I use Windows 7 on a computer to which a printer is connected directly by a USB cable. I am able to print, but cannot find the printer when I run control/devices and printers Control Panel

I use Windows 7 on a computer to which a printer is connected directly by a USB cable.  I am able to print, but cannot find the printer when I run control/devices and printers Control Panel. In fact, no devices appear at all.

Can someone help me with this?

Thank you.

See http://www.winhelponline.com/blog/fix-devices-and-printers-completely-empty-windows-7/

If this does not help, there is a very long thread here, which may include other suggestions--> http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/devices-and-printers-dialog-box-empty/353707a4-bcb0-4334-98bc-aab84747fecd?page=1

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    Thanks for posting your question on the forum of the Microsoft community.

    I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

    What happens when you print a document? You receive a code or a specific message?

    Thank you to provide detailed information on the issue.

    This problem may occur due to corrupted printer drivers or incorrect printer settings.

    I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1:
    Run the printer Troubleshooter and check. Please follow these steps:

    a. press Windows + W keys, type Troubleshooting in the search box and press ENTER.
    b. click on 'show all' and then click on "printer".
    c. click 'Next' and follow the on-screen instructions.

    If this does not help, use method 2.

    Method 2:
    Please use the suggestions contained in this Microsoft support article and check the issue.
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    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

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    Windows Media Center should be on your taskbar

    Alternatively, you can try to open it as follows:

    Press Windows key + R on your keyboard

    Type: wmplayer.exe

    Press enter on your keyboard

    Right-click on the icon, then click on PIN to the taskbar.

    If it does not open, try the following:

    Click Start, type toggle windows feature tour

    Press enter

    Extend the functionality of media

    Uncheck Windows Media Player

    Click OK

    Restart when prompted

    Click Start, type toggle windows feature tour

    Press enter

    Extend the functionality of media

    Check Windows Media Player

    Click OK

    Restart when prompted

    Try to play again.

    If the problem persists:

    Click Start
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    At the command prompt, type: sfc/scannow

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    I think that you normally receive the serial number via your email account.  It will appear in your account after save you it.  I speak only from my experience as a disk owner however and hear - say in these forums.  I've never bought a download.

  • I install lightroom 5 trial and I get a cannot change the module when I run for the first time.

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    I have a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.10.2.  I have Photoshop CS6 installed and I have disabled it and it is attached to my account of cloud.  I also tried to create a new catalog, nothing seems to work.

    I'd like to try this, but currently I can't Lightroom to do anything...

    I just found the answer for me.

    I have step 5 on this technical support article:

    Troubleshoot unexpected behavior. Specific user account | Adobe software | Mac OS

    It's about repairing permissions on hidden folders.

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  • Devices and printers won't load


    I write on the page devices and printers. I looked at other messages and nothing has worked so far. I will list what I did.

    -Bluetooth enabled and set to automatic

    -a ran chkdsk/r twice

    -made a clean boot

    -check updates

    -disabled firewall

    -off spooler printing and Bluetooth service at the same time ending explorer.exe, restart explorer.exe and activated the two services to auto again.

    -tried to use different profiles

    Specifications of the computer:

    Windows 7 64 bit

    4 GB OF RAM

    I7 2.80 Ghz

    Nothing above worked. Let me know if you have other ideas of cause that I'm about.

    Thank you.

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you for the update on the issue.

    If still problem persists, I suggest you to try the steps in the below mentioned thread and see if it helps you to solve the problem.

    Failed to open devices and printers in Control Panel.

    If the problem persists, try the steps in the below mentioned thread.

    Devices and printers page takes forever to load & does not show my printers or devices

    Keep us updated on the status of your issue and we will be happy to help you, if necessary.

    Kind regards

  • No device in devices and printers and no recognition of Bluetooth devices

    I can not get the list of my devices and printers.  When I click on devices and printers, or when I open Control Panel and do the same, control panel > hardware and audio > devices and printers if poster at the top, a green bar is moving slowly from left to right, but it never ends.   If I select display refresh it will display 0 devices that are at the bottom of the screen
    I have installed and run a program called Advanced System Optimizer from Systweak.  I don't know if its use has caused this problem - look at one of my devices is not something I do routinely - but he can do it.  I am in touch with their tech support staff and should hear from them in a day or two.

    I also can't find any Bluetooth devices even though I have a mouse and a keyboard that I would like to connect to my Dell PC using Bluetooth technology.

    Thanks for the links.  It is found that I have solved the problem but had my answer on the Belkin website.

