I used to export the pliers cuts Ribbon, but recently - to keep having the same exact video quality as source (analog)! -J' I just export for external HDs (so the computer)... I recently bought the 13-verssion PREM and I tried (I think) everything b

I used to export clips cuts to the Ribbon (version 9.0), but recently I bought version 13.0 of FIRST and - to keep the exact same video quality as source (analog)! -J' I export simply for external HDs (so actually at the computer)... but everything I try, I noticed that when I check the hardware with the original of the first export clip is NOT ONLY SMALLER but ALSO FACT do NOT SEEM to HAVE THE SAME RESOLUTION, DETAILNESS, SHARPNESS (or whatever you call it)... What I am doing wrong? WHAT SETTINGS should I HAVE to DO in order to KEEP the SAME IMAGE QUALITY (or even improve) to be STORED on the COMPUTER?     Thank you, RVH


How do you export?

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