I unplugged the drive time capsule wish now finder to reconnect it but can't find it!


I was running a purge antivirus on my device if necessary to disassemble the drive of my MacBook Pro database. I used the button disconnect in finder,.

Everything works with the side of the router of Timecapsule however I can not find or reconnect the player to the TC DATA.

I searched the forum and can't find anything that helps (and have tried loads!)

I suspect that I simply need to mount the drive, but I can't in all utilities

HELP Please :-)



Use the connection to the server command in the Finder menu go.


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    Looking for advice on how to get the Time Machine utility for access to my Time Capsule. I use an iMac in late 2012 with MAC OS 10.12 TimeCapsule is 2015 7.7.7 running latest firmware. Airport utility is the latest firmware 6.3.7.

    When I run the application Time Machine, Time Capsule is not detected. I tried the two WiFi and with cables connected Ethernet (not tried USB yet) and my Time Capsule doesn't have a lightning bolt or firewire ports.

    Open Airport utility & see the airport time capsule. I can see all connected devices, including the MAC, but no prompt activation Time Machine on the Time Capsule.

    I recently used TM on this iMac with a G-Technology drive. It auto detects the time machine and executes a back up. But airport Time Capsule will not.

    Any suggestions?

    Sierra has been problematic with the TC.

    1. make sure you don't have any charge virus protection software. In fact, I would say that disable all software 3rd part at the moment.

    2. make sure that you can actually write to disk of TC.

    Attach the TC disc in the finder and copy a file on disk, you can delete it later... It's just to ensure that you have full write permission. If it does not for the most part, you won't be able to use Time Machine... If you can then try TM immediately...

    Just to be clear, the TC is a network device. You have tested with ethernet and wireless... Ok.. They are only suitable methods. You cannot use USB. And clearly, TC has never had nor will never be ports Firewire or lightning.

    3. no chance that a reset complete TC. This will not delete the files on the hard drive, but you must make sure that the device is configured on the current computer.

    4. There are many positions in these days... read through them and do some research. Sierra is a bleeding edge new... So wait you to spend a lot of the precious liquid if you choose to be an early adopt.


    I implemented the airport Time Capsule, using a DSL modem connected to the internet as its bridge.  MacBook Pro was used for initial set up by the bolt of lightning to Ethernet connector and then disconnected and works perfectly.  Now, I would like to use Wi - Fi for my Samsung phone not iOS.  On the Samsung wireless I connect to my home network using a password.  Well, I don't think that a password was never set.  How can I configure my wifi at home to establish a password?   I don't think that the modem settings should enter in solving this for me, but I'll add that the modem required a static IP address be entered for this connection when its router features have been disabled for the connection of bridge.

    If the Time Capsule (TC) provides the wireless network, then you can secure it using AirPort Utility, as follows:

    • Run the AirPort Utility.
    • Select the TC and then, select change.
    • Select the wireless tab.
    • In the wireless security, select the type of security. I highly recommend that you choose: WPA2 Personal
    • Enter a password in the field password wireless. Enter the same password in the verify password.
    • Select Update.

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    Only by deleting the files in the backup itself. If you use Time Machine, then you'd that uses the Time Machine application. It would be much easier to erase the drive in the time Capsule.

  • Parameter problem to the airport Time Capsule

    Already, we currently have a WiFi system with a NetGear router and a modem from Time Warner.

    I just want to use the airport Time Capsule to back up my Mac.  My husband has a PC.  I followed the instructions but the airport still comes up in the utility.

    Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 and the latest 802.11 ac 3 TB so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  I plug an Ethernet cable at the airport, then in the Modem - nothing after I plug the power - Amber flashing light.  I have changed ports unplugged and plugged back in French - restart the Modem.  Nothing works.  I bought it so it would work straight out of the box - so far, I have spent a lot of time trying to understand it.

    Any help would be so appreciated!


