I tried several times to set up an email account with Thunderbird, but the next time I start the computer and start Thunderbird, no account is displayed.

I bought a new desktop PC with Win 8.1 and installed Firefox and Thunderbird.
Then, I tried to set up the e-mail account manually (in IMAP) following the instructions here: https://support-en.upc-cablecom.ch/app/answers/detail/a_id/22 , but can't set the mail server outgoing smtp correctly (I could receive mail but not send them). Subsequently, I deleted this account. Then, I started the automatic mail with UPC Cablecom under the http://www.upc-cablecom.ch/content/dam/www-upc-cablecom-ch/Support/executables/upc-cablecom-email-assistant.exe link tool and he did successfully set up the account, however, because a POP3 server account. As I was not happy with it, I deleted the server of incoming POP3 mail (and lost the e-mails received, of course...) and retried a manual installation. In doing so, I got an e-mail account IMAP incoming more two outgoing SMTP server (comparing them, I also understand the configuration error that I had done the first time). I then deleted the manual as SMTP server the automatically the installation server worked correctly.
In this context, accepting them and sending E-mail worked OK. However, the next time I started the computer, the e-mail account disappeared and Thunderbird was asked to set up a new account again. I have successfully set up manually once more, but the same problem resurfaced at the next startup, the e-mail account was gone...!

Thank you in advance for your help!


Verify which profile is used.

AppMenu button - help - troubleshooting - profile directory - Open Directory information

Your profile folder should open in Windows Explorer. What is the location of the profile?

Restart your computer and repeat the steps above. The profile folder has changed?

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