I removed a fake spyware and now I can't get on the internet

Before you remove the spyware thing, I could get on the internet without any problem.  To remove it, I started in safe mode and ran SuperAntiSpyware.  That I ran it after a start normal and everything was fine except that I can't go on the internet. .

I can boot into safe mode or normal boot.  In a normal start, I also have the box that says: ' MCRD Device Service has encountered a problem and needs to close.  In both cases, when I look at the connections, the State said acquiring a network address.  It doesn't matter if I try to connect wireless or wired. Same results.  It seems that it is connected but cannot move to the next step.  Clearly, browsers can not see the internet.

I ran LSPfix and he said all right.  I also tried to fix with windsock with REPAIR to SuperAntiSpyware

What should I do now?

The answers I got from this site has been wonderful.  Finally the last part of the fix was this.  Avast says afd.sys has been infected, so I said delete it.  I looked and he was always there.  So I went to Windows\system32\drivers\afd.sys and renamed.  Problem solved.  All in all, I removed about 10 viruses but the rootkit fought back and wouldn't remove it Avast.  Once I did that, Avast! and Microsoft msert.exe said that I own.  All the anti spyware said that I own.  I can see with a wire and wireless internet.  You are great

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