I think my server search engine + were hacked. Had removed Trojan horse last month and now I get constant popups even though I Ad Muncher, and whenever I'm doing a Google search I continues to redirect to other search engines. What can I do?

According to Spybot and Malware Bytes, my computer is clean.


Maybe your computer is still infected, further assistance of bleepingcomputer.com this forum! they will guide your properly

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    The details are missing.

    You need a Microsoft account linked to your user profile.

    If your case is more complex, then please provide more details.

    Please mark it as "Answered" ifit has answered your question.

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    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > themes).

    • Makes no changes on the start safe mode window.


  • Even though I have my Windows Mail spam set to the highest level, I continue to receive unwanted emails. For some reason any Windows Mail does not block them. How can I fix it?

    I have my blocker spam Windows Mail, the highest value which means I should only receive emails from my contacts.  Despite this, I continue to receive unwanted emails.  This has been so since I've upgraded to Windows 7.  I even went now install a machine program washing 'spam' which was a disaster as well.  I get about 4-5 spam emails a day - usually when I start the morning.

    How can I solve this problem?

    What Windows Mail in Vista or Windows Live Mail in Win7? If it is a POP3 account, you can filter your messages by using message rules. This is for Outlook Express, but it works the same either of the programs.

    Start with the only rule of AddressBook and you receive a message that you want people not in your address book (E-mail from companies, bills, your ISP, etc), you can add them to the rule.

    Box 1 - Where the From line contains people {check it out}

    Box 2 - Check: delete it & stop processing more rules if you want messages not in the address book to go to deleted items, or you can create a spam folder and direct them here.

    You can choose to delete the server, but be careful because you never have messages downloaded to any folder, if you choose this option.

    Box 3 - Click on the blue words contains people

    Click on the first address to select it. Scroll to the end and hold down the SHIFT key while you click the last address. This will highlight all. Right-click on it and click on from the menu that appears.

    Now, click Options and choose: Message * contains no of * the people below in the top of the page Options area, then choose: Message corresponds to one of the people below in the background Options box.

    OK your way out of the new rule.

    Now, only the addresses that you entered will be uploaded to your Inbox. You won't see other emails.

    Remember, if you add a person to your address book, you must add to the rule. It will not automatically be added.

    Be sure to see these links for more options.

    A few tips:

    Message rules does not? :

  • Help! My Iphone has been reloaded, and I had been using the it, no problem.  Now says that I have to activate it, but says that the PW is fake.  I can't call because I have no other phone.  What can I do?


    I was using my IPhone 6 without problem and a reload.

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    You must use the credentials to iCloud for the account that was used to sign in iCloud and enable find my iPhone. If you bought it used, contact those who you bought it from. They will have to remove the lock. Only the owner of the account with which it locks can remove the lock.

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    It worked very well some time, but now is broken. I reset everything on my desk to see if it was a question of database, but the desktop synchronizes very well.

    There is a new version of Firefox Home in the app store (v 1.1) which should fix the problem. If you use Firefox 4 beta there is also a new version out or if you use 3.6 and synchronization module, there is a new version of this also.

  • I am interrupted me while you browse on safari with a message that I was a winner at random and click ok. I can't get rid of this page, even disabling the I Pad, so I am not able to browse other sites.  What can I do?

    While browsing in safari on the I Pad2, I interrupted with a message "http://surewin.online congratulations Hastings visitor.   Your I Pad has been chosen at random! Click Ok to see your reward with a value of more than $349. »

    I cannot get rid of this very page by disabling the i Pad and you do not want to click OK without knowing more.  Someone else with this question or advice on what to do?

    Force quit safari by double clicking the home button and then tap the preview for safari off the screen

    Go into settings, safari and remove history

    For good measure, force your iPad to restart by pressing the home button and sleep for 20-30 seconds. When you see the white Apple, let go and let it reboot, then try again.

  • I can't perform the update of the download of flash player as it asks me to buy a product, I don't want and gives me no other choice. What can I do to complete the download of the update?

    I tried to contact technical support for more than an hour by telephone and forums with no joy, how can I get through to someone who will help you?

    How can I talk to someone on the phone or suceesfully forum?

  • iPhone continues to redirect on mobile sites

    Problem: whenever I try to connect to any Web site on my iphone, I think that only when the site is a mobile site, I am redirected to ads. It is both on safari and when I google sites and the FB app. I am not able to access the normal sites like Time.com, huffingtonpost, New York times. These aren't the sites I should avoid to go to.

    Solutions: I don't know why, but what is happening to both my phone and my boyfriend. I have the iphone 5 c and there the 5s. It happened in the past, but never for long (it is now 10 days). I thought it was because the network has been hacked, but even if I use my 3G connection or another wireless continues. I tried to block sites that they continue not redirect to other who worked and now it takes me not for the appstore but now when I go to a site like time.com I get redirected once and he said: this Web page has been blocked (because I blocked). If I'm pretty fast sometimes I can hit the x when the site im going to partially responsible, but this is not the right solution. I tried to disable the javascript but only partially helped. When I go to sites that do not have a mobile site I don't have this problem.


