I use Envy 17 with a job posting and I need to be able to turn it on even if the lid is closed? Thnx

Hey! Regarding my HP Envy 17 1085 eo. I use my Envy 17 with an external display, and I have to be able to turn on my pc, while the cover is closed (clamshell). It is possible while the pc is in "standby", while activating the mouse keyboard og - but Windows break mode standby after a certain time, leaving me frustrated as I then need to open the lid of my desire and press the button 'walk', to use the Windows. Is it possible somehow? Thank you very much!


Hey dhalb_,

Have you ever watched the Power Options window (start > type 'power' > click Power Options) where you can change when the computer sleeps (left)? As long as you stop the computer periodically (2 - 3 times a week, if you use it every day) it would be nice to never go in "standby mode" while it is plugged.

For a while, I used a laptop as a desktop replacement with an external monitor and ran into the same frustration as yourself. I shut down my computer after each use if so I came up with a scheme where I could leave the screen all half open, just enough to be able to press the power button.

If you prefer to go in standby mode, you can go to the advanced power settings (Power Options > change Plan settings next to the selected power management > change advanced power settings), extend your sleep and set "Hibernate after" connected to never by typing 'Never' in the field minutes. Click on apply and OK.

I should mention that it does not extend the life of your computer to run constantly. Hard drive failure and the motherboard issues sees much more often on machines that are constantly running. Computers bogged down and run slowly when the memory is full. Memory erase them and will reset when the computer is turned off. Here's a link explaining more on the accumulation of memory and aging of the material.

I hope these suggestions help. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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