I think the Satellite L100 is slow - it's all about Dual-Core

I have dualcore centrino L100, but he acted strange.

Everything takes so long to load. So I check with the Task Manager, what was going on and he said a carrot was operating at 100% and the other at about 3 to 4%.
Then I clicked on the processes tab to see what has been using all the CPU performance and the only thing coming so was firefox which showed a 1%.

Can someone tell me what could cause this problem and how to sort it?

The only software that I installed are zonealarm (the one with all the bells and whistles) and some games.

Another symptom is I can't listen to any music without him jumping it's cd and music ripped to the hard drive, but it is fine if I put music on my mp3 player

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To be honest I don't see any problems with you laptop.
The dual core CPU supports Intel SpeedStep technology.
This feature helps to dynamically adjust the frequency of voltage and CPU core that helps reduce the heat dissipation. Simply said; not, the CPU always runs full implementation. Only if it s needed.

Don t wonder if one of the cores will run with superior performance as the other core.

Second, I see that you have installed Zonealarm. I know this free firewall and to be honest it significantly slows down the performance of laptops! I had it installed several months ago, and each start-up took much longer than without the zonealarm.

So skinny back buddy. your laptop is ok

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    How can I be sure that the fan is working?

    This is one of the oddities of the satellite series, she becomes hot around this area.

    This is where the "radiotor" of the laptop.

    Don't worry, it's good

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    My os is Windows XP Pro Family Edition, when I create an image with Acronis image treu, put the image on the old HARD drive.
    Restart boot cd/dvd en, my system won't see ex H.-D.

    How is that possible?
    (SATELLITE L100-130)

    Please mail to:[email protected]


    This question is not for the laptop manufacturer but for software producer.

    If you have two partitions copy this image to the second partition (D) and check if it is not visible. I do the same with the Norton Ghost image creator.

  • No audio device input on the Satellite L100-120

    I have laptop Satellite L100-120. I have install audio capture device problem. Sound works fine, but there is no (disabled in the sound Manager) audio input device.

    I have Windows XP SP3 installed.

    audio driver is sound-psla0-xp-31100

    any ideas?


    already tried the real sounddrivers of conexant? Maybe your audio input device work after you have installed the card driver its manufacturer.
    Another reason could be the SP3 which additionally brings the benefits some driver has problems with, would also be an option to check for some patches microsoft knowledge base or workarounds.
    Just search for driver audio conexant and maybe you'll find something.

    Welcome them

  • After recovering the Satellite L300 is slower and freezes


    I just restored my 1DN back to factory settings L300 - but now I find that my computer is very slow and freezes for 1 second about every seconds frew. Certainly, it does not perform as it did before you restore the factory settings. For example videos etc. freeze every few seconds and do not play smoothly as they did.

    No idea why this is and if she has nothing to do with the restoration of factory settings? And how can I solve this problem?

    Thank you


    After the laptop recovery procedure is certainly not up-to-date and I imagine that many Microsoft updates will be downloaded and installed. If you use the factory settings it is on automatic and several hours or maybe two updates will be downloaded and installed.

    While the installation of updates that I can imagine that the notebook is quite slow and you'll be noticed freezing or stopped video playback.

    Before you start using your laptop, install all updates and optimize the operating system preinstalled. Typical result of the new installation of the OS's slow start.
    Please check this thread. You can find a useful tip how make your computer faster.

    Good bye

  • I think the Satellite P100-427 has grainy screen

    I just bought a Satellite P100-427 with a Trubrite screen. However, I find that the screen is grainy, especially when you look at a white background. I saw the same video card on a non-Toshiba laptop with the same specifications and it seems ultra sharp - no grain at all.

    What I have to do something to my computer or make me a defective screen.
    Comments are appreciated.

    I think you're the one with this note on the screen. It will be interesting to see what it looks like, because in this way, it is not easy to say something specific about it.

    I can only say that you can try to update the BIOS with the latest version. A long time ago I found some similar comments, and the solution is update the BIOS.

    If you decide to do this please read carefully offered BIOS update document.

  • Freeze the satellites L850 (PSKDLV), slow performance


    I have a Toshiba L850-B120 with more than a year, works perfectly.
    WIN7 Home Basic, 640 G HDD, ci5 3210 M, 4 GB Ram, ATI 7670 M

    As soon as the same day where its out of warranty, it started freezing and hang on any application or no navigation, search or regular work. IE blocks, blocks Chrome, wifi is not responding.

    very slow windows startup...

    Note: BIOS has been updated 2 months in v6.7 under the EU for Win 7 update.
    Intalled OS is Home Basic 7 via Toshiba temporomandibular.

    I went back to the factory (out of the box) twice and again the same problem after a day or two.

    How to check for hardware conflicts?

    No new software installed, no. Windows Update turned on so I'm excluding the chances of any question of software!

    Help, please!

    > How to check for hardware conflicts?
    Well, if you can exclude the problems of the (software) system (and I think you can do this because the laptop should run stable and properly after restoring the laptop) we assume that your laptop problems might be related to malfunction of the equipment.

    What part of the material could go wrong function? Well, I m thinking on the HARD drive or memory.
    I think you should check if the HARD drive is OK. For this, you can use some HARD drive diagnostic tools as for example disk HARD drive fitness test.

    Of course, you could also swap the HARD drive and was able to recover the laptop using the new disc HARD just to check if the same question would never happen again.

  • Speed of the satellite - 12L - C850D slow WLAN and LAN

    Help please

    I C850D - 12L running Windows 8.1 and as far as I know, have all drivers up to date according to PC world.

