto-update as it will probably destroy bluetooth again. So the question is: How can I install Freecom drivers and the problem of bluetooth do not breed take the risk?
    Note: Looking at the dialog box "want you Windows to download the driver software? ' there is an option to" install the driver software from Windows Update if it does not appear on my computer.
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    Thanks in advance.

    "the fact that the manual says that he needs a driver to be"automatically installed by the operating system"suggests that... he needs Windows Update."

    (1) while I don't have an external HARD drive in a box I have a case of a slot for external e-SATA replaceable hot which is about the same as a commercial external HDD, but without the box.
    When I plug in a HARD drive into the slot in Windows automatically detects the drive.
    Windows should automatically install the drivers for basic/generic for most of the devices when it detects something new just to be attached/connected. Once Windows did, this 'device' must be posted from there on.
    This is not the same thing as let the Windows updates to install the drivers.

    So, when you plug in the external hard drive on e-SATA port, the first time Windows pops up a similar message to-"new device detected... the driver installation, you can check if the device is detected and drivers are installed by going to computer management > Device Manager to see if your external HARD drive is on the list of hard drives."
    If non - R / click on hard drives and click "search physical changes.
    There is also an option here to update the drivers.

    You are quite correct disable optional updates.
    It is not a recommended option, especially for the graphics drivers and chipset.
    Personally, if the mfg of the material provides drivers on their website always download and install the drivers manually.
    As a result of that it is prudent to updated Windows configuration only updates are available so you can choose which you want to install and choose to install it on your own time inform.
    This way you can close applications and browsers and better to avoid the possibility of corruption updated leaving the priority update. It is also
    more course with a clean install of Windows to start with sp1, and then do the other updates in small batches.

    2. when the HARD drive is connected and recognized in the Device Manager are moving
    for the computer management > disk management. This shows the good
    for HARD drive capacity?
    If the HARD drive has only a small partition and unallocated space that is perhaps why only a small capacity is shown elsewhere.  You can format the HARD drive and
    create a new Partition or Partitions here.

    "b if I uninstall/remove device, then as soon as I tried to install the driver from the manufacturer it seemed to install ok, but... still bluetooth didn't work." It simply detects all devices everything I tried. »

    Have you tried the fix .NET? .NET can be damaged and should be
    updated in all cases.
    It's been awhile, so I don't remember why (safety improvement?) but I uninstalled .NET and reinstalled with. NET4.
    DOWNLOAD: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) - Microsoft Download Center - Download details


  • I receive a notice of extension update manager

    I receive a notice of extension update manager but still fails the U44M1P7 error code. I already downloaded and installed the same last version 6.0.8

    Why do I receive a notice that I need?

    U44M1P7 - updates: http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/error-u44m1p7-installing-updates-ccm.html

    ... a solution to this problem.

    1. launch of CC App (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)

    2. go to HELP-> UPDATES

    3. He will start Adobe Application Manager, then uncheck the BOX ALL of Adobe CSXS Infrastucture 4 files (910 KB) under all of your applications up-to-date.

    4. click on the REFRESH"" button.

    U44M1P7, U44M2P7 - CC help / cannot apply the extensions 6.0.2 update manager | Mac OS:


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    I googled a lot of answers about stopping the automatic update of firefox. But unable to do it and not be able to use the functionality offered in the context of the browser. I have to do this deliberately to have my selenium framework support the static browser version like every last updated maybe not having a ready selenium supported server.

    I did what follows, but not luck.

    (1) tools-> Options-> advanced-> update-> Set to "never check...". ». After reboot, the option is set to "automatically install...". ».
    (2) in the about: config-> set the following as below:

    ----- app.update.url = null
    ----- app.update.url.details = null
    ----- app.update.url.manual = null
    ----- app.update.mode = 0
    ----- app.update.silent = false

    But still when I go to-> Firefox; Updates automatically start the download.

    Is there a solution to stop the auto-update feature and I would like to download/upgrade to update firefox by me manually. Why build it in function does not work?

    Am on company Win7 64-bit Service Pack 1.

    "But still when I go to-> Firefox; Updates automatically start the download. "

    This isn't the automatic update, causing the update - it triggers a manual update when you open Firefox. At least until this was changed in Firefox 37.0

    IMO, when using selenium, you would be better served by using the version of ESR (Extended Support Release) of Firefox. He receives an update of major version of each 8 quick release version updates. You receive security updates without the major version change, and without receiving all of the new features like the release of versions have. ESR is intended 'institutional', but there is no ban on regular users by using ESR.


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