I try to install the McGraw Hill software and get an access denied error message. I have contacted the software company, they tell me it's a compatibility issue with Windows Vista and to contact Microsoft.

I try to install the McGraw Hill software and get an access denied error message.  I have contacted the software company, they tell me it's a compatibility issue with Windows Vista and to contact Microsoft.


Right-click on the setup.exe > run as admin.

See you soon. Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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  • I try to install the two updates, they do not have continually it says error unknown 66A?

    I try to install the two updates, they do not have continually it says error unknown 66A?


    Is update fails with error code?

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:

    Try a clean boot, and then try to install the updates.

    How to solve problems using the boot in Vista:
    Note: once you have completed troubleshooting, please be sure to try step 7 to reset the computer as usual.

    Method 2:

    If it still fails, try to download and install the update manually by using the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/default.aspx

    If there are still problems, install the update, reset the Windows Update components

    Reset the Windows Update components: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058

    I hope this information helps. Please get back to us if you have any other questions on this subject.

  • When I try to install the CC apps they fail to extract to half way through. How can I fix it?

    When I try to install the CC apps they fail to extract to half way through. How can I fix it?

    Check your running process (when the installation crashes) using adobe.  to end this process and continue the installation.

  • Anyone know of any compatibility issues with Windows 8 and RV series routers?

    I have a small network with a laptop computer, Windows 8, Windows XP desktop computer and a network MyBookLiveDuo storage device. I have sharing enabled between these devices. Everything worked well on a network switch. I replaced the switch with the RV110W VPN Firewall Router to add better security to my network before I have expand it. Since then, I have a laptop Windows 8 intermittent connectivity while the connectivity of the XP desktop computer shows no problem.

    On the laptop Windows 8 I ran network troubleshooting, and he complained that two devices on the network are (NAT) network address translation and the symptoms he describes is what I see. Problem is that I don't have a network Analyzer to look at the network in more depth. I looked online for the RV110W documentation and if NAT is listed as one of the characteristics, there is no discussion in the documentation on how to manage this feature in the router.

    I can connect to the Windows 8 laptop from Office XP and access shared content. I can connect to the Duo since Office XP without difficulty. However, except when they reappear periodically under the heading of my network in Explorer on the laptop Windows 8, I can't access the Office XP or the Duo of the laptop Windows 8. Curiously, however, I have a part of the Duo mapped as a network drive on the laptop Windows 8 and I can access it even when everything else has gone. Also, the interface of management for the Duo appears on the laptop Windows 8 and I can access the Duo to manage. Only, I can't access the shares on the Duo. Then all of a sudden they reappear under network in the file Explorer and I can then access. I think it must have to do with NAT, but I can't find anything out about it.

    If it's something I can turn on the router long enough to see if the problem goes away I would like to try, but I can't find it in the documentation, and I can't find it when I look aroiund in the management interface.

    The fact that I am not having the form of the XP desktop computer problem makes me think that a compatibility issue with Windows 8. Does anyone know if Windows 8 did anything with NAT? I try to get help from Microsoft Technical Support, but their level 1 tech told me to call Tech Support Pro when they open later this morning. Support cat Cisco won't open until Monday at 09:00.

    Also, throughout this connection problem Internet from the laptop through the router is never interrupted. It's strictly connectivity with other devices on the internal network that comes and goes.

    Hi Gregg,

    NAT must not play unless your applications on the internet. The "port Internet" or "WAN port" is a NAT port that converts your public IP address from ISP to your LAN subnet addresses. NAT allows multiple computers on a network to use 1 public IP address.

    If your devices are connected to the Ether "LAN ports" they are not affected by NAT unless they are Web applications. 4 'LAN ports"are 2 layer switch ports. This means that all local requests are forwarded by the switch ports.

    This device did replace exactly? The XP computers, DUET and window 8, make these products using the static IP address or you allow the RV110 to assign an IP address automatically? What IP address you are using on the LAN of the RV110?

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  • Configuration of the system "access denied" Error Message When change of selective startup to Normal startup

    I tried to get my XP to start without using the XP CD. I changed my system Config of selective startup to Normal startup, but I get the following message:


    How, where and what is my administrator account. I'm the only one using this pc. What is my normal name & passowrd normal or what?