    I am not receiving the correct speeds both hard and connectivity wireless. Should get 30 + bottom and 10 upward but getting 10 down and 5 up.

    I did the usual stuff of BT and they are on the case - they say that my hub receives correct speeds and suggests that it is my drivers?

    Another laptop received very good speed of my hub. HUB is the latest issue of BT

    Happy new year

    > I did used * BT stuff * and they are on the case - they say that my hub receives correct speeds and suggest it's my drivers?

    I m really confused. You're talking about BT (I guess you mean Bluetooth), but this Toshiba laptop can't stand NOT BT's
    The device is equipped with a Realtek RTL8188CE WLan card 802.11b/g/n and with LAN Fast Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX card.

    But he can't stand BT

    So could you please provide more details or could you clarify this misunderstanding

  • Missing keystrokes on the Satellite L100 - 113 PLA3

    Completely wiped the hard drive and use the recovery disc and... same problem. The keyboard refuses to accept about 10 to 30% of what I type.

    External keyboard gives the same results. The problem is sometimes better than others, but it seems to be more problematic. Computer is practically useless.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Again, I wiped the hard drive and it seems to be no difference in performance.

    Help please?


    I had a similar problem with my laptop and finally update the BIOS helped

    But first try to disable the touchpad with FN + F9 during the strike. Someone posted here a declaration and disabling the touchpad has improved the performance of keyboard.

    Best regards

    Good bye

  • Questions about the Satellite L100 (PSLA3L) ram upgrade

    I have the laptop above and a new stick of RAM, do not have a manual but are there instructions for the upgrade, that?

    I opened the back and the type of image that keeps the RAM is not familiar to me. I can see how it goes, but it's not clips easily which leads me to belive miss me something, or else it requires an ungodly amount of strength.

    Grateful for any help


    Don t be not shy, just try it. You must use force. A little tip: when you put the lever in the slot, then bend the clips a LITTLE outside the module can easily break into the slot.

    Trust me, try it as I suggested you and it will work.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite L100 170: can I put the graphics card?

    Hi everyone :) could someone tell me if I can upgrade the graphics card in the Satellite L100-170, for the moment, it has an ATI RadeonĀ® Xpress 200 M, if I can what is the best card to upgrade this machine to and where I could get one from?
    Thank you


    Unfortunately, it is not possible to update the graphics card or use another s.
    Nothing to see :(

  • How to use the LAN wireless on a Satellite L100-197

    Have this L100-197, has a card wireless in there, but the wireless button is blocked with a sticker. Installed the card very well, but obviously I have no wireless switch, so it can't seem to find available networks.

    What do I do/buy/install?

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    Do you really mean the Satellite L100-197?Ā !!! This laptop is not known to me!
    It seems that the number of 197 extension does not exist but only the 179!

    Satellite L100-179 does not support WLANs and was delivered without any WLan minPCI cards!

    Bad news, you can also not improve with a minPCI wireless network card. If you want to connect the laptop to the WLan, you need to use an external solution such as a WLan USB key for example!


  • Satellite L100: Logo Centrino Duo missing

    I bought the Satellite L100 Centrino Duo of China and as all the pilots were in Chinese, so I upgraded the site Web of Toshiba. He had the BIOS update as well... after I have done... the Centrino Duo logo disappeared from the start. Instead of as single Intel appears...

    How can I get that back?


    As far as I know this laptop uses Phoenix BIOS.
    The "quiet boot" option should appear on the fist page 'Hand' BIOS.
    If this option is enabled, the diagnosis is disabled and LOGO should appear.
    But if it's disabled if the diagnosis appears and summary screen is displayed.

    I think you should check this posibility

  • Satellite L100-108: update your Intel 3945 WLan Intel 4965agn


    It is possible to replace the wifi card that brought the Satellite L100-108 (Intel 3945ABG) for the an Intel 4965AGN?
    The two cards are mini pci - e and the chipset of the motherboard (with Everest says only that it is Toshiba), is the Intel i945GM.

    Thanks in advance


    Why you want to upgrade the WLan card?
    I mean the Intel 3945ABG provide three different WLan standards.
    OK, the Intel 4965AGN provides the standard 802.11 N standard, but this standard cannot be used because the wireless network card should 3 antenna wlan
    AFAIK the L100-108 was equipped with antenna Wlan of two sons that is designed for A B and G WLan standard.

  • Re: My Qosmio F60 - 11f is VERY SLOW and stuck all the time

    Hi everyone :)

    I have a qosmio f60 - 11f with 2.26 to 3.3 with turbo i7
    6 GB of Ram
    640 GB HHD
    1 GB Nvidia GT330M graphics

    the problem is that since I bought it and its slow I don't know why!
    Now the laptop over 14 months and I did a lot of recovery time because of problems and stuck, I him.
    last day I did the cover and I noticed that the laptop is becoming slower!
    It takes about 5 minutes to get started! not only that, after started and open any folder you will notice how slow it is. Even in the videos I can't open it because the laptop will be stuck and play the video very very slow!
    Please help me.


    First of all I recommend to check the HARD disk for disk failure HARD errors that may affect the performance of the computer, you should check the HARD drive using freeware tools one of the tools that I use is the Drive Fitness Test he has been published several times here in the forum and its really great software.

    If the HARD drive would be ok and if no error would be detected, then, I recommend disabling some processes that are not important for you in many cases different tools would be charged during the OS start process and these tools run in the background that slow down the operating system.
    Run msconfig and check the Startup tab
    Here you will see all the programs that are loaded at the beginning, you can uncheck the tools is not necessary

    Note: If you are not sure what means the only process, use google and search in internet for more details otherwise don't disable this.

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