I used Bootcamp to install Windows 10 and now it asks me for a boot drive?

I used Bootcamp to install Windows 10, then it turned off and when he started upward, he asks for a boot drive?  I'm going back and this computer is not even a day old?

Dr. Alan


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Try holding the ALT key during start up your Mac to the top. This will make all bootable discs appear on the screen, so tell me what options you see here. Maybe the Windows installation is damaged or you have removed OS X by mistake.

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    I bought around ten year 7 Photoshop and Indesign etc and now I'm using only Photoshop 7. Three months ago I installed Windows 10 and now the ad once I can't use my Photoshop 7 more. Should wat I do?

    The oldest is compared to newer operating systems, it is less likely to work.  If you have been happy with the help of Photoshop 7 then you should be happy with the old operating system as well.  Your options are either to return to a system that supports your software or to buy new software to go with the new system.  CS6 products are still selling as far as I know.  In addition, your only option is to subscribe to the cloud of Creative for Photoshop CC.

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    Hi, I installed windows 7 and now my Blu - ray drive does not even appear not at all, even in the device mgr. When I put it in a disk begins to spin and it stops, but it does not even acknowledge at all that there a burner. I know that there are many problems with windows 7 Blu-ray disc does not play, but I can't even get there. Is there a fix to windows again? I appreciate all help. Thank you, God bless you

    [Moved from comments]

    Hi Radlfly,

    I see that you have some problems with the burner blu - ray on Windows 7. I'll help you with this problem.

    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    2. What is the brand and model of the blu - ray player?

    3. have you made changes on the computer recently?

    4 is the issue confined to this hard drive?

    I want you to know that Blu - Ray is a patented technology, so need the codec appropriate to buy and this is why we cannot include it in our operating system.

    To play a Blu - ray disc, you must use a non-Microsoft program that supports Blu - ray playback and a device that can play Blu - ray discs.

    Click on the link: MPEG and DVD video: frequently asked questions: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/MPEG-and-DVD-video-frequently-asked-questions

    Let us know if you need assistance with any windows problem. We will be happy to help you.

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    Windows 7 comes with installed DirectX11. In order to run your games, you need to install the package DirectX9 and updates here:


    This should make your games run better.

  • I installed windows 7 and now my canoscan lide 50 scanner does not work.

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    Here is the solution for the LiDE 50...

  • Re-installed Windows XP and now I can't see the network connections and cannot get online.

    Our pc is down a few days ago, so we reinstalled xp.  The xp upgrade.  Now, we show no internet connection and can not get on the net.  Our Device Manager indicates a problem with the drivers being not downloaded on the network adapters.  Also the modem is not recognized when I try to connect. I tried to download the fix for me on microsoft for a flash player and it did not work.  Can you please help me reinstall it?  Thank you

    original title: reinstalling Windows XP

    Go to your computer manufacturer's support web site and search for the Windows XP drivers for your specific model number.

    If there are Windows XP drivers, then download to a folder on your hard drive and install them all, starting with the card mother/chipset drivers, LAN, Audio, USB, SATA, etc, and so on.

    List of computer manufacturer support sites:

    If you have an Intel motherboard, you can try the Intel driver update utility: http://www.intel.com/support/detect.htm?iid=dc_iduu

    Tips for solving common driver problems
    Vista: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Tips-for-fixing-common-driver-problems

    Graphics/video drivers:
    Check the download site of the manufacture of the graphics card for the newer Windows XP drivers for your card.
    ATI: http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx
    NVIDIA: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index5.aspx?lang=en-us

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

  • I installed windows 8 and now I have no dvd/cd player

    I have a HP Pavilion series g approx. 3 months and everything worked until I installed Windows 8. Now, I have no dvd/cd player. I tried the Manager of devices etc and still no dvd/cd player. I looked on this site but nothing worked (hard to follow, I'm just a simple person and need instructions very very basic) I noticed that there are many people with the same type of problem. How do contact you Microsoft to resolve this issue?

    G ' Day

    Yes still available at http://windows.microsoft.com/en-au/windows/downloads

    There are three available in the middle of the page you're viewing down they are

    Windows Media Player
    Windows Photo Gallery
    Windows Movie Maker

    Hope this helps

    I downloaded the media Player and it works fine.

