I use XP and when I try to open Outlook Express I get this message. "Outlook Express could not be started because MSOE." DLL could not be initialized. Outlook Express is not installed properly

Last night, everything seemed normal. When I try to open Outlook Express, I get this message. "Outlook express could not be started.  The application could not open message store outlook express.  Your computer may be out of memory or your disk is full.  Contact Microsoft Support for assistance. (0x800700C1, 193) "after this message, the message above was posted. I bought and ran a program called FixCleaner with the same results. I also cleaned my disk and more 66 G remains to use and have a lot of available memory.

Thank you all for your help, but I gave up and took it to my computer guru and fixed it. He said there where a few old accounts in the computer and registry was messed up and it solved the problem and now it works.

THANKS again!

Tags: Windows

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