    In Windows 7, apparently, the default setting is not to search for Bluetooth devices.  I had no problem with Bluetooth on Vista.  The Belkin site gives simple instructions on how to set up a Windows 7 machine to pick them up.

    1. in the search programs and files box, type services.msc.
    2. double-click on Services to Support Bluetooth.
    3. Select Automatic for startup type.
    4. under Service status, click Start.
    5. click on apply.
    6. restart the computer.  The PC will now be able to find Bluetooth devices.

    Maybe I accidentally turned off mine, but I don't see how that could have happened.  In any case, I put the Asus adapter on my XP laptop - there is no need for any change of configuration - and the Belkin one on my Windows 7 desktop.  Both work very well now.

  • Windows folder instead of the Officejet 6500 icon icon has more E710n in devices and printers

    Can someone help me get the OfficeJet 6500 has more e710n printer to display correctly in devices and Printers icon?

    I have recently reinstalled Windows 8.1.  However, when I installed my printer, the printer icon in devices and printers, I get a generic Windows yellow folder icon.  The Fax icon is OK, just the printer icon is wrong.

    If I double click the icon, I get a blank page with a message near the top of the page saying: 'information updates are available on your device.  Click here to download or learn more. "If I click on the notice, a drop down menu appears with 'Download update of information' or 'Learn' more.  If I choose Update downloaded information, a new printer window appears which is often empty except for a message in the center of the window that says "no task is available on this page" to learn the most fair option gives me info on the update of drivers.

    The icon of the printer in the start menu is fine.

    I used HP Print and Scan Doctor uninstall and reinstall my printer, but it did not help.  The program finds a problem with the printer driver and the fixed, but that has not changed the icon either.

    I'm running Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit fully up to date and used the full version of the HP Installer for the printer (not the basic version) and HP Print and Scan v4.6 doctor.


    Try following these steps and let me know if that can help you:

    1. In the control panel select network and internet, and open network and sharing Center.
    2. Click on change advanced sharing Center.
    3. Make sure the network discovery is trned on but uncheck "turn on automatic configuration of network connected devices.
    4. Devices and printer the printer right click and select remove device, repeat the for the Fax icon.
      Note: If no such option exists for the printer, follow the next steps.
    5. Right-click in the background area and select the Mahager device.
    6. Delete any instance of the printer of imaging devices, Print queues, multifunction, printers, other devices adapters (if such exists).
    7. Once you have completed the printer should no longer appear under devices and printers...
    8. Open the software HP Officejet 6500 E710, select Connect a new printer and check any differnce.

    Hope that helps,


  • Unknown PC shown in devices and printers

    Original title: does anyone else have access to my computer or is a microsoft program?  The name of the PC / multimedia is Tina.

    When I opened my device and printers today, I see that a (pc) device under multimedia that is unknown to me?  Author is Microsoft and the State is in offline mode and the properties are unknown.  Does anyone else have access to my computer?

    Hey Jeannie,.

    Unless you have given access to your computer to someone, there is no way that someone else can access your computer.

    Devices and Printers window shows the devices that are plugged into the computer. Usually, the first PC icon you see will be the name of the computer. Make sure that it is not the name of the computer.

    -Type of Panel in the Search and then click on system and security category and choose the System.

    -If the name of the computer and the name displayed for the PC icon in devices and printers are the same, then you need not worry.

    If it's something else, then go into devices and printers, click with the right button on the PC icon and click on remove device. Restart the computer to ensure that the changes are applied.

    Hope this information is useful. If you have any questions, let us know.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8620 appearing does not in devices and printers

    Short computer news:

    Computer 1 - ENVY HP dv7 running 64-bit Windows to 8.1

    Computer 2 - Dell XPS 12 running 64-bit Windows 8

    I recently bought a new 8620 Pro of Officejet and currently am having problems actually use it.

    I have already installed the driver for long from the HP website, but the printer does not appear in devices and printers. Not only, I'm unable to send print jobs to the printer from my computer.

    However, the thing that is most troublesome is the appearance of the printer in places such as Device Manager and the print dialog box. I would like to remind that even using the print dialog box or print through any application (E.g. Microsoft Word) in fact the print job never crosses.

    I already reinstalled the driver several times only to get virtually identical results. This problem only seems to occur on my computer main use who WANT a HP dv7.

    I have however a second computer is a Dell XPS 14 where I can use the printer very well.

    With the results of the SFC is not not a complete success and the issue be isolated to this computer, I think that it is time to perform a Refresh of the Windows 8 operating system.

    How to refresh, reset or restore your PC<>

    It would be wise to perform a backup system to be on the safe side.

    Backup of your files (Windows 8)<>

    See you soon,.

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