    Try to install among the blockers contained much for Safari in the app store. They will avoid a lot of bad websites redirecting to other sites. I never have this issue myself. Will not block ads in applications such as Facebook, only what you see in Safari.

    This isn't a problem with the iPhone, but with the Web sites you visit.

  • MSN account has been hacked. What can we do?

    original title: hacked

    Friday, I've been hacked/compromised.  I think that millions have been.  I'm totally stuck to open my REAL MSN account when I go on MSN, it gives me a totally different 'front page' opening, and I can't get my old email, addresses, favorite, THAT I NEED (!) AND more.  When I try to sign with my REAL address and password, I get a response "you have been blocked."  Friday, before I was blocked, I noticed that I had a lot of e-mail that has been 'returned' and ID would be like DEMON or another term that has been used.  I noticed that the addresses of mail originated, are not sent in by me.  Some are businesses that don't accept email, unless it is preceded by something before or other.

    What can we do?  What can you DO to help me.  I need to study for my review of the State, I have to do my home and SO many other LEGAL things pmt.  HELP ME, HELP ME, HELP ME, PLEASE.

    I am 66 years old and worked in a field (culinary) what appeal does NOT have for computers.  So I don't know the terms simple terms such as modom, etc..

    I took my turn to Staples to help me.  They spent the whole thing.  I stayed for 3 hours because I needed (and still do) he studied for a review of the State.  They also CHECKED MY PAGE.

    Thank you???


    PS I have not do us hotmail for my e-mail address.  I use [email protected] for my email.

    Support MSN:

  • why I continue to redirect to a yahoo search engine after clicking on a link in safari?

    why I continue to redirect to a yahoo search engine after clicking on a link in safari?

    I guess you have adware. Follow the instructions on this web page in order to manually remove adware from your mac: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203987

    You will also find the adware on this page http://www.thesafemac.com/arg-identification/ removal guide

    If you do not want to manually remove adware use this anti-malware tool to detect and eliminate it: https://www.malwarebytes.org/antimalware/mac/?utm_source=blog&utm_medium=social

    Download, open the dmg file and run it by clicking the "Scan for Adware" button to remove the adware.

    Once this is done, exit the application and restart your mac.

    Install adblock to your browser: https://adblockplus.org/

  • When you use a search (bing, yahoo, google etc.) engine I continue to redirect to another search.

    I have windows XP and currently had my computer disconnected because of a power outage in the region.  I haven't lost power, however, it made my DSL for the region.  After my DSL provider me traveled reconnects, I keep getting redirected when you perform a search.  The only way I can get the website that I want is to copy the link and paste and then perform a search.  I can not click on the link and have it direct me to this Web site.


    1. what internet browser do you use?
    2. have you made further changes to the computer recently?

    Method 1.
    I suspect that it is a virus and I highly recommend to run aScan of Virus online.
    Sometimes the security program installed might not be fair enough. I also recommend you update your security software regularly.
    a. follow the link below to start the free online scan:
    b. run the malware removal tool from Microsoft.
    Method 2.
    Let us optimize internet explore and check.

    a. I would recommend you to optimize internet explore.
    See the article below for steps optimize internet explore. Try also in mode without modules.
    b. If nothing works to solve the issue try reset Internet Explorer.
    How reset internet Explorer?
    IE reset warning:
    Please note that reset the settings of Internet Explorer running resets all of the settings defined by the user, including those established by the installed extensions, toolbars and other add-ons for IE by default. This includes all the security, privacy and settings area. Also this will erase browsing history, delete all temporary Internet, cookies, form data files and especially all the passwords.

    If the problem persists I would ask you to uninstall and reinstall Internet Explorer 8 and check.

    I hope this helps.

  • search engine for a single click is blocked on "search for firefox search engine ' all the time, whenever I changed it and it will not remain as google, it will return

    search engine for a single click is blocked on "search for firefox search engine ' all the time, whenever I changed it and it will not remain as google, it will return

    I want it to be as if it were before, google as my main search engine

    now its still stuck on "search for firefox search engine" which is the yahoo search engine that is really garbage

    In addition, your Firefox is identified at the forum as version 38. An update is available: this article describes how to get 49 Firefox using the "About Firefox" dialog in the menu help: Firefox update to the latest version.

    If something is holding you upgrade to Firefox 49 (or if you use the ESR, Firefox 45esr series), please let us know if we can offer you solutions or workarounds. Version 38 is not safe; Mozilla reveals security flaws after each new version.

    Sometimes Firefox reports the wrong version, because this information was frozen in a preferences file. If the troubleshooting information page shows Firefox 49.0.2, you may need to clear this incorrect information. See:

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