I restored the system backdated daily to remove scareware. Firefox does not load

A naughty site prompted me to a lot of Windows security to scna for threats. After I discovered that it was not authentic I ran a restore of the system and with retroactive effect of a day. Now Firefox does not load when I click on the desktop icon. I am running XP Pro, Firefox 9.0, Quickheal antivirus. What is a common fault?

You can run a clean installaation of 10 Firefox and check

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  • Firefox does not load the flash of the Firefox home page

    Firefox does not load the flash of the Firefox home page

    It's not Flash, but a film WebM.

    <video xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" poster="data:image/png;base64,<base64 data>" src="https://snippets.cdn.mozilla.net/media/files/e29ada39-11f4-4157-ae1c-1340d9455692.webm"></video>

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem.

    • Put yourself in the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance
    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the startup window Mode safe
  • 26 of Firefox does not load the home page. Instead, it loads the previous session (and that includes all tabs). It does not matter how Firefox is closed.

    26 of Firefox does not load the home page. Instead, it load the previous session, regardless of what has been entered in 'Options '. The browser runs in Win 7.0 64 bit; Norton Internet Suite 21 provides security features. There are some solutions 'cloud', also running as Google Drive, box, Skydrive and Cubby. The browser behaves in the same way in all my machines (installation and the OS is similar to that described above) and no amount of reset 'Options' seems to affect it. Nor is it affected by the way that Firefox is closed. This is obviously a bug that should be fixed.

    You can check if you have a user.js file in the Firefox profile folder that affects the pref browser.sessionstore.resume_session_once true value.

    You can use this button to go to the Firefox profile folder:

    • Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: see file (Linux: open the directory;) Mac: View in the Finder)
  • Firefox does not load the password files

    Firefox uses two files to load and store passwords:
    signons3.txt and sign. Lite
    The two files are present in the profile and both are filled with relevant information of password. However, the password manager, which is located under Options, remains empty. When I opened the Web pages that require passwords, and which I know for sure that they are in the files of passwords, firefox does not work shall complete them boxes apprioriate. Logical, as the passwords are not loaded in password manager

    Additional information:
    When I now save a password for a Web page, it does not store the information and fills the boxes on the Web page.
    [This problem occurred when setting back the old profile [copy - paste] in the right folder I found through cards help-resolution of problems-show]

    No I have not thought about it.
    Make a copy of the entire profile.
    copy the old information in the newly created profile

    Took an old signons3.txt from backup
    Has taken the last signon.lite that contains all of these passwords
    Both of these placed files [Replace] in the new profiel

    and voila. Everything is back

  • I get the error code 66A with an update that does not load

    a windows update does not load, I get an error code 66A, its boring, I can't get an answer anywhere

    See Andre.Ziegler response to a previous post about the error code:

    http://social.answers.Microsoft.com/forums/en-us/vistawu/thread/107c5a3a-3126-4EAA-930E-815aed8a2582 >

  • XW4400 does not start. Occurred after the power to the system off for 2 weeks. Now, does not start. Help!

    As noted above in the subject... exploded with power for about 2 weeks supply.  On his return the

    system won't start.  It keeps going in a circle.

    Here's what happens;

    (1) it goes to the window HP

    2) immediately goes to a window stating "windows did not start properly. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. "Then on and other causes.  Well, none of them took place.

    To the bottom of the window there's several options to try.  Safe mode, Safe Mode Networking, last known successful... and start normally.  All the options have been tried several times.  To 30 sec timer waiting for your choice.  NONE OF THE OPTIONS WORK.  Cannot start in any mode.  After all of the selections it shows;

    (3) a flash of the microsoft windows screen and then we go back to number 1.