  • Problem using Bootcamp to install Windows 8.1 MacBook Pro


    I have a MacBook Pro (retina, mid-2012) running OS X El Capitan v10.11.1. About two years ago, I installed Windows 8.1 using boot camp with no problems. Since then, I upgraded HDD from the laptop of the original 500 GB SSD to a Transcend JetDrive 725 960 GB SATA III. Note, this is the only upgrade material I have made to the computer. Following this hardware upgrade that I decided to only restore my Macintosh HD, or unfortunately I will not restore the Bootcamp partition.

    I am now trying to install Windows 8.1 using training camp again, but unfortunately a few problems that prevent quick installation, I've experienced in the past. I have read this problem a lot but have not found a solution that works for me. Here are the steps that I've repeated several times:

    -Download an ISO of 64 bit Windows 8.1 since: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows8ISO.

    -Connect Force SanDisk Cruzer 8 GB USB 2.0 support

    -run Assistant Boot Camp

    -check all the tasks and continue

    -create a 60 GB partition

    -computer restarts automatically, and a windows setup screen

    -Enter the serial number of the product

    -Select installation upgrade, see here: http://s20.postimg.org/t7wy0siod/Photo_07_12_2015_12_16_23.jpg

    -PROBLEM: I am told that the installation cannot complete, see here: http://s20.postimg.org/day642qa5/Photo_07_12_2015_12_16_31.jpg

    I repeated this a few times with several USB 2.0 flash drives, but with the same results. I also tried selecting ' Custom: install Windows only (Advanced) ", but the next screen does not allow installation on the bootcamp partition, see here: http://s20.postimg.org/3mkq0xvgt/Photo_07_12_2015_12_15_09.jpgand here: http://s20.postimg.org/5pv58lv9p/Photo_07_12_2015_12_15_00.jpg "

    I would be grateful if someone could please help with this problem.

    Thank you


    alastairhm wrote:

    I repeated this a few times with several USB 2.0 flash drives, but with the same results. I also tried selecting ' Custom: install Windows only (Advanced) ", but the next screen does not allow installation on the bootcamp partition, see here: http://s20.postimg.org/3mkq0xvgt/Photo_07_12_2015_12_15_09.jpgand here: http://s20.postimg.org/5pv58lv9p/Photo_07_12_2015_12_15_00.jpg "

    It is the expected behavior. OS X does not have a license for the creation of NTFS. It creates a FAT partition. After the error, select the Format for only the partition named Bootcamp (do not use another partition) and let the installer to format it to NTFS and continue the installation.

    Upgrade will not work, because there is no previous installation of Windows to upgrade. You see the error message is correct.

    See also https://help.apple.com/bootcamp/assistant/6.0/ .

  • Installed Windows 7 and now nothing but the trash on the desktop

    I just installed Windows 7 Home Premium as a COMPLETE installation, and now the only thing on my desk is in the trash.  That's happened?

    I can't even connect to the internet, nothing.

    What version of Windows you were using previously? Its possible, you might have made a custom, Setup if you intend to make a place to upgrade.

    You can then retrieve your personal files from the Windows.old folder and reinstall all of your applications and drivers.


  • Just installed Windows 7 and now cannot install Realtek audio driver

    Hello everyone, I recently installed windows 7 to my U330 and now impossible to install the audio driver realtek. He maintains did not give me an error code '0 x 00000103 '. can someone tell me what could be the problem? Thank you.

    to solve this...

    just go to the REALTEK Web site and download their audio drivers WIndows 7 HD it and install. Problem solved!

  • HP ENvy 17 - J100 of TS: had to do a fresh install Win 10 and now it ask me a license #?

    This is my 1 year, Envy 17 "computer touchscreen laptop. He had Win 8 PRO installed when I bought it from a retailer.

    After I upgraded from 8.1 to win 10 he had a lot of questions, and finally last week it crashed.

    So I had to make a sweet victory 10 install download the files from the Windows website.

    At the time of installation, it asked me for a license #. I just clicked 'SKIP' and installed win 10.

