I recently bought a new camera from Sony a7 - ii.  the first time I tried to import raw images taken with it (with a. Suffix ARW) the program says "Preview not available for this file" and then "files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightr

I recently bought a new camera from Sony a7 - ii.  the first time I tried to import raw images taken with it (with a. Suffix ARW) the program says "Preview not available for this file" and then "files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom" I have the most updated version, I think as 5.7.  What should I do to get these files imported as raw files?

Hi Bobsirkus,

The camera you have is compatible with the latest version of Lightroom, which is Lightroom 6/CC.

Please see the list of the camera supported by Lightroom: supported by Adobe Camera Raw devices

You can use the DNG Converter, converts images and then import them into DNG in Lightroom.

Kind regards


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    I use a Canon 1DX Mk II, with the latest version of the firmware.02 and I can not seem to move away the following message: "Preview not available for this file.  He constantly shows up on my camera when I try to download images from LR CC 2015.

    I'm more and more desperate to find a solution.  Canon has been very helpful and worked with me to ensure that the latest firmware of the camera is correctly installed, but I keep getting this message that I am trying to download RAW images cannot be previewed.

    I've talked to Adobe phone representatives now at least twice and they continue to say that it must be a problem of camera, which I seriously doubt.

    I'm a Mac user with OS X El Capitan, Version 10.11.5 as my system.   I also installed the latest drivers for supported OS camera.

    I am looking for any help I can find.

    What version of Lightroom you have? This device requires at least 2015.5.

    Go to help > about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to see the version.

    Have you tried to copy the files on your computer, first of all and then import?

  • When you try to import photos, I get an error that says that the preview is not available for this file.

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    Some additional information. I received these photos of my granddaughter of my son with Dropbox. I checked the files under properties and found that they were listed as "some blocked properties" so I checked the box to 'unlock' and click on apply. The blocked message went away. Then, I took the original photos out of the folder of file they were in. I went back to LR and made sure those grey boxes with the Preview is not available for this file was missing. Then I went to the new files with the status of unlock in a new folder and tried to import into LR... same thing happens again! UGH

    Hi rsobieski,

    Could you please copy the images of Dropbox in a new folder on the computer/pictures folder.

    Also, then try again to import images into Lightroom and also please check if you have read and write permissions on the images.

    Kind regards


  • Sony Rx1Rii "Preview not available for this file.

    I have a new camera, just out this week: Sony Rx1Rii

    My Adobe 5.7.1 displays "Outlook not available for this file" when I downloaded my Raw + JPEG files by the reader.

    I contacted Adobe and I was told that I had to go to 6.

    I was assured that 6 Lightroom would read my files for the Sony Rx1Rii.

    I upgraded and still experiences the same problem.

    The seller gave me the phone number for technical support who said 'we can not help you' and gave me the link for the chat support who said 'we can not help you' and gave me your link

    Can you help me? Please?

    Hi doublezd,

    II RX1R from Sony (DSC-RX1RM2) is supported by Lightroom 6.3

    Click on the link below for supported camera.

    Devices supported by Adobe Camera Raw

    Could you please check and confirm the version of Lightroom you use?

    I hope this helps.

    ~ UL

  • Why do I get a "not available for this file overview.

    When you try to upload photos with a key USB cable iPhone 6 in Lightroom 6, I get, "Preview not available for this file" for just about all the images except for a few.  I'm not able to import images... any ideas on why this is happening?  All systems updated.  This only happens when you try to import the iPhone.  Very frustrating.

    A fews weeks ago seemed to solve the problem by checking the "Prevent ipods, iphones and ipads of automatic synchronization" box in the iTunes/device preferences, but now it doesn't seem to work.

    Any thoughts on why this is happening?  Thanks a lot for your help!


    Hi Paul,.

    Could you please try and move the images from the phone to a folder on your computer and then try and import the images in LR in this folder.

    Please let us know if it helps.

    Kind regards


  • Import: Preview not available for this file

    My Nokia icon has an option to make two versions of a photo, JPEG, and DNG.

    When I'm in the import dialog box and select the camera as an import source, the DNG files do not have an overview. They have the words "Preview not available for this file.". But, if I double click on the preview, it shows the picture very well.

    I don't understand this. If LR can read the file properly, why not show a preview in the import dialog box?

    The workaround solution to copy the files on your hard disk before importing does not surprise me that he "fixed" the problem.

    The problem (do not find a JPG Preview in the DNG file) seems odd.

    When you connect your device to the computer with the USB cable, the camera has to pretend to be a hard drive. Most cameras do the smallest amount of suitor who then can with impunity. Sometimes they don't quite get this right in what they do; Sometimes they do enough. This is one of the main reasons that using a card reader is always recommended.

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    I use LR 4.4, but it did not work properly since I got my new camera (Canon 70 d). When you try to import, I get the error message "Preview not available for this file. I got lucky better connection of the device with a usb cable, which allow me to see the jpg images, but he wouldn't let me see the raw images (.cr2). I would solve this problem by opting for the LR5?

    I use LR 4.4 on a Windows 7 PC.

    Thanks for any help that can be provided.


    Support for the Canon 70 d was introduced with LR version 5.2. See the link below.

    Camera Raw plugin | Supported devices

  • the old preview not available for this file?

    just bought a lumix, taken to view raw lx7.  no problem importing raw in my mac using lr4 files.

    When I try to import the same file in an acer aspire one notebook I get the following error message:

    the files are a camera which is not recognized by the raw format support in LR.

    in th lr import Panel, I get the following:

    Preview is not available for this file.

    Anyone know what is happening?

    I am able to import JPEG files.

    Support for the LX7 came with LR4.2. You have the version installed on your laptop?

  • LR5 do not recognize the D500 raw files "Preview not available for this file.

    5 Lightroom, Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw all running on the latest version of the software / update.

    Bought the new Nikon D500 and have failed with the import of raw files in LR.

    I have read other threads on this topic but am short yet to come. Help, please!

    This device requires 6.5 Lightroom or camera raw 9.5 or later. The "latest version" of Lightroom 5 not will provide support for this camera. And the only camera raw version that will support the camera is only compatible with Lightroom CC 2015. You'll either be upgraded Lightroom and Photoshop, or else you can download and use the free DNG Converter to create copies of your NEF, DNG files.

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    Hello... I have a Mac with Capitan and Lightroom 6. I tried to import the fotos of Canon 100 D 3 times: the first time, he said: no preview available for all photos, 2nd time he showed me some photos and preview unavailable rest, 3º repeatedly all unavailable. Please help me... I m new to lightroom. I tried to uncheck graphics processor, but it didn t work.

    Thank you

    Take the card out of the camera and using a card reader.

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    I lived a long session helps with Microsoft, the result was that it is not their problem, and I need to contact Adobe.

    What do you suggest me?

    Joan Nagle

    [email protected]

    Please post this question in the forum of Acrobat. Make sure you provide details of the exact symptoms by trying to launch Acrobat or use Acrobat in the output of the printer inside MS Publisher.


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    Tell us the EXACT Word error message in Word.

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