I upgraded to FF 7.0.1 and it not is not loading. If I try to uninstall, it says that it is running. I have uninstalled and rebooted, and installed an earlier version, but the program does not open. Can someone help me please?

I have tried everything I can think and suggested in your base of knowledge, but FF does not open. I downgraded to a version earlier, but which did not help so I uninstalled everything and did a clean reinstall of the 7.0.1. I restarted at every stage.

However, when I tried to put my favorite chrome (so I could continue to work) he says that FF was opened. Same thing when I went to uninstall. The Task Manager is not running. Chrome works is not my internet connection.

I have not installed a new software or hardware recently, although I've improved Roboform to the latest version. This is the reason to update to FF addon RF was not compatible with the version of FF I used.

I scanned for virus and the machine is clean.

I'm on a PC running Windows 7 Home Premium. Right now I'm working on my old laptop but I need to FF works on my main machine.

Any help much appreciated.

Thank you



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