I teach online and all my classes have the same user name and password. Now that I clicked "remember me next time", I can connect only in one class. How to unlock my password. Carol in English

I teach online and all my classes have the same user name and password. Now that I clicked "remember me next time", I can connect only in ONE class. How to unlock my login and my password, so that I can use it for all classes. Carol in English


"Remember Me" for the site connections automatically when you return to the Web site is done with a Cookie the site in Firefox.

Try to clear your Cookies for this Web site.

Tools > Options-> life privacy - Cookies = the button show Cookies.

You must use the custom settings for history at the top of this tab to see the View the Cookies button.

Enter the domain name in the top search bar and all Cookies for this URL will be displayed. Unless you can figure out which is Cookie to "remember me", you will need to delete them all.

Hold the {Ctrl} key while you click each Cookie in the small window. When this list is all highlighted, click the Cookie delete button at the bottom left.
When you are finished click Close.

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    I myself am kicking from the start, I thought that I would not continue to use my Lifedrive. I transferred all on the new Treo by using the same user name, as I had on my Lifedrive.  Now I realize that I will be staying in Central America for six months and won't put my Treo.  I won't put my Lifedrive, but must have updated information about this.  Is it possible to keep the two synchronized?

    D - Would prefer a pen, but like the convenience of the pda/phone/computer

    Thanks for your clarification.  I have now two synchronized cameras. I used the same profile that makes me nervous so use probably not two devices at the same time. I will definitely have a Treo current backup folder and synchronize the closest Lifedrive both I will use it in the Honduras.

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    Message is about: Treo 755 p (Verizon)

  • WLC 5508 cannot have the same user twice!

    Much of community support.

    I had users on drives of 440 x a Cisco WLC. Some service accounts have been recorded several times with the same AD account.

    Given that I have them migrated on the new controller (5508), it seems that we can not have the same user AD several times.

    I changed the Radius Server with the one we used on the old x 440, but the situation seems to be the same.

    I checked the error message when you try to start a second connection similar they looks like:

    * Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_4: 24 August 14:04:51.558: % DOT1X-3-MAX_EAP_RETRIES: 1x_auth_pae.c:3062 identity Max EAP request attempts (3) exceeded for client xxxxxxxxxxx

    * Dot1x_NW_MsgTask_4: 24 August 14:04:51.558: % DOT1X-3-ABORT_AUTH: 1x_bauth_sm.c:447

    Abandoned for xxxxxxxxxxx client authentication

    If I move back to the other 440 x similar connections are allowed without any problem.

    Could you tell me where I should look to fix this?

    Thanks for your help,


    P.S. We use certificates with users.

    Make sure that Max concurrent connections for a user name is set to 0 for unlimited.  You can set the with a value of 1 to 8.

  • How can I download the new update on my Macbook pro when the password is not working? When I connect to the Adobe site with the same user name and password it DOES not work. I don't understand why.

    So I have a macbook pro - and she advised me that I had to update my Adobe flash player. So I go through all the steps and I'm stuck at the last stage, where he asks me my user name and password. I go in there correctly - several times and it does NOT connect. He shakes to show that there's an error. Double check my file AND I go to the Adobe site to connect with the same information. and it works very well.

    WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? Help please.

    Could you please try ComputerName administrator as username and the password as password.

    I hope this works.


    Hervé Khare

  • All related Clones have the same SID?

    I played with the persistent linked clones and have noticed all share the same identifier SID like parent VM. Is this normal? Won't this cause of problems with Active Directory?


    the quickprep function used with linked clones will create an account active directory for the virtual computer newly created and due to that he gets a unique SID. SOEs not change local SIDS, it's true. When you work in a domain environment, you don't need to change the local SID because it only uses the SID in an environment of the domain. If you work with windows working groups, it is necessary to have unique local SIDS.

  • HP OfficeJet Pro 8600: Analysis of the function of the computer no longer works. Get the error "User name or password Incorrect"

    It was a sudden break in the analysis of network to the e-mail function.  I have rebooted my router, unplugged my printer, etc, and nothing solves the problem.  I don't know where he wants me to change a password that I often had to change my password on the computer and it has never caused a problem with the scanner before.  I tried all the things on this very topic messages that were a few years ago. The wireless printer works etc all work fine.  It's only the scan to my email is not working.  Help, please.

    Hello. No, it wasn't the problem, but I was able finally someone at HP support who managed to solve it. It's a configuration problem after an automatic update. Thanks for trying to help though!

  • I have the same file name twice in one folder?

    De : Batstar

    Message: On my camera, I decided to split the photos that I took in folders according to the country I was in at the time.  Now that I want to put pictures on my computer, I find that due to the use of more than a memory card for a given country, I have more than one folder called 'PERU' and each folder has named the pictures from 1 again, then when I combine all the photos of the Peru on my computer, it won't let me because I have two files with the same name.  How can I get around this without having to rename all my photos manually.

    De : John Inzer

    Response: Duplicate file names cannot exist in the same folder, the new file overwrites (replace) old.

    If you do not want to rename your images... try to save new files in a different folder.

    The following article explains how to rename your files in a batch:

    How to rename multiple or a series of files in Windows Vista




    John Inzer

    Another response of the community of Windows Vista discussion groups

  • Not on the incorrect user name or password error message no match.

    Can start with no problem but on my desk is an error box indicating... username and password do not match... you used...
    Have found nothing so far is not working do not, but it's annoying to see this, whenever I connect...
    I would like to attach the screenshot of the message, but does not know how to do...

    A way to find which program or a web page, it is in reference to?
    Thanks for any help!