    Try the help in this support article > Wifi hotspot: understand and resolve a blinking light of amber status - Apple supported

  • I want to use my Time Capsule as a backup via ethernet device but it interfere with the Wi - Fi

    I bought a new Time Capsule (TC) to use as a backup device Time Machine.  Then, I learned that my place of work does not allow me to create my own wifi network.  I connected to the CT with an ethernet cable and turned off the wifi using Airport utility.  Automatic backups to decide using just the cable ethernet, as expected.  However, whenever I plug the ethernet cable from the TC to my laptop (MacBook Pro under OS X 10.10.5), the laptop refuses to use the actual wifi to my work network.  It's like the ethernet connection turns off the wifi connection, even if the laptop is always connected to the wifi (according to the network in the banner at the top of the screen icon).  Unplug the cable immediately gives me access wifi again.

    Any suggestions on how to disable this "feature" where to plug the ethernet cable disables the wifi connection?  Thank you very much!

    Note that I have not connected to the LAN Time Capsule.  It is completely autonomous.

  • How many ethernet modem ports should have to support the airport Time Capsule

    I have a question: how many ethernet ports if a modem must support the airport Time Capsule?

    One (1)

  • Cannot access hard drive Time Capsule... Password not accepted

    The device ' Time Capsule 802.11n (3rd generation).

    Subject: Unable to connect to the HD TC

    I've reconfigured our old Time Capsule (CT) for use by my daughter dependent of the College.  What with the TC seems to work fine (IE. Internet access and WIFI configured etc...).  I reformatted the HD to start from scratch.  And last updated as indicated by the Airport utility application.  The intention is to create a new WIFI area with backup (Time Machine).

    When you set up Time Machine I stressed the internal HD of TC, and then it says "connecting to etc...".  After a few seconds, a new mold box presents itself to ' enter your password for the server (name of TC) for Time Machine can access.  I enter the HD password I had setup in Airport utility with nothing doesn't.  I checked all passwords with Airport utility "Show passwords".  Tried all the passwords, and of course which none worked.  And Yes, I even try the previous passwords even if I had changed their

    I noticed that using the Airport 6.3.5 utility running on my OS X 10.10.5 machine I can see and change the TC.  But when I use another computer running 10.11.6 is the Airport 6.3.6 utility does not see the TC?

    Thoughts and comments please?

    Next step may be reset to the factory settings, but feel something going on here...

    Thank you

    Kind regards


    (1) try to reset the password for the utility disk AirPort

    (2) open TextEdit on the Mac and type the password in plain text in an editor window.  This will allow you to ensure that all the keys on the keyboard are recognized.  I've seen cases where passwords fail again and again because of a problem with a wrong key on the keyboard or a habit of typing that makes you believe that you enter the password one way, but the result is something else.  Be able to actually see that typed password allows to check that.

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    Windows 7 supports the reactivation by Internet up to 5 times after reinstalling, but you will need to use the phone activation after that:

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

  • I want to connect my Macbook Air (IOS 10.9.5) with my amp stereo House (TEAC I-501DA), which has a USB connection. I followed the steps described in the manual TEAC to install the driver and my Mac says it is installed correctly, but it does not appear I

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    Version El Capitan driver support, then why don't upgrade you your MacBook Air to El Capitan?

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    What is the exact error message/code if you found one?

    What operating system you are using the version?

    This is Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements you use?

  • Failure of the airport Time Capsule?

    I have a Time Capsule from Apple Airport – 2 TB (ME177LL/A). Today, I was unable to access the drive in the finder for the first time. The airport icon does not appear in airport utility. More than a month, no real change in my machine, no new installed apps, I've upgraded to El Capitan. I did some research on Google and found the only real option for me (after a power power off to the airport and my machine) is to reset the router to factory settings which I seem to have done. In addition to killing the wifi (which was still working before reboot), the Airport now appears under the button "other Wi - Fi devices (1). But whenever I select which and it attempts to connect (so I can probably do a manual installation) it fails and merely says that an unexpected error has occurred. I don't know if I lost all my files on the disk, since this seems to be a failure any which allows to treat the router itself. He was still working as a bridge providing internet and Wi - Fi before the reset, now it only provides internet for everything that it is hooked up via ethernet.

    I had some of my gripes with this product over the years, but the lack of diagnostic information is now slightly irritating. Is there something else for me to do a short delivery to another zero?