    Info on the system;


    • Manufacturer part number: ET115AV-CTO
    • Manufacturer: HP
    • Product description: ET115AV-CTO HP xw4400 Workstation computer desk
    • Product type: desktop
    • Form factor: mountable Convertible minitower on rack
    • Operating system: Windows XP Professional 64-bit
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo processor E6700 (2.66 GHz)
    • Front side bus: 1066 MHz front Bus up to
    • Chipset: Intel¿975 X Express
    • Memory: DDR - 2 667 MHz ECC unbuffered
    • Installed memory: 2 GB
    • Maximum memory: up to 8 GB
    • Installed hard drive: 160 GB
    • Hard drives: up to 4 SATA hard drives 2 to maximum
    • Expansion bays: 3 external bays of 5.25 inch and 1 external 3.5 inch bay 2-Bay internal 3.5-inch
    • CD DVD: 16 X DVD + - RW DL
    • Speed variators: controller 4 channels SATA 3 GB s integrated with RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 0 + 1 capacity
    • Graphics card: NVIDIA Quadro FX1400
    • Expansion slots: graphics PCI Express (x 16) 1 slot 1 PCI Express (x 16 mechanically x 4 electrically) slots 1 PCI Express (x 1) and 3 long legacy PCI
    • Audio: Integrated high definition Audio with Jack Retasking capability,
    • Networking - communication: integrated Broadcom 5755 Netxtreme Gigabit PCIe LAN
    • I/o ports and connectors: front: headphone, microphone, 2 USB 2.0 and 1 optional IEEE 1394 a rear: 5 USB 2.0 1 USB 2.0 (internal) 1 serial port standard 1 keyboard PS-2 port 2 in parallel and mouse audio Gigabit LAN RJ-45 1 built-in audio microphone
    • I have no recovery disks!


    I can't help with your problem, because in this case, my recommendation would be to reinstall the operating system.

    What I can do, is give you information to get a set of recovery discs for your xw4400 for only $10 USD.

    Here's how:

    1. Enter the part number and the serial number on the top of the computer on the Silver label. The model # is a Compaq HP xw4400, but the part number is on this tag silver under the serial No.

    2. call HP at 1-800-952-7689, option 1 (ranking in the list in the option made restore disks).

    3. provide the information asked by the representative who answers the phone. Some simply ask for the serial No., some want at the same time, or they'll want just the serial number and the type of computer (xw4400).

    4. do you have a Master Card or Visa ready for purchase. They do not take discover. You will be charged $10.00.

    You will receive the discs by first class mail, or you can pay an additional $10.00 for shipping FedEx.


  • Firefox does not load since I switched to permanent private browsing. Errors of the console.

    I have a Mac OS X 10.7.5. Firefox opens but to hang with a new tab empty and spinny death reel. No error message and I have to force quit to exit. Here's what I've done so far:

    Restarted the computer.
    Updated my java applet and then restarted.
    Scanned for malware with Avast and ClamXav.
    And no, not a connection problem.

    Here's what my console says of the last attempt to open Firefox...
    01/04/15 3:49:41.000 PM kernel: firefox (map: 0xffffff800b49e1d0) triggered DYLD shared region unnest for card: 0xffffff800b49e1d0, region 0x7fff84800000-> 0x7fff84a00000. While it is not abnormal for debuggers, this increases the system memory footprint until the target ends.
    01/04/15 3:49:43.163 PM [0 x 0-0x3e03e].org.mozilla.firefox: impossible to find nss3 in the installed directory, check the system paths.
    01/04/15 3:49:43.163 PM [0 x 0-0x3e03e].org.mozilla.firefox: Observatory SSL: could not initialize the component NSS: error: could not open the libnss3.dylib library
    01/04/15 3:50:05.569 PM [0 x 0-0x3e03e].org.mozilla.firefox: [NPAPI 788] #! ABORT: Abandonment on channel error. : file builds/slave/rel-m-rel-m64_bld-000000000000/build/ipc/glue/MessageChannel.cpp, line 1591
    01/04/15 3:50:05.569 PM [0 x 0-0x3e03e].org.mozilla.firefox: [NPAPI 788] #! ABORT: Abandonment on channel error. : file builds/slave/rel-m-rel-m64_bld-000000000000/build/ipc/glue/MessageChannel.cpp, line 1591
    01/04/15 com.apple.launchd.peruser.501 3:50:05.570 PM: ([0 x 0-0x3e03e].org.mozilla.firefox [785]) Exited: completed: 15
    01/04/15 3:50:05.947 PM com.apple.spindump: Firefox [785] Impossible to symbolicate

    Can someone familiar with decrypt this and help out me? Thank you!

