I've been accused of something, but it does not appear on my purchases so I cannot declare a problemo

I want to know how do to report that I authorized the purchase and when I search my purchase order ID is


Where are you seeing this purchase? If an email, then you are sure this is a real email from iTunes and not a phishing attempt, trying to get the details of your account and payment?

Phishing and similar e-mail: Phishing and other suspicious emails

The phishing emails: identifying fraudulent "phishing" email - Apple Support

ITunes real e-mails: identification of legitimate on the iTunes Store - Apple Support emails

View the purchase history of your account: view the history of your purchases from the iTunes Store - Apple Support

If this is a real email or show on your credit card statement and nothing shows up on your accounts buy stories (and if you're an Organizer from family to family sharing you also checked the accounts of members), and then contact your card issuer.

If it shows on your account, and no one else has access to your account or computers/devices, contact iTunes Support: https://support.apple.com/contact . And change the password of your account http://appleid.apple.com - after changing: what to do when you have changed your Apple ID email address or password - Apple support.

If it is a phishing e-mail you send to Apple: [email protected] and then delete him.

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