    Thank you



    Follow the step on the next page to start the computer in Mode safe.
    Once you start the computer Safe Mode, the built-in "Administrator" account should appear. I'm not saying that your user account is not an administrator account, but just to be sure to use the one built for all purposes it may serve you.

    See you soon ~!
  • I try to install the updates, but they fail - error code is 80070005.

    Let me start that I'm computer illiterate until a point and it becomes very frustrating...

    I use Windows Vista Service pk2

    I went and deleted temporary files and all requested without success.

    Error code 0 x 80070005 is also described as ACCESS DENIED (you may not to install updates).

    Please check that you are logged into an account with administrative privileges.

    Please follow these instructions if you encounter this error code during checking or install updates via Windows Udpate.  What follows applies only to Windows Vista.

    1. Download AccessChk (Sysinternals).  This tool allows you to assess the level of access of some users or groups of resources, including files, directories, registry keys, global objects and Windows services.  Here is the link to download the tool: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb664922.aspx
    2. Save the file on your desktop zip and extract the file:
      -Right-click on the file and select extract all...
      -Click Next when prompted for the Destination.

      Therefore, you should see a folder called AccessChk on your desktop.

    3. Open the folder AccessChk

    4. Hold the SHIFT key and right-click in the window.  Select "open here command prompt.

    5. A command prompt window should open a similar message:
      C:\Users\\Desktop\accesschk >

    6. Type the following command and press ENTER:
      "" AccessChk.exe "nt service TrustedInstaller" s - n k ' hklm\software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing "> accesskchk.txt
      Tip: You should be able to copy and paste the command into the command prompt.

    7. Close the command prompt window.  Open the Accesschk folder on your desktop (if it has been closed).

    8. Double-click Accesschk.txt (text file), it should open Notepad.

    9. Copy and paste your results with a new question in the forum of Windows Update.  (Make sure that you write 0x80070005 in the subject).


    If this is not enough: -.

    1. If please download the subinacl.msi from the following link and save the patch to installation on the desktop:
      SubInACL (SubInACL.exe)
      SubInACL is a command line tool that allows administrators to get the security information on files, registry keys, and services, and the transfer of information from one user to another, from local or global group to and from a domain to a domain.

    2. Please, go to the desktop and double-click on the downloaded file.

    3. Please select the C:\Windows\System32 folder as the Destination folder during installation. Later, we will use this tool to reset the permissions on the current computer settings.

    4. Click the "Start" button in the "Search" bar, type: "Notepad" (without the quotes) and press ENTER.

    5. Copy the following commands, and then paste them into the opened Notepad window:
      off @echo
      Subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Grant = administrators = f
      Subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Grant = administrators = f
      Subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Grant = administrators = f
      Subinacl % lecteur_systeme % /subdirectories / Grant = administrators = f
      Subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Grant = system = f
      Subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Grant = system = f
      Subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/Grant = system = f
      Subinacl % lecteur_systeme % /subdirectories / Grant = system = f
      @Echo =========================
      Completed @Echo.
      @Echo =========================

  • After you paste the above commands, please close the Notepad window. Choose "Save" when you are prompted to save the file. Type "reset.bat" as the file name and choose "Desktop" in the Panel on the left as the save location.
  • View the desktop and right click the reset.bat file, then choose "Run as Administrator".
  • You will see a window of type BACK treatment.

  • NOTE: It may take several minutes, please be patient. When it is finished, you will be prompted with the message: "finished, press any key to continue."


    This problem may be caused by third-party security programs such as firewalls and antivirus software. You can disable or remove to check the issue.

    Notes are answers Microsoft support engineers
    Support for Windows Vista technical and troubleshooting problems
    Microsoft Help and Support

  • Can not install the HP drivers for laserjet 1022 printer on my new computer with Windows 7.

    I have a laserjet 1022.  I can't install the HP drivers supplied on the site of HP on my new computer.  When he asks me to connect the printer, the printer is recognized, but the message still say waiting for the connection.  I tried the advice on the forum by HP and others, including the loading of drivers from other countries.  Other attempts at downloading drivers ends with a message saying that the download could not be completed.  I tried other USB cables and it does not work.  I love HP product but I really need help on this one.  Help!

    Kind regards

    Day Trader

    Hello DayTrader,

    When you connect the printer and the message goes on to say "Waiting for Connection", please try the step below...