    Maybe try a new profile with the same parameter could determine if it is a question of corrupted profile:
    Use the Profile Manager to create and delete profiles Firefox

  • Firefox does not load pages unless moves the mouse or keyboard is pressed


    I saw this problem listed several times before this post, but none of the solutions have helped me.

    I am using Firefox for ages and the latest 3 updates or so were expose this problem. When I try to load a website, Firefox will start to takes me to the page and then hang. The circle in the tab will stop moving and it will stay there until I move the mouse or press a key on the keyboard. As long as the mouse moves permanently or the keyboard keys are pressed, the page will load very well. The same thing happens with YouTube. The video starts and then freeze unless the keyboard/mouse is moved. Firefox also has this problem when I try to download a file from a Web site. The download starts and then hang on until I move the mouse or press a button, then it will continue for a few seconds and hang on again until I repeat the movement of the mouse or press the keyboard button.

    So far, I tried to update Firefox, Java and Flash; Starting Firefox in Safe Mode; uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox: do a complete uninstall and reinstall of Firefox with removing profile and creation. I ran ad next and malware detection with no infection found tools: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, SuperAntispyware, and AdwCleaner scan Microsoft security, Windows Defender, Spybot Search & Destroy, utility Kasperky free Security Scan and Anti-rootkit TDSSKiller.

    The only thing I tried that 'seemed' to work was from Windows Mode safe mode with networking and run Firefox there. I was able to watch YouTube videos without freezing and websites seem to load properly. Of course, I can't run in Mode safe all the time.

    I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like when Firefox crashes on Google News. Note that the images in part loading, but a good number of them is waiting or not loaded.

    I hope someone can help me, because I like Firefox and I wouldn't switch to Chrome or (shudder) IE.

    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Firefox does not load the sites, google, or facebook

    It is extremely frustrating and has happened for months. Sometimes the loading sites, but then stop working after a few minutes, and then it's almost impossible to get load them again. It hangs just to "connecting" for always, until it's time out or everything just goes to a blank tab. Other sites work, but whatever it is Google associated with such as search, gmail, finance, etc., or Facebook simply do not work.

    It seems that it is a common recurring problem every 6 months or so according to this Council. I tried to delete the cookies/cash and then even reset Firefox and it still happens. Any suggestions to fix this?

    Thank you very much!


    Try disabling IPv6 (check out the other suggestions as well):

  • Upgrade to the latest version - help / about window of Firefox does not display 'upgrade' as in instructions.

    I want to upgrade to the latest version but - Firefox Help/About - window does not display 'upgrade' as in the instructions. I can't find a function 'upgrade' anywhere else. How to pass? The version I have is - 18.0.1 - it came with this computer.

    In my view, that this computer has been hacked. Word began to do very strange things. We erased the hard drive and reloaded everything as it was originally when I bought it. I'm now get hacked online.

    Initially, they got in one of my credit cards last fall. That's when all this started. They had my AOL e-mail address. He also got your credit card balance, the minimum payment, the due date and even then the amount of the payment. They got in my Barnes & Noble account and now order does not. Now I believe that they got on my AOL account - one thing after another began to go wrong. I can't change this AOL user id/e-mail address since it's the captain and I would like to lose about 15 years of "stuff."