    First of all... no files will be lost on the hard drive... for this, TC would fail to start or have a disk failure error...

    Your questions are totally El Capo... and pretty typical.

    Why should he choose now occur instead of a month ago... done installing part of the pleasure of the wireless network adapter... It's frightfully little reliable.

    I want you to do it again... Yes I know.. Sorry...

    Disconnect the TC of the network and plug in ethernet on the computer... However leave the radio on... Apple depends on increasingly less reliable network strategy.

    Do a complete factory reset.

    Universal factory reset

    Turning off the TC... That is, remove the power supply cord or the power at the wall outlet, wait 10 seconds... Hold the reset button... be nice... Turn on always even now in reset... and keep holding in for another 10 seconds. You may need assistance because it is difficult to hold in reset and power on. It will show the success quickly flashing led front. Release reset... and wait a few minutes for the TC to reset and return with the factory settings. If the front LED flashes quickly you missed and simply try again. The reset is quite fragile in these... Press the key while it is just click away and not more... I've seen people bend lever or even break. I use a toothpick as a tool.

    N.b.: any of your files on the hard disk of the TC are deleted... This erases just the settings of the router of the TC.

    Go in the wireless and ethernet on the computer and make sure you have IPv6 well positioned to post a local link only. for example...

    It is set to automatic might be the reason why you have problems... one day he autoed to bad settings... Auto is a plan for a disaster.

    Now, try and open the configuration of TC in airport utility... No luck... do it manually...

    Accept this self... is always a bad idea... so here go us.

    1. click on file and set up the other.

    2. Enter the IP... always after a reset. No password necessary yet.

    3. now you can see all parts of the installation... you will go to each tab to make configuration.

    4. in the first place is the Base Station... and change the name... in short, no spaces and highly recommended pure alphanumeric characters.

    Ditto for passwords. Internet will be DHCP for most people having nothing else... then wireless

    Then the network... Choose what you want yourself... you are now in control.

    For most people, they will be set to DHCP and NAT or Off (Bridge Mode)

    5. Once you have finished making changes... update allows to configure them for the TC... and wait until it restarts...

    If all is good it will come back on the main use.

    If it still errors just click on TC icon and go back into the setup and fix anything there.

    Any step fails to tell me that that...

    You may need to switch to ethernet, if you have any problems, if.

    In airport utility now ethernet is under other devices Wi - Fi... that makes no sense at all. Ethernet will only appear when it is connected and working.

  • Unable to connect to the Network Time Capsule wireless

    I just changed ISP (AT & T to Time Warner) and I use my own modem cable (Arris SB6141). I connected by TC via the WAN and knitting laptop via the connection to the local network, but now only my MacBook Air (El Capitan running) connects to the wifi network of TC. Nothing else connects; AppleTV (w/Siri), iPhone 6s (9.3.1). Is there a compatibility issue that could be the cause of the problem between the modem and the TC? Or is there something I'm supposed to change with the settings? It worked fine when I was using a router 2WIRE AT & T U-Verse.

    Looks like the router Mode of the time Capsule airport is set to Off (Bridge Mode)... (which would have been correct for use with a 2Wire product)... but, it must be set to DHCP and NAT to use with a simple modem.

    Turn off the modem for at least 20 minutes... more won't hurt

    Turning off time Capsule

    Make sure the Ethernet cable from the modem connects to the "O" on the Time Capsule WAN port

    After the 20 + minute modem switch off period has finished, turn on the modem and let it run for 10 minutes

    Then, turn the time Capsule and let it run for 5 minutes

    On your MacBook Air...

    Open AirPort Utility... (Finder > Applications > utilities > AirPort Utility)

    Click on the image of the time Capsule

    Click on edit in the window that appears

    Click on the network at the top of the next window tab

    Make sure that the setting of router Mode = DHCP and NAT

    Click Update at the bottom right of the window and give the time Capsule a minute full to restart

    Recheck the network and report on your results

    Unfortunately, the SB6141 and Apple routers not always who hear well together, so keep an eye on the issues

  • Restore backup after the reset Time Capsule (1st generation) using Windows PC

    I apologize if this question is somewhere already. I tried to find an answer and I've seen similar discussions but not exactly what I need.