    • Go to Device Manager, (do so, right click on the computer icon, select Manage from the left pance m click on Device Manager, which will display the Device Manager on the right pane).
    • There should be entries yellow bang (yellow! brand) with the name of the printer on it.
    • Right-click on each one and select put to update driver.
    • Choose "Browse my computer for driver software".
      Click the Browse button to point to the CD (if you use the CD to start the installation) otherwise copy the path where the drivers were extracted if you downloaded it. It will usually be in the folder with the name of departure 7z... under the TEMP folder.
      Then click on Next button.

    Kind regards

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  • To access the files and folders from the hard drive Windows 7 on Windows XP, access denied error message.

    Original title: portable destroyed - need for car access

    I don't know if this is the right forum - please advice if it is not.

    My friend's laptop computer was destroyed in a car accident. I pulled the drive and placed it in my desktop XP system and the drive appear in good health. However, I received permission issues trying to access records on the disk and thought that it was because of me using Win XP and the laptop was Win7x64. My questions below are based on the assumption that I'm not able to access these files on my Win XP system. If this assumption is incorrect, so please let me know.

    I have a laptop that I don't use and put the disk in it. I was hoping it would be plug and play all the new material, but after reading a little online, I know that this is not the best thing to do and will probably not work as did the earlier versions of Windows.

    In the end, I care retrieves the contents of the disc, although it would be great if I could lend my laptop for a few weeks with "its files" until it sorts how to replace the laptop.

    Can I get the player Win7x64 working on the laptop computer of replacement by reinstalling Win7x64 on this laptop? I'm not "means a clean install/reformat, but have rather the Setup program detects an existing installation, and do its magic to get the operating system runs on new hardware?"

    I know that this raises questions of MS licenses. If the installation process could get his old system running on the laptop replacement, if I have a small window of time completely to access his files before being forced to re-register the OS? I'm hoping so.

    I'm looking for only a short-term solution - I do not recommend that he hopes that drive long term because the laptop got quite truncated of the accident, and once he gets a new laptop it will have everything he needs on this subject (OS, licenses, etc.). If I have a small window of time where I can simply copy their important files, or to lend him my laptop with its player and him can bring to its domestic network and the print out of all the things that are important, that it's going to be all together to move them to a new laptop when it is available.

    Thank you


    You experience this problem because of the permissions applied to these s folder.  To resolve this problem, you will need to take ownership of these files and folders.

    Method 1: You can follow the steps mentioned in the link below to take possession of the records

    Troubleshoot "access denied" when opening files or folders


    (Article above applies to Windows Vista, not valid for Windows XP)

    Also check out the article below

    How to capture a file or a folder in Windows XP

    Method 2:  You can try a custom installation (not a format\clean facility).

    See the link below for custom installation
    using the install option custom without formatting the hard drive

    Note: In custom installation only data would be transferred in Windows. Drivers, applications and the old folder will need to be reinstalled.

  • I'm starting to see the error message js / ff_browser:203 that appear. It is random. It is a PC with Windows 7, 64 bit and firefox 7.01. the only recent change is a download of an update to Java. is there an easy way to fix it?

    as explained in the question, this is an instance of the ransom and requires me to click on "continue" or "quit". Select 'continue' just seems to allow firefox to do what I wanted to do.

    I am running windows 7 Professional 64 bit and Firefox 7.01.

    Probably caused by an add-on.

    What is the rest of this message chrome://...js/ff_browser:203 ?

    Tell us of what Add - it is involved.

    Otherwise, you can do some troubleshooting to find out the cause.


  • Access denied error message trying to update the wireless driver.


    I recently bought and installed the software for my wireless USB and when I try to update my device with this software Realtek RTL8188CUS LAN wireless 802.11n USB slim solo he SAIS access denied

    I am using the administrator account on my computer and looking for any kind of help that would be useful.

    Hi Hare Gates,.

    This issue may have caused corruption of driver's record. I suggest you try to uninstall the drivers Wireless LAN then try to download the latest Realtek website drivers and try to install it and check if it works for you.

    Step 1: Uninstall the drivers of network adapter in Device Manager.

    Follow the steps to uninstall the network card drivers:

    a. press Windows + R keys and type devmgmt.msc and press enter.

    b. search for network card.

    c. right-click on the Realtek Wireless LAN and click Uninstall.

    d. restart the computer.

