I sent a document to sign using echosign. When I try to open the document, I get a message that says the script is busy. What can I do

as said in the question, I was sent a document to the signature using echosign. When I try to open it, a screen pops up saying script is busy. I have the choice to continue or cancel. I chose to continue and nothing happens. a message left next to Mozilla Firefox indicating does not. Yet once the same screen on script appears again. If I use Internet Explorer, it will open. But I don't want to use I / E. Also, I go to a site called hpcau and the log in page appears. When I try to log in, my information disappears and the journal is empty. What can I do?

Hello, wool here EchoSign support.

Although we do not think that there is nothing wrong with EchoSign in this situation we would be grateful if you could submit a case to EchoSign support to [email protected] so that we can consider the issue a little more. Also, please include a screenshot of the error occurring if possible.

Thank you
EchoSign support

Tags: Firefox

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