    The people who sold me this computer told me to use a free version of the antivirus. I'm very unhappy with him. I never had NO problem when I used fresh products of TrendMicro. These people also told me to use Firefox, because AOL uses Internet Explorer - what I already knew is like Swiss cheese.

    Now, I can't get an update of Firefox. Is this also a hack?

    Please help sort you can. Thank you for your time.

    It's probably just the Firefox update problems. go to www.getfirefox.com and download Firefox 20.0.1

  • How is it that Pogo games load fine with an older version of Java (the ones they say I should disable) but does not load with the latest Java?

    Pogo works fine on older versions of Java, but the games not load not on the latest version. I did all the usual things, cleared the cache of the browser and Java cache, uninstalled Java then reinstalled it, done in so that was allowed, blah, blah, blah... I did have problems with the latest version of Firefox.

    Yes, this version is is more updated and can contain security risks, then it will be probably best to disable java plugins in firefox > addons > plugins when you do not use the on game sites in order to stay safe on other sites. This is why I have also suggested to contact the pogo site to update their content so that it can be reused with the java plugin updated.

  • My laptop says that the system has detected that a cooling fan does not work correctly

    My laptop cooling fan stop working

    If you haven't cleaned your laptop since you bought it, it can y dust/dirt clogged in fans, then he must have stopped working.


    In case if you overloaded some cell days with intensive, ongoing use of heavy tasks running.

    Check if you have disabled the fan of the BIOS settings.
    To access the BIOS settings, press ESC when the laptop starts.

    Also apply thermal paste and carefully clean the motherboard of the laptop, entered air, etc.

  • When I install Greasemonkey. Firefox does not load. The process is, but the program does not appear. Even if no script installed. I have Aurora

    It was working fine until one time I don't know what happened.

    I've been OCing things lately so don't know if this has something to do with it. But I have the last Aurora and Greasemonkey and for some reason loads of process, but not the program. It appears at all.

    I had no idea what was originally there and a little started to remove one by one and found out who he was.

    I even tried to remove all scripts, but that has not worked.

    Tampermonkey works fine with Chrome atm. So, I do not understand. I have roughly the same installed scripts.

    For any information would help. I tried to ask questions about greasemonkey, but nothing at this ATM. My problem seems a bit unique, so I post here to possibly discover this. It bothers me not not using my scripts, I love.

    Could be that:

    Firefox Nightly invisible w / Greasemonkey 1.13 beta 5 & 6



    Please try 1.14beta1 if this is still the case for you:

    Does it work?

  • Since the update to the current version (6.0.2?), firefox does not connect, but won't that until the ' topic: House "or opens a website. What is missing?

    All firefox windows only opened a "subject: home ' tab, and when I type a URL by hand, I get only a homepage Mozilla Firefox, nothing else. I tried to disable Avast, still no good. Chrome, IE both work very well.

    You are welcome.

    It is generally easier to remove all existing permissions for Firefox.

    Then the firewall you'll be asked again the next time you start Firefox.

  • The new Director of 4 Add-on firefox does not display any of my extensions, but they are all still installed and functional.

    When click on Firefox-> Add - ons, the new Add-ons Manager opens in a new tab. It shows the links to the page Get-addons, Extensions, appearance, Plugins and Scripts (for Greasemonkey) user in the menu on the left. All these excellent work except for the tab 'Extensions', which says that I have no extensions. However, in the lower right of the window, icons for extensions, I was using Firefox 3.6 appear as they did in this version of the browser. All my previous extensions are fully functional. Is there a way I can re - access the menu for the configuration/uninstall/disable them? Thank you very much to all those who are ready to help!

    You seem to have been using this profile with some testing of Firefox version according to the presence of many extensions.checkCompatibility. * prefs in your list of system details more.

    You may create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problems.


    There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "tools > Modules > Extensions & Plugins" in case there are still problems.

    If this new profile works then you can transfer files from the old profile to the new profile (be careful not to copy corrupted files)


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