    Where can I get a permit? #  The laptop has win 8 pre-installed and I don't have a license #.

    Help, please.



    The Win10 upgrade reuses the product key that is embedded in the motherboard of your PC UEFI firmware.

    You did the right thing to jump.

    It should activate automatically, although this has been called to take a long time when the MS Activations servers are busy.

    Instructions for the verification of activation are in the linked thread: Forums Windows Activation Windows 10 - Check - 10

    Good luck

  • Installed Windows Update and now the computer crashes, used to start


    • : Last night, I installed 2 latest updates of my system (one of them could be KB971644, not too sure though) and after installation, I was prompted to restart. I did it and when it came there's a blue screen saying that windows is trying to fix the problem automatically. He could not fix the problem and so he stopped. Now every time I turn on the computer it trys to automatically repair the problem and fails and stops. I can't do a system restore, as I have no restore points, it is said. I don't want to lose all my programs and delete the files by doing a complete system. Any help would be appreciated thanks. I have windows vista 64-bit and a HP computer. you have problems with
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!

    You can try this I hope it will work

    Turn on your computer and press F8 on the keyboard when your computer starts up and displays the brand of computer, then scroll using keyboard keys to the last known good configuration, and then click on enter if this does not work and it is not back to try again and instead of select last known good configuration click on repair computer at the top and press on enter.

  • Installed Windows 7 and now can't start Wow, the cursor is frozen on the start screen.

    I tried to restart, resettlement and to plug and unplug the mouse, made sure that all the drivers are up to date! What now?

    Hi navvar,

    Thanks for posting of Windows 7 community.

    I suggest to start the system in safe mode and check if the problem still persists.

    Also download the current drivers and update the firmware of your mouse.

    Step 1: Perform a clean boot

    Note If the computer is connected to a network, network policy settings may prevent you from following these steps. We recommend strongly that you do not use System Configuration utility to change startup options on the computer, unless a support engineer Microsoft directs you to do so. This can make the computer unusable.

    a. log in the computer using an account with administrator rights.

    b. click on start to reduce this includes this ima, type msconfig.exe in the Start Search box and press ENTER to start the System Configuration utility.

    c. collapse this includes this ima if you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type your password or click continue .

    On the general tab, click Selective startup , and then clear the Load Startup items check box. (The box use the Boot file is not available.)

    d. on the Services tab, select the hide all Microsoft services check box and then click on disable all .

    Note Following this step lets services Microsoft continue to run. These services include networking, Plug-and-Play, record of events, error reporting, and other services. If you disable these services, you can permanently delete all restore points. Do not do this if you want to use to restore the system with the existing restore points.

    e. click OK , and then click restart .

    Follow the steps in the below link:

    http://support.Microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB; EN-US; 929135

    Kind regards

    Amal-Microsoft Support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Re-installed Windows Vista and now it says my product key is not valid and will not turn on.

    original title: Vista Down... Need help, please...

    I have a problem now
    I use Windows Vista Home Basic
    Recently I formatted my pc and reinstalled it clearly...
    But my windows vista could not activated online... My product is properly pressed, but it still will not yet enabled
    I can't think of her
    Please help me someone

    You may be prompted to activate Windows Vista

    http://support.Microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=KB; EN-US; 931573

    Vista controls and SLMGR explained


  • Just re installed Windows Vista and now my internet connection is extremely slow.

    original title: poor internet for vista

    I reinstalled windows vista. Until I reinstalled windows my internet works perfectly, I reinstalled it, now that my internet work to only a few bytes per second. It takes about a week to download an update. With several reboots, sometimes it will download 20 MB as regular, then it will take 2 days to 2%. What is the answer, the cable is fine, the internet is very well because other computers put on it. Is there a port or something that I need to open in the firewall windows or defender or something, help a guy it's ridiculous.


    as you reinstalled Vista, have also downloaded the latest network adapor, pilots etc. for your machine?

    Make sure you have the latest vista drivers for your computer which you can get your computer manufacturers Web site

    go to their website and look for a driver and software download section

    Enter your model number for the last look drivers vista then download and install

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