    Step 2: Download the latest drivers for solo slim Realtek RTL8188CUS Wireless LAN 802.11n USB of the site Web of Realtek.


    Step 3: Install the latest LAN drivers wireless on your computer.

    Please reply with the status of the issue so that we can better help you.

  • Why do I get the access denied error message when you are logged in as administrator?

    "Error" failed to create the file 'C:\Windows\Fonts\[font name]. " Access is denied. "

    is received when I try to install a font by being logged on as administrator (I'm the only person who uses this)
    computer with password protection guest no account)

    or when I use WinZip the fonts folder is not available

    The fonts folder is blocked with a "read-only" access  I can't find any way to change the permissions on the folder (there is no security tab), and any attempt to change the status of reading is has met an insufficient privileges error message.  I notice that the fonts have been added during the last few days several times but I have nothing personally for it - he did alone (how I don't know).  I admit be baffled by your inability to add fonts using your CD (even though I'm reasonably sure it's read-only permission which is at the origin of the problem). I use Vista Business SP2 32-bit and my comments were based on it.  I never really tried to install fonts on my system, so I don't know if I would have the same problem - I presume that I would give for the same reasons.  The article I posted http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Install-or-uninstall-fonts explains how to install individual fonts in formats of special fonts - it does not how to do when you use a CD with an install button.  Have you tried right-clicking on the button install to see if it brings up the run as Administrator option (it probably won't)?  Here is another article on how to install fonts: http://www.lytebyte.com/2007/07/03/how-to-install-new-fonts-in-windows-vista/.  If you link to the CD player will be able to see the individual fonts and "select all" or according to which you want to install - instead of using the installation with the CD button (if you can find the right folder (s)).  Here is an article from third on the installation of the http://www.windowsreference.com/windows-vista/how-to-install-fonts-in-vista/ fonts that suggests using the install button should work as should drag / drop it into the fonts folder - thought we seem to be having trouble with these procedures (and I think he did the permissions block which I can't imagine why he's here or why there is no security tab allows you to adjust).

    Maybe someone with more knowledge (like Engineer Support or an MVP) see this thread and respond with a solution.  In the meantime, I'm puzzled.

    Good luck! Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

  • IntelliType and Intellipoint compatibility issue with Windows 7

    I have an older version of Intellitype and Intellipoint (5.3).  When I try to install using Windows 7, I get a message that it is not compatible.  Have I not all options available to me to update so that I can continue to use these devices?

    Thank you!  Here is the address for the choice of products by download.


    Since were neither Intellitype and IntelliPoint, I selected IntelliMouse, and Wireless Comfort Keyboard.  After you have selected by selecting the operating system and the download, everything seems to work well.  Thank you!

  • Compatibility issues with windows 7 and maplestory

    I have windows 7 32 bit, I downloaded maplestory and when I clicked it, he jumped to the top with a box that says it has compatibility problems.  I tried to go to the properties of switching it forms XP SP3 and windows vista and rebooted but none of this seems to work.  I also went to troubleshoot compatibility and put it in my specefic problems, but it comes back with an error in Japanese.



    MapleStory has no information on the Windows 7 Compatibility Web site. The origin of the game specifications are for Windows 98 - XP.
    It is possible that they did not have it compatible with Windows 7 yet.

    You can check with the support of Maplestory for all hotfixes that may be needed to play the game on Windows 7.


    Kind regards
    Amal-Microsoft Support.
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  • create new folder at the same time save as creates an access denied error message

    Create a new worksheet in Excel 2010, and choose File - Save as.  As a folder for this work did not exist, I asked to create a new folder, and then open that folder and named the document.  He then told me that I'm not allowed (access denied).  If I close and file - save as again once I can save.  How can I stop this happening?

    We found the following solution and it seems to work

    -Open the 'File' tab and choose menu command "Options".
    -Open the "Trust Center" and the "Trust Center settings"
    -On the left side, you will find the category "trusted locations".
    -activate the tip box "Allow approved on my network locations.
    -confirm with OK twice, and then restart Excel.
  • "Access denied" error message when you try to open documents and settings

    in Vista, will explore and clicking on settings and Documenets that I get an error access is denied

    Hello montangriz,
    Documents and Settings is a junction and inaccessible.
    C:\Documents and Settings\ now is C:\Users\

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