    Unless the screen shot shows a window with a title that generated this msg her won't help.

    You use the cutting tool to create screenshots

    The clean boot procedure helps determine the cause of the issue

  • (3) all my computers have the same problem with installing KB953297. Microsoft must provide an easier way to solve this problem. Obviously a lot of people is affected.

    End users should not have to be remove and reinstall anything. Get it together!

    Can you guys try the following steps:

    1 uninstall .net Framework 1.1 from Add/Remove programs
    2 run the .net Framework Cleanup Utility and remove all .net Framework 1.1 related Articles (located here: http://blogs.msdn.com/astebner/archive/2006/05/30/611355.aspx)
    3 Windows Update to download updates.
    4 reboot and redo the update of Windows

    Can you let me know if you find any success?

    Thank you! If you find my answer was what you're looking for, remember to click on the box "mark as answer" below!

  • I have 4 computers that all have the same workgroup name (MSHOME) but I don't see one any of them to any of my computers. What I am doing wrong?

    I am running XP on all 4 machines.

    [Moved from comments]

    From my experience, it is usually caused by an internet firewall on one (or more) of your computers.  If you look in your event logs system (start-> Run-> "eventvwr.msc") on some of you, computers, you see an event ID 8003:

    Event ID: 8003
    Description: The master browser has received a server announcement from the computer that believes it is the master browser for the domain of transport . The master browser stops or an election is forced.

    Usually, the machine that "believes it is the master browser" is who has the active firewall that is causing the problem.

    Microsoft has an article about this problem but does not offer too much detail:

    "Internet firewall can prevent browsing and file sharing.

    <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/298804 >



  • IE me can connect to the website of the Daily Mail, but firefox can't, gives the wrong user name or password.

    Until a few days ago I could log on to the site daily mail with firefox or IE, now I can only connect with IE, firefox gives the username/password invalid message.

    This problem may be caused by corrupted cookies.

    Clear the cache and cookies from sites that cause problems.

    "Clear the Cache":

    • Tools > Options > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline: 'clear now '.

    'Delete Cookies' sites causing problems:

    • Tools > Options > privacy > Cookies: "show the Cookies".
  • Impossible to verify the user name or password in e-mail

    In OSX El Capitan.  It does not accept my username and password for the mail.  Have not changed and they work very well in other apple applications that have the same user name and password.  Anyway to reset the password.  It doesn't give me that option as do most of the other programs.

    Thanks for any help.


    Remove the password in Keychain Access (Applications/Utilities).

    The problems of Keychain - see post of khati

  • "Your user name or password is incorrect" except that it is not

    I'm trying to implement the icloud email on an android device. I entered all the imap information correctly. However, I get the message that my user name or password is incorrect. I tried to drop the @icloud.com as suggested. I tried also with @icloud.com and @me.com and @mac.com. Whenever I get the wrong user name or password. Absolutely, I'm using the correct password as username. What's wrong? I am a resident of the United States with iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air. However, I travel extensively in the United Kingdom and recently bought an android phone UK pay-as-you-go. What can cause anything to do with it?

    Hi JoanneP,

    I understand that you are having problems, set up your email address to iCloud on your Android device because of its report that your user name or password are incorrect. If you have configured two-step verification or two-factor authentication the Apple ID that you are using to iCloud, this can happen if is not with a specific app password. The article below the link provides more information (including how to create and use) specific app passwords.

    Passwords using specific app

    See you soon!

  • MC placed several times and given the same instance name?

    Hi all, I'm pretty new to the code in flash.

    I especially used to use object oriented programming, but in flash, I do everything in an image.

    I'm a car game. A little style GTA, but very simple. You are a police car and chasing you a thief through a city.

    The thief uses ground nodes to know where it can lead, and where he can turn.

    Basically, here's the scene. I placed these objects directly on the stage and given some of them instance names. :


    |      O

    |  I have o

    |            _______________________

    |            |

    |            |

    |            |

    |            |

    |      ^     |

    |      |     |

    |     X     |

    The is a MC named node_switch.

    The O is the two objects of the same MC, who both are named node_stop

    The X is the thief (mc), and it's driving up along the road.

    When the thief strikes node_switch, it will look up, down, left and right if any node_stop is placed.

    This is done with hitTestObject. the thief 'beams' invisible in 4 directions, inside it's MC.

    The problem is as follows:

    When several nodes are placed on the stage, the thief faces only one of them.

    As I said, they have the same instance name.

    Is there a way to be able to place them directly on the stage, give them all the same instance name and make a loop where it goes through each of them and check the collision?


    Or maybe it is possible to place them directly on the stage, give them the name of bodies such as 'node_switch01', 'node_switch02' and then check for them all at the same time in a loop for or in some other way? There will be a lot of knots, then...

    If you name them all differently, you will have an easier time of it.  Loop through them with the naming convention, you suggested that you can use the notation of support, but it would be easier to get rid of zeros...

    for (var i: uint = 1; i<=numNodes;>

    {if (Thief.hitTestObject (this ["node_switch" + String (i)])}

    don't go that way



  • Hello how do I configure Firefox 8.0 so that he asks me if I want to save a password for a Web site. At the present time I don't get not an option whenever I go into a site I know is safe, I have to enter user name and password. I've been good tools etc.

    Hello how do I configure Firefox 8.0 so that he asks me if I want to save a password for a Web site. At the present time I don't get not an option whenever I go into a site I know is safe, I have to enter user name and password. I've been good tools etc.

    Thank you, any help would be help full like whenever I connect to Face Book for example I have to provide all the information and it's a pain

    Soon Alex


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