I replaced a file accidentally, I didn't replace, is it possible to cancel replace it?

I replaced a file accidentally, I didn't replace, is it possible to cancel replace it?


I replaced a file accidentally, I didn't replace, is it possible to cancel replace it?


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    I recently got 'Class not registered' when you try to open my PDF files. This didn't happen before the last 2 days

    Hi Meenakshi,

    Thanks for getting back to me. The problem is solved now. We had to reinstall Acrobat DC who, for some reason, had disappeared.

    Regards, Randy

  • In Adobe Acrobat 10.0.0 comparing two pdf files, it automatically locks. Can you please share how to avoid this type of comparison file accidents?

    Hi all

    In Adobe Acrobat 10.0.0 comparing two pdf files, it automatically locks. Can you please share how to avoid this type of comparison file accidents? If anyone with the idea, please share it.

    Hi sathishk15640596,

    Follow this thread to reset the Acrobat preferences:- How to reset preference settings in format Acrobat.

    If you are on Windows OS, open Acrobat, go to the Help menu and repair the installation.

    I would like to know is what happening to the entire document or certain act.

    Please check with another account user as well as to reproduce the problem.

    Kind regards


  • I downloaded accidentally twice 2 images, is it possible to cancel?

    I downloaded accidentally twice 2 images, is it possible to cancel?


    I apologize because we have no possibility of unlicense an image.

    But I added a credit to your account for the same thing.

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • If files are deleted in the cloud, it is possible to bring back?

    If files are deleted in the cloud, it is possible to bring back?

    Hey jeryw1878800,

    I'm sorry, but if you deleted files from the storage of the clouds, then you may not be able to recover.

    If you have files that are stored on your desktop, then you can again Save Document cloud.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • Media offline file / accidentally deleted

    Good evening
    I put a few video clips in first in offline mode, but the option that they remain on the drive, I was wrong and put to eliminate...

    How can I retrieve these video clips? I have no backup and very important...

    Sorry my English

    fabioreis87 wrote:

    Is it possible to recover?

    I'm not an expert in managing media first offline so I can't talk about this to a great mastery. However, just in case your files have really been deleted, either by the first feature, or something else, I wanted to say the following...

    I had success myself to recover deleted files... below is info of my experience... it may or may not be useful for you...

    Whenever files are actually deleted from the storage medium of the computer, beyond all the features 'Trash' or 'Recycle Bin', the space on the storage media (hard drive or another) is usually returned to the operating system. This usually occurs by the operating system just mark the file as now available for re-use space. In most cases, I've personally seen over the years, when dealing with the accidental deletion of true, a user is best to avoid any use of the computer as much as possible until recovery mechanisms are determined. Any use of your computer, especially, nothing of such software uninstall/reinstall, save documents, even check email etc., cause all the operating system to use existing free space on the storage media, where some of this free space can contain your deleted files, those you want to recover.

    If the feature to delete first offline media does not use the bins or baskets, then it looks like your files might well have been removed as part of the operation of this service option, that you have chosen by accident (to delete instead of keep). If this is the case, these files may well be recoverable according to its configuration, operating system, file systems that you use and how you have used your computer since the incident. If you have reduced its use, you can collect some or all of the files. You'll be able to recovery is indeterminate until actually trying to recovery.

    Note that if the OS of your PC has a file system or the disk driver configured to permanently remove the files after deletion, you can probably get them, but I never heard of this type of installation by default for most users.

    Usually deleted files are available for immediate recovery. The chances of recovery of right kind of come down while you continue to use your system... it's because the free space of the disk (which is currently deleted file data) is used by your activity as a user (e.g., write new documents, copy files, software installation, checking email... anything that uses disk space).

    A bad analogy but perhaps effective, consider the following: a disc resembles a cabinet with drawers in which you (the operating system) can place documents. When you (the operating system) "delete" documents, you (the operating system) marks the drawer as «ready to use», but the documents are always inside the drawer. When you need to store new documents, you (the operating system) are looking for a drawer marked as "ready to use", you open the drawer, remove the old documents and shred them (now are more recoverable) and your new documents in the drawer, and you mark the drawer as "in use, do not use." or something else. In this horrible analogy of mine, 'you' are the operating system... you use drawers that are 'ready to use', but you can see from this analogy that when you (the OS) delete files, simply mark you the drawers according to availability (your original data is always in there until you need to use this 'space' in the future). See?

