I use Windows XP Dell computer - I downloaded some drivers and now my monitor won't work, but thesystem is running in the background. How can I get my monitor appears again?


I recently downloaded some drivers using the software "Drivermax" and in doing so, I restarted my computer Dell Windows XP, whom he treated and Startup logo XP deleted monitor on me but the system is still running. There no display no matter what he went completely empty on me. I tried restarting several times more and it begins as bright until properly on newspaper and he then he goes empty dark again on me. I tried the BIOS setting, but nothing happens... I believe that I have installed the drivers screwed something... I well surly need help here.

Thank you


I gave it try but without success. No idea how to install the driver in safe mode

You could use the system restore and roll back to a point just before that you have installed the drivers.

A little advice about these utilities "update Driver", ditch just them!  Basically, they cause more harm than good, and some of them are dangerous simple!  You don't need those utilities and nine times out of ten people update their drivers for no other reason that they think that the new drivers are better than work perfectly those they already have.


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