I tried to update my cc and received the error code: A12E1

I tried to update my cc and received the error code: A12E1

Hi Samson,.

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Please perform the following steps:

(1) restart the computer.

(2) if the error persists, rename the OOBE in OLD OOBE folder of

Mac: MAC HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe

Windows: C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Adobe and

C:\Users\ (UserName) \AppData\Local\Adobe

3) download Creative cloud once more and try to run.

(4) if it you is still facing a problem then Quit/end the notifier AAM address


Press Ctrl Alt Del

Start the Task Manager

Click on the "processes" tab and check if you have AAMNotifier running

If Yes, click end task


Go to Spotlight (magnifying glass at the top right on your screen)

Type activity monitor

Press ENTER to open the activity monitor

Check in activity for AAMNotifier monitor

Leave this process if you find

Thank you!


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