    If the analogy above is bad because the systems files and records are more complex. For example, disks have sectors of bytes (512 bytes each on a PC). These sectors can be handled in some creative ways of operating systems... it's not important... the fact is that your files can always be there on disk sectors (or groups of sectors) that are marked as "ready to use" but they contain actually still your data. (Or they may not contain your data if you use your PC a lot, or maybe not a lot, but the operating system sometimes just use sectors. You cannot know up to enter the recovery process. There is no forecast here, only good Oi and better practical recovery... that do not guarantee anything for the most part)

    The whole point is that delete files on a PC is really striking space as 'available'... unless an operating system is configured differently, usually it not to wipe the data from the file. If you want to delete, most users use special software for that. I speak to you, however, based on the info that is at least two years... I didn't search for the problems of recovery in a long time... so things change all the time. I can't say what your OS did today... but my experience has always shown that BONES usually don't by default erase data... they just mark it as free and overwrite later only when space is needed. This means that recovery is typically the art and the chance to beat this reuse window correctly using the software recovery or recovery services data lost in the right way.

    There are other such anomalies that restore all files etc which software recovery tries to help doing... This can be more difficult depending on how you use your computer after you have removed the necessary files. If you are reusing a folder, you can "overwrite" file name and uses cleverly info directory as a resumption of the process.

    I have a PC and use Windows, so the in the past, I used PC/Windows-based recovery strategies. I used the following with success in the past...

    I have no affiliation with the companies. I just lost the files before and had great success recovering files with these tools.

    ... of the very important things...

    First of all, I'm kind of a techie so I can navigate in this type of software and the recovery of all treat fairly easily myself. For a typical user, maybe it's not feasible. Recovery services there, they cost money to use... I've never had to use it myself so I can't speak on what is good or not there. However, I bet that there are some very beautiful services rise. I think that one of the above may well have such a service... I don't know about you. In addition, most of these websites that offer recovery software will be guidelines that may help to explain things to you so that you can do yourself... their purpose is usually to help end-users, not just technicians, then you might want to read what recovery software provider web sites say (as above).

    Second, I don't have those above programs used in a long time. I finally used 5 years ago or something and before that as well... whenever I used, they helped me... they are looking for 'free space' on the disk and display the files that are found, let me recover.  I go to their site, whenever I lose a file like that and buy more later to recover when I need it.

    You can also search google more generally for 'file recovery software' and 'file recovery services'... you can even add your system such as "file recovery windows software ' or ' file recovery mac software" etc. Beware you ads from companies that cannot offer the best tools... when I found above, I watched mainly from comments, but should also play... these two companies above seem to always be around, they have always been my "go to" for recovery software, but if I was faced with this today, while I'd go probably on one or two of them still I also want to do a quick search to see what the latest critics say recovery. They may or may not be the best choice... I can't say.

    As mentioned, most of the software recovery and services have websites (as above) that explain some of the same information caveat. If you try to use recovery software, follow the steps in software vendors closely.

    Important note: If you choose to buy this software, be sure to do it from your touch PC. I recommend you DO NOT purchase highly or download new software from your PC affected, and as do not install it right to your existing PC which includes lost... files it is because the very act of download a new file can be replaced and replace the very files you want to recover. When you delete files, generally, they are still present, but they are somehow "hanging on a thread" because the operating system is allowed to crush them at any time when he needs to use the disc to store something... the operating system has done this kind of thing all the time, but when you minimize your use of the computer the operating system has much less to do if you tend to increase your chances of recovery. The less you use your computer, more lucky will not cause you the operating system to use the free space that can hold video files... BUT... by itself is also no guarantee... it's on the cover of the Records... avoiding a lot of use of the computer can increase your chances of recovery by limiting the use of the valuable "free space" that contains important data.

    Final score: The foregoing should not instantly make you happy that you will receive your files... You can't know if the recovery of files will work until it is carried out by a competent person (including you, if you do it properly right). You may have already used your computer enough that crushed some of your files as free space re-used by the operating system. You can't know until you try to recover. Recovery can get all, some or none of your files back, regardless of how careful you are after the erroneous deletion has occurred (your choice of the false option).

    I offer the foregoing only because I know how bad it feels accidentally delete files... but the above isn't me to share my experience in case it offers a glimpse. I can't guarantee anything.

  • file accidentally deleted pref.js

    I was copying pref.js but deleted instead. Can I get it replaced?

    IIRC on XP if you delete a file, then, by default it's going in the trash and you will have an option to recreate the deleted file. (Files on other players or aid; I think that; Shift delete permanently deletes).

    The prefs.js file will be created and changed that you manually re-create your configuration with changes to Firefox.

  • I have some encrypted files accidentally and cannot access it now. How can I get back them?

    I've been messing around with the parameters of property on some files and I found the encryption option and clicked on it.  I couldn't say it makes all the difference (ignorance), so I did not bother to deselect it.  It was a few months ago.  My computer recently crashed and I wiped it and reinstalled the operating system.  I keep all my files on an external hard drive, so I didn't save anything.  I went to access these old files after the computer is running again and realized that I can not open them now.  What should I do to decrypt?  Thank you!


