I stupidly deleted the original calendar on my new email tbird. How can I get that back?

There is an option to download a 'Lightning' calendar, but I prefer to return to the original schedule, which was on the mail server, when I started using it about 2 weeks ago.

You have seen this calendar in Thunderbird? Then it's lightning. If it has been published and you did nothing in particular for work, then it is local, not online.

If you've seen the calendar in your browser, then it will be online.

I suggest just "Download" you or re - install Lightning and see if it was the thing you saw earlier. If it isn't, delete it, nothing is lost.

Tools | Add - ons | Extensions of. If Lightning is listed, try it the reactivation. I expect to tell you if there is an update.

If it is not mentioned, simply type the lightning in the search box at top right of the window modules, press return, choose from the list shown modules you.

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