    A bit of history... The location is a small school with about 10 cameras, its network systems, point of sale, cloud networked storage, etc. Was asked by the owner to create or activate a Guest WiFi SSID. They said he worked at the same time, but some work was done by a previous technician and they lost the WiFi of comments.

    So I used the Airport utility to access the time Capsule. However, after the change to the next level (enable the public IP sharing? maybe?), he ended up destroying the entire network, as in nothing was back upward when the utility scanned for devices. Even the Time Capsule was not recognized by the utility. I ended up doing a hard reset on the Time Capsule and do my best to manually configure the device again, even though I was not initially designed the network. I have also discovered that 1st generation Time Capsules have no comments WiFi capabilities.

    To make a long story short (too late... "I know sorry..) .. I got most of the features, functions, etc. on the network back where they were before, with the exception of camera systems and a network storage device active cloud to the owner's House.  What I would like to know is... Since then, I understand that a hard reset does NOT erase the backup or other data on the shared disk in the time Capsule... is there an easy way to restore the settings of all of the time Capsule before the problem occurred?  I would need to do this using a Windows computer.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. What I'm trying to avoid the most is having to reset all the cameras, which are upstairs, hard to reach areas. I guess that people who were previously assigned on the cameras must still be there. If only I could get the Capsule of time exactly where it was before he went down, which would allow me to save a lot of time and frustration.

    You can also (2nd choice)... If there is a simple way to detect the active network cameras and other devices on the Time Capsule and pull the IP out of them, that would be helpful as well.

    Thanks in advance for answers!

    What I would like to know is... Since then, I understand that a hard reset does NOT erase the backup or other data on the shared disk in the time Capsule... is there an easy way to restore the settings of all of the time Capsule before the problem occurred?

    You have my sympathy all...

    Been to this place before today... and I always get myself into it by pure stubbornness... I should just walk on some of these jobs and tell them too hard...!

    What you had to do was to export the configuration before you start playing. Without export of the configuration there is not much hope of healing to less than the previous tech saved a configuration to the unit... This example gets much delicate.

    The TC is actually able to contain several configurations... There is a good chance, however, that wipe you the.

    Anyway... coming to the serious Tin. (same version on Mac and PC utility should work the same).

    Here's my TC who foolishly a reset.

    When I do something... first manual configuration, I wonder is to revert to the previous version.

    You have done or could you saved the previous settings as a profile... I hope that you did... in the hope...!

    IF so, you have a saved profile.

    In the area of the top menu go in manage profiles.

    Now, if you are lucky or did the job just last time... by accident... you'll have a saved profile... Just click back.

    If nothing is there, or it's current settings... Sorry, but you didn't know something was there... and you cannot was expected to know the trouble you would get yourself in.

    If you have changed a setting in the TC of the bridge in router mode...

    (enable the public IP sharing? maybe?)

    Getting back to what it was... mode bridge being the most common.

    At the bridge of the TC does control most things... and you need to return to the main router.

    If the TC kicking upward a stench to return to the bridge, reset it simply still once and then bridge will work... It would be useful to loads to remember what was the setting... just to see the bridge takes the TC of the equation to know where the cameras are.

    If the cameras are on static IP, they will respond to a ping scanner... If the primary router is configured for a standard range of IP addresses... 192.168.1.xxx some.

    Then the TC in bridge must have also taken an ip address in this range and the cameras (Ethernet or wireless)?

    I hope that ethernet, but if they were using the TC as a wireless access point, unless you know exactly the SSID wireless as it was in the past then you do not have this info...

    Look at any computer, they have in the building that was running wireless and watch all the SSID that they use... one of these is likely the TC and you can restore this name.

    Or drop a camera... and ethernet allows to connect to him... and find the ssid, that it's been fixed... redefine the TC on this name (SSID) wireless security... all cameras must be able to connect to it... and you can then restore the entire system by connecting to the IP address that will be displayed in the list on the main router.

    Good luck.. as says Han Solo... you'll need!

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