    Since you don't back up your encryption keys, the data is inaccessible forever. Delete and move. There is no backdoor to EFS encryption. Next time be more careful about the use of the advanced features such as encryption without having to learn first about them. I'm sorry for your loss. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Recover files accidentally deleted after use RM - RF

    Hello. 6 days there, I'm trying to clean my trash, but an error pops up "the operation cannot be completed because the item is in use. After trying a few method, I found a solution using the: cd ~ /. Trash; rm - rf *. instead of cleaning my trash can (which is not), tht command delete all my means files.i all. with the exception of applications. Is it possible to get it back? or cancel the process? I'm using roadmap and always works right now. And im not save all the files and run only the roadmap for the last 6 days. Thank you.

    Without a backup, you will lose a bit of data. You must be very careful if you don't know exactly what you do on the command line that you discovered.

    Let the run file recovery and see what he can get it for you. The only other real option apart from another commercial file recovery program (I have no reason to believe that one is better than any other) is to turn off the machine and send it out to a professional data recovery service. Get ready for a Bill in the thousands, however, and no guarantee of recovered data.

  • How can I get my help and support in my menu start to start so I can use it? one of the tech told me that I had to reinstall the exe file, but it didn't help me find to reinstall the file.

    My help and support does not come to the top in my xp home computer. If I need to reinstall the program exe file, I can find to operate here? It is not on my computer.

    Hi Rex-36

    You can consult the services to see if the service is running. Click 'Start', click 'run' and in the Run dialog box, type "services.msc". On the page that has ensued, scroll down to "Help and support" and right click. Select 'Properties'. .  Look to see if the service is running and if this is not the case, click on the button to start the service. In the box "Startup type", make sure that it is in the type of start "Manual" or "automatic" . Click 'OK' and exit.

    I hope this helps.

  • I have deleated, files accidentally, in my Outlook Express, these files contain all of my folders. What can I retreve them?

    I some how put the folder main to the title of "remove items" and then deleted. I'm afraid I've lost. Help! CHUCK

    It is possible. Start by checking the Recycle Bin of Windows for BAK files for the records that you are missing. If you find, note the date of creation. Then check the storage folder of OE for BAK and DBX files for the missing files. If you find files, please post back before doing anything.
    The location of the message store.
    Tools | Options | Maintenance | Store folder will reveal the location of your Outlook Express files. Note the location and navigate on it in Explorer Windows or, copy and paste in start | Run.
    In Windows XP, Win2K & Win2K3 the OE user files (DBX and WAB) are by default marked as hidden. To view these files in Windows Explorer, you must enable Show hidden files and folders under start | Control Panel | Folder Options icon | Opinion, or in Windows Explorer. Tools | Folder options | View.
    If you cannot find all files, take a look at this tool.
    You may need to run in the extract from disk Mode if its normal recovery mode fails to find lost messages.
  • "Desktop.ini" file accidentally lost

    Operating system is windows vista and IE 8. Need help to recover the file and install it. Cannot open the IE favorites because of this missing file and don't know what else can happen. Thank you.

    Copy the desktop.ini file in the links folder.

    I hope I could help

  • How to restore deleted files accidentally in the homegroup

    Can anyone help? I was working on my laptop but I accidently deleted a file folder in the residential group, that the folder has disappeared from the homegroup. It is not in the Recycle Bin on my PC or my laptop. I've tried various searches of files but no luck? Anyone know how to find? I tried the tool "restore previous versions", but the file seems to have vaporized!  There was no chance of "undo" and I lost a lot of data and information.

    Same problem here, no matter what patch found?

  • How to restore the PSD file accidentally crushed by preview after the closing?


    I recently registered and closed a file psd with many layers, and now when I opened it again it is a flattened image.  According to me, which may occur in the East after closing photoshop, I wanted to take the last look at the image and opened it in preview.  After saw closing and stop of my laptop, I have opened the image this morning and now it is flattened but still a psd.  Usually an excerpt asking you if you want to make changes to the images, but I never got a notification (recently updated to Yosemite, then maybe this feature is no longer available)

    Is it possible to restore the psd for the last time that I saved it in photoshop?  I heard that there is a way to read your story/brush strokes in your last session (scripts?) but I'm not entirely sure of how this works.  Help, please!

    Thank you ~.

    Problem solved!

    It turns out that Preview has the opportunity to restore the images to what they were before the changes have been made.  By doing this I revenue the psd file flattened (flattened during the rotation of the image) to the original with layers.  For the future I will make sure that all of my images are locked in the window.

    Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!

  • The Adobe Photoshop CC files accidentally deleted Prog files? Is it uninstalled?


    I just buy Photoshop CC 2 months ago. By mistake I deleted Adobe files in programs and programs (X 84). in creative cloud Photoshop still exists. What can I do to reinstall photoshop?

    pls. awnser as soon as you can. Thank you verry mutch.

    Uninstall PS CC using its native uninstaller from Control Panel > & features of the program and install it using the creative cloud desktop